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User Reviews for OpenTable

Totally Bloated

At first, I thought all the reviews and photos and “Yelp” like stuff was cool. But the reason I was using the app was to make a reservation, and that’s where things went south, at least compared to earlier versions of the app. Long story short, once you’re on the restaurant detail page, there is no clear way to make a reservation, or there are so many other options that it’s confusing. I ended up “saving”, thinking that would “save” my reservation, but when I showed up at the restaurant, all I got was a snarky gen-z hostess refusing to give me a table (even though there were a half dozen open tables in sight and only two reservations on her list). I’m not happy with Cane Rosso, but I also understand snarky teenage hostesses are all they can afford. I’m very unhappy with how bloated open table has become. Especially since I clicked on a link on Cane Rosso’s website and it took me right down this rabbit hole. It may have something to do with the fact I was on mobile and had to turn it sideways to get all the options. I know it can work, last week I followed the same procedure with Tupelo Honey and my reservation was seamless. Not the same experience with all restaurants, and that’s a problem, especially when you’re with your entire family, your starving, and the hostess could care less.In conclusion, this app needs better implementation across all restaurants and the need to simplify the restaurant detail page.

cmillet, Jun 12, 2021
Good App, but Needs Improvement

I love the convenience of making reservations on this app, but I’ve given it 3 stars as it needs some improvements to go from good to great. OpenTable is great as most places use it, but if a competitor were to come up with a better user experience, I’d switch in a heartbeat.1) Needs functionality to redeem points for dining coupons electronically. It’s 2018, why can’t I get a barcode that can be scanned at a restaurant? I tried to redeem points last weekend and it said to go to my desktop...some folks don’t even use a desktop outside of work. This is a huge miss.2) Needs a better layout of local restaurants and navigation. I’ll search for local restaurants and after listing a few, it jumps to those 20 miles away. I’m in a huge metro suburb and I want to narrow in on a certain town and not get mixed results with places far away. I go out a lot and do a mix of city and suburbs but for folks not familiar with the area, it could be deceiving. For example, searching for something close by and you see an interesting place and don’t realize it’s further than you wanted until you click on the restaurant to explore.

Cucina Saporita, Dec 17, 2018
Blu Crete

Blu Crete is fast becoming our favorite BYO restaurant in Basking Ridge. You will immediately notice the staff and servers are friendly, efficient and polite. We appreciate the serene space; the tables are spaced out sufficiently so that you will enjoy your meal privately without feeling cramped. The menu has something for everyone. The food is excellent; high quality. On our most recent visit we started with the Caesar and Arugula salads which were fresh and carefully prepared. The other Appetizer worth mentioning are the Meatballs with whipped ricotta which my husband and I shared. The Short Rib main course is excellent; very tender and a generous portion. The pasta dishes while less complicated are also very fresh and generous. Every meal so far has been consistently great. The key words you will take away from this place are freshness and quality. This lovely restaurant is ideal if you are looking for quality cuisine; great service, cleanliness and value for the money. Highly recommend.

D&J Cirra, Apr 24, 2022
What a mess.

I've had this app for about 5 minutes and I'm ready to delete it. I booked a table on my desktop and it asked me for my email address for the confirmation. Then it said to open an account to keep track of the reservation and have me the option of logging in with Google (which is different than my email address I used to send the confirmation). So I went to my account and sure enough the reservation isn't there. I try downloading the app and guess what? No option to log in with Google on the app. So I go back to the desktop to change the password because my Google password doesn't work on the "log in with open table" option. I get into the app, no reservations. I go to the email confirmation I received and click on change/view reservation and it of course takes me to my profile page for the account with no reservations. So I click on add to calendar and invite Google email to my own reservation. In the account I get a notification that I was invited, and then accept. Then I click on upcoming reservations and there are no reservations. And the alert icon is still red letting me know I was invited to my own reservation.

HahahaComedy, Jun 15, 2019
Above average but not great food. Service was great.

We sat at bar first for drinks. Nice selection of drinks for resort. I was very pleased with wines/ wine list. Bartenders seemed very knowledgeable. One could have been a little friendlier. So I read a review about the chef and staff snd food. We tried the shareable bread. It was good not great. I was excepting a very rustic complex bread. We had dinner and I ask about their bread. We tried the sour dough with grains. ***** five stars. Very fresh and rustic and light. Yummmmmmy. Our waitress was very knowledgeable and friendly and made our experience pleasant. I tried a few red wines. Very pleased. My wife had some cocktails that she was happy with. I tried the Neopolaltin pizza. 7.3. Good flavor margarita pizza. Crust was flat. Nice and light crust. Pizza had slightly to much sauce. But I like the sauce. The cheese was very Goood but sparse. It tasted very good. Just not great. My wife had plan pasta with basil and garlic and oil. It was very good. Yet lack some oil or butter. But that was my wife’s faults. LoL. I had the ceviche. Very citric and at one point fishey. I did enjoy it. But the citric over powered the ceviche. I definitely recommend this place. We will be back for the service, location and food and complimentary valet. We plan to go back to try there signature dishes.

j3jjj2jj2, Aug 15, 2021
Generally ok

I use this app FREQUENTLY, and generally it works great for me. Easy to use and never any problems when we arrive. My only issue is that I can’t make more than one reservation at a time for the same time (or within an hour or so) for the same restaurant. For example, I make a winetasting reservation at a restaurant at 5:30 which I know will last 45 minutes. I want to make a dinner reservation at the same restaurant at 6:30, and the OpenTable app will not let me do it. The app says it’s too close in time to the other reservation I have. Or another example, I make one reservation for one table for myself and three other people, and I want to make another reservation for four different people for a different table at the same restaurant at the same time. The OpenTable app will not let me do it. This is very frustrating. So I end up having to make one reservation on the app, then I have to call the restaurant and make the other reservation. I might as well just call the restaurant and not use the app.

Jlf0605, Feb 16, 2021
Fair Review?

Overall? I am very happy I can reserve in advance and not have to worry about long wait times while on vacation. Good Job! However, the app to get you to “some” places are not accurate, and when I called the restaurant no one answered, which isn’t all of the OD App’s fault, but the horrible directions from their link to the restaurant in the app is an oversight that can be fixed. I did appreciate that when they contacted me in email to remind me it is courteous to cancel reservations (i.e., as I DID already try, due to no fault of my own or lack of effort) the context of their email left a tone that didn’t assume it was ALL the customer (my) mistake. The email left a kind of open, placing no exact fault on any one party as the email just went over the correct procedure to cancel for next time kind of thing. I found no negative remarks in my account as a result of this mix-up, which was how it should have went. This is why I am trying Open Table again, and still providing a good score of 4/5. Honestly 4.5; but that isn’t an option. Good App Overall. Fix these little quirks like, a direct link to the restaurant’s email account, so when someone cannot get through on phone, the company can go see what is up, and then can offer up the canceled seat in real time to another party on the waiting list; thus, leaving everyone covered, and common courtesies can be given between all parties.

Jojoclown, Apr 11, 2021
Food not consistent, had the worst experience here from one of the waitresses.

Waited 15 min for a waitress, took another 10 min to get water. After I told Emily I waited a long time, she did not apologize or acknowledge that. During the meal myself and the kids ran out of water and drinks a total of 3 times each waiting for the food of 45 minutes. When food arrived my girl asked for bbq sauce for chicken tenders and her broccoli was cold. My fries with my burger were cold. I asked for hot fries, 10 minutes later they bring me crinkle cut and told me steak fries are t available at the moment as to that’s what i ordered. Furthermore the server tried to give me a bill. I specifically told her i had a togo order when I first ordered for myself and my kids.No smiles, no acknowledgement, I had to ask her to remove dirty plates from the table. In the restaurant business it’s hands full in and out. Don’t grab a single plate from the table behind me w an extra hand and not help my table out that was full of dirty dishes. Was never offered bread, never offered desert, server never asked how everything was. Maybe in Lexington this concept has stayed alive but if you guys don’t take care of this customer service now in “restaurant city “ you might as well close the doors early. Once I thought this place was on point after just a few months they are going down hill.

Loosing a valued customer, Feb 17, 2022
True Food Kitchen

It’s been maybe three weeks since we evacuated for Ida. Upon returning to Nola yesterday evening we were of course hungry from a days traveling and decided to order from our go to the true food kitchen. Besides their dishes being just plain good the service is also above board as if you have real and or serious food allergies the staff will go out of their way and pleasantly I might add to ensure that you don’t get anything you shouldn’t. The staff are never put off by that so if you like me have actual and not pretend n fashionable food allergies you might call the kitchen and they’ll go all out for you! Having been here working since May (4 plus months) True Food Kitchen is a perfect go to for lunch or more so dinner when you’ve just walked in the door and not really wanting to whip up something on your own. I’ve tried a few different delivery services yet have found ordering directly from the kitchens website is best and again you can always call it in..

meals from the heart, Sep 21, 2021
Spins and spins and shows open reservation that is canceled

This app is useless. It used to be good. I booked a reservation and invited people and it notified them of the invites but then it didn't bother to notify any of them that I canceled the reservation. It also didn't push any notifications to me and didn't text. It sent an email. Who wants an email when PUSH and TEXT are turned on. When I canceled it did the same thing. My cancelation confirmation was NOT texted or pushed to my phone, the app just sent an email. Who wants email when a text is so convenient? N O B O D Y! Additionally, on the Home screen of this now totally useless app, it shows the reservation as still being open and confirmed, then it blinks and flips to reservation canceled and it just keeps spinning and switching between open and canceled. I logged out and shut it down. Same issue. I check all settings and everything is as it should be. I checked for an app update. There is none. I waited a day and tried again. Same issues. App is useless and I am tired of playing a guessing game. If I want a reservation I will book through the restaurants from now on. This app is unreliable and it's more work than it's worth. I had to contact everyone on my guest list to notify them our reservation is canceled. Terrible!

RoseAnn, Dec 18, 2021


Book and enjoy extraordinary dining experiences in over 52,000 restaurants worldwide with the OpenTable App. Find the right restaurant for anything using our comprehensive and intuitive search filters. See menus, photos, and special promotions, while getting the inside scoop from our community of OpenTable diners.

Book your reservation and invite a few friends to tag along, all in just a few taps. Plus, get personalized recommendations based on your preferences and earn points to redeem for dining rewards towards future meals, hotel discounts, and more. Discover. OpenTable is the perfect travel companion—offering 52,000+ restaurants around the world so you can find a local gem wherever you are. Find. Narrow down your search with dozens of filters including neighborhood, cuisine, price, and rating. Get a feel for the restaurant—view photos, menus, and reviews from diners like you! Book. In just a few taps, reserve, or modify your reservation—anytime, anywhere. You can also send an RSVP to friends right from the app. Repeat. Re-book your favorite spots with ease or try something new from a list of personalized recommendations. Manage. Keep tabs on all your important OpenTable stats, dietary preferences, and Dining Points (which you can redeem for dining rewards and travel deals on KAYAK.com).

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