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Online Hangman Word Game

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User Reviews for Online Hangman Word Game


Love it! Even tho I only have like 2 friends still love the game! :)

angellee:-, Sep 05, 2020
Bad game

I was browsing through the App Store for a game for me and my friend could play, so we played this game and no matter how many single player games I play it still won’t let me play. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!

Ccmelater, Feb 17, 2019
Good concept, poor execution

I liked the idea of online multiplayer. You can either sign up with Facebook, email or be a guest. I tried being guest, but it searched for several minutes without yielding any results. So I played single player. The buttons are too small for my thumbs that I press the wrong ones.

craig1123, Oct 16, 2018
Doesn’t work

Simple as that, game crashed multiple times while trying to create an account and I could not even play a game

dexidrine, Dec 10, 2021
Fun but needs tweaking

This game is fun to play. However, when you quit and then return to play, it doesn’t save your place. If it’s been a while since you’ve played and you don’t remember where you were, the game doesn’t save your place. It just starts all over at whatever level you select. It would be nice if you could pick up from your last “star,” whether it be the 3rd star of the 8th Level or the 2nd star of the 23rd. I don’t mind starting all the levels over but I’d at least like to get through all levels before I start over.

Dragonflylily27, Aug 06, 2019
Downloaded to play with a friend but we can’t.

I downloaded this to play with a friend, at her suggestion, but we can’t find each other. There ought to be a tutorial on finding your friends. Single player play is pretty good. The letters could be a little further apart, but it’s better than another Hangman app I tried.

GESB, Jul 22, 2022

I liked it I play with my friends and chat with them while playing and while not playing. Good game.

hubgi, May 16, 2019
Can’t get my Facebook friends

Well I just purchased this game....yes purchased and am trying to bring up a Facebook friends list so that I can choose to play with my friends....it just comes up and says I have no friends....when I want to do a friend request it doesn’t bring up the typewriter so that I can request a friend.....in other words this game is not doing what you say it can do....how do I get my Facebook friends to come....yes I logged into Facebook when opening this game

loveofmylife2, Jul 12, 2018
Cant login

I erased everything from my old phone and i cant login from new phone. It says multiple device login not supported.

Manisha Sharma Shrestha, Dec 28, 2020
Hangman Photo For the Game

I just downloaded this app, and I am very concern about this hangman photo for this game it’s not normal hangman rope with the stick body. this hangman is a black person and is in the center of the pole with A rope that has knots in it and I find this Rude and disturbing to see as a character or whatever it suppose to be as for the game, but please look over it because I do have a photo of this app and it just don’t seem right to me.Thanks PS- I will change my rating of the game after this issue gets resolved because i just want to delete this game and don’t even want to play it online. Rated: 1.0/5.0

Queen Fortnite, Jul 20, 2019


We've updated Hangman, is the most popular word game in our childhood. Hints are not the only category. Hints have somehow related the word.

We've thought a lot about each tip and tried to make our game more fun. We provided the opportunity to test your vocabulary with your competitors. Most importantly it is free. Playing Hangman Multiplayer is completely free. You'll enjoy chatting with your opponent while figuring the word out. Hangman is the word game, but also a puzzle game. How to Play? Hangman Multiplayer consists of two parts. Single Play Game and Online Play Game. Online Play Game; *You can play with your friend or random guys. *You can chat with the opponent. If you don't want to chat, just hide the chat section. *You can get 20/25 Online points when you give 10 Online points at the beginning. *If you guess the word before seeing all letters, you get 5 more Online points. *The main page lists the best player in Online Play mode. *If you choose an incorrect letter after you touch the Guess button, you lose the game. *You can add your opponent as a friend. *You can unlimitedly replay with your friend. *Matching is based on the language.  Single Play Game; *You will compete with yourselves in the single play mode. *No time constraint. *You need to find out 3 words consecutively to complete the level. *5 Online Points gift will be given to you when you pass the level. *There are 100 levels. *The main page lists the best player in Single Play mode. Friendship Section: *You can also chat with your friends without playing. *If you'd like, you can remove anyone from friend list. *Players you have removed from your friends cannot send you a message again. *You can invite your friends to Hangman Multiplayer from this section. English Words and Players around the world: You can change the language in the Settings. The words will be English both Single and Online Play Game mode. Improve your English by playing with players around the world. You can play Hangman Multiplayer without an internet connection. Improve your skills in Single Play Mode. Instead of boring brain exercises, you can stay fit by playing Hangman Multiplayer. New words will be coming. **Feedback and valuable comments are welcome.

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