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Oil Painting Color by Number

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User Reviews for Oil Painting Color by Number

Hint option not working

Love this app sorry you changed the format. Liked trying to figure out what I was coloring but still nice. Please fix the hint option

carnikoda, Jun 24, 2021

The oil paintings are nice but how long did it take you guys to figure out how to jumble the lines just enough to make it almost ridiculous to find.There are fairly large areas that need painted but have no numbers and in the same painting you’ll have a microscopic pin head area with no number that has to be painted.Makes no sense and I promise you that it throughly aggravates your viewers.

cricketwhisperer, Mar 27, 2022

I really liked this app at first. Love the pictures and the fact that they all are so intricate. Until now. I worked on a lion photo and tonite I was all set to finish it. I opened the app, went to my lion picture, opened it, clicked on “Continue” and the app immediately shut down. No matter what I did, the app kept shutting down every single time I tried to continue working on it. If I choose something new, it seems to work but now I’m afraid to do anything with this app for fear the same thing will happen. I know if I uninstall and reinstall, everything I’ve done will be gone. Really annoying.

ginniedee, Sep 28, 2020
Needs some serious updating

If you start a picture and leave it to check an email or to Google something you may as well plan on restarting the picture.Now I can’t even pull the app up. Just a white screen.If I stay on a painting to completion all is ok. They are nice pictures.

maggie19481970, Feb 23, 2021
Color by number

I like the relaxing color by number. This app has nice photos to color. The help button is faint and I’ve not used it yet. However, the big complaint I have and reason for 1 less star is the very tiny spots that require color but are so small that even if enlarging the picture, you can’t see a number, and basically guess through process of elimination the color. Some of us have poor vision and this issue makes it harder to near impossible. I’d like to see this changed. Also with reduced vision it would be a nice option to offer a variety of colors as the clue vs. the grey plaid clue. Enjoy your game. Thank you.

Maxnandy, Apr 07, 2022
Please respond, developer!!

Okay, so I really love this game. It’s a great time-waster and it gives great pics. But I was doing a picture, (to be specific it was the vanilla and chocolate heart popsicles with the vanilla flower) and I had just one more spot, and asked for a hint and I cannot find the gray spot. I looked for an hour, and I still can’t find it. Really annoying. And it keeps crashing. I don’t have Facebook and I can’t get it, and this was the only way to contact you. And for anyone reading, I really recommend this game. It’s really fun, and you should get it. And I hope you have a good day. :) And I’m sorry if I wasted any of your time.

MooandBoo, Jan 06, 2021
All it does is crash

Okay! I have this on two different devices and all it does is crash!! I paid to upgrade and can’t really get a response from developer.Other than thanks for your feedback and we will check back later. I can’t get a refund until the payment processes. Even now as I write this I the app is useless. Often in the middle of a picture, it just exits and won’t reopen. This is just sorry and so is customer service.

poetrob68, Feb 18, 2021
I can’t get a refund

I paid $9.99 to be a premium member about 10 minutes ago. The collection area shows pictures that turn out like photographs after they’re done. However, they are locked even with the premium membership. But there is a $1.99 tag up at the top with no indication what that’s for. Does that mean I have to pay $1.99 on top of your one-time-fee to be able to get access to the pictures/collections that look nice?Plus, under the settings tab there is a contact us. But the contact us gives you no access to an email, phone number, or anything else that actually allows me to contact you. The end result is I tried to get a refund for this app I bought 10 minutes ago and it says this product does not give refunds. I’m hoping that you can fix this or at least explain to me what’s going on.

Sld6364, Aug 03, 2022
Terrible Design

I paint pictures alot and especially like the more complicated and beautiful oil paintings but this was ridiculous. I painted one and I'm deleting the app. If there are small white slashes in the painting that you cannot see a number when enlarged, it shouldn't require a color or be painted. I must've had 50 small white spots that had no number and you have to tap on every color you have left to see if it works. Not to mention, some of the white spots are meant to be left white and don't have a color. Ridiculous. If it's a color by number, all of the spaces need a number. It shouldn't be based on trial and error until you find one that works. Most people will have to use hints because it's not meant for you to find them all. Very poor design and disappointed.

Tam Bur, Mar 03, 2021
Delete pictures

I love this app. However how does one delete a completed or in progress picture. Some I accidentally chose and do not wish to complete. Holding down on picture does not bring up a delete or remove picture

Trendy senior, Sep 20, 2021


Oil Painting by Wonder Color is sure to be your favorite anti-stress color by number oil painting game with plenty of coloring books. Taking a break and color by number free in this color app with your favorite coloring book. The Color by Number Oil Painting game has a more realistic look than other paint by number for adults apps and oil painting effect to color.

Colour by numbers by yourself, color by number free and make every work and coloring books feel like a piece of art in paint by number app. Color and show your inner creativity in this color app, and color by number for adults with coloring book. 13 categories of pictures: Animals, Birds, Flowers, Butterflies, Food, Nature, Fantasy, Dogs, Marine, Cats, People, Places, Transportation. Features - Enjoy anti stress and relaxation coloring spa for your mind - New oil painting effect coloring books to color every day. - Color 2000+ free paint by numbers illustrations. - Useful color palettes while coloring by numbers. - Enjoy Daily paintings - be fast and enjoy a different special paint by numbers painting on a daily basis. - Share oil art paint by number masterpieces with your friends. Realistic Oil Painting Color by Number by Wonder Color, a paint by number for adults and colour by numbers game, has an amazing visual effect that makes the oil painting effect color pages look close to real life. Coloring book contains oil painting paint by numbers, canvas paint by numbers and water color paint by numbers. Easy to Color Two features to make the process of coloring easier: 1. Hint – the game finds an uncolored shape for the current color. 2. Paint Bucket - Fill the shapes with the same color – the game finds all the shapes with the same color and fills them automatically. Free - all pictures are free. NO subscription fee. Super collection of free coloring books for you to color by number. Different kinds of coloring pages in this coloring games and paint by number for adults to fill all requirements. This color app, color by number for adults includes many free oil painting effect pictures, such as unicorn coloring book, Christmas coloring book, girl coloring book and animals coloring book which includes eagle, fox, dog, ram, bear, cat, dodge, lion, fish, wolf, rabbit, bird, dragon, phoenix and mermaid. Relax Feeling stressed? Don't be. Are you ready for hours of fun and relaxation? Download the game now and start coloring. Hundreds of pics are awaiting. Download OIL PAINTING by WONDER COLOR now and never run out of your beautiful memories! Color your life with our adult coloring book Oil Painting by Wonder Color!

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