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Saeed Abdullah
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User Reviews for Offline: Files, Browser, Docs

A recent issue

I downloaded to app about a year ago and it was great. But recently I found myself having an issue with downloading new video files. They keep showing up as “failed” and the other files I download stopped working as well. I waited a few days then uninstalled the app when I still didn’t work. After a week, I downloaded it again only to find myself with the same problem. Not sure if it’s just me.

CoCaptivity, May 23, 2022

if you are a person like me who is out everyday and love music, this app is it! I really like how the app is so simple anyone can do it and u could be anywhere in the world without internet and listen to any music u want( as long as u download it but it takes 30 seconds) but for 3 months its been working fine until the app just deletes half my music. please fix it

faygo got drip, Nov 08, 2021
Not a bot, actually one of the best offline Video download

It’s free, fast and did I mention FREE, I only have one problem with this app and it’s that if you download to many videos they start deleting themselves . But over all it’s perfect for people who don’t have service, or go on a lot of car rides, 5 star in my book.

Almost perfect app!

I recently downloaded this app after a similar one didn’t work anymore. This one had almost no problems. However, there is one glaring issue. For whatever reason, my files are getting deleted by themselves. I do not know the cause of this and would like to know what I can do to prevent it or if it’s just a bug. If you could fix just that, this would be the best app ever.

JudgementK4750, Sep 10, 2021
works but not perfect

I've used this app to successfully grab videos posted on the web. However, returning later I noticed the list of downloaded files was missing the older stuff. Make sure you use the in-app "share" function and "save to files" if you want to keep a video forever; this app doesn't seem to save them on its own. Also you will need to experiment with the interface icons a little to make sense of them. Otherwise, this is okay.

Kinda short., May 07, 2022
Wanted this to work

Really thought it would work based on reviews. I used to have ‘bolt’ but i got a new phone so it’s not available anymore and decided to try this one out. MISTAKE. Has a very similar format to “Bolt” and users said you can just press “download” once you press a music video. Yes it worked… for three videos:| After it just stopped showing up and when I went to check the three songs it downloaded HAHAHA they were all titled one of the songs. Don’t know if there is a bug or if the reviews are fake but save ur time and storage and look for a better app

madisooooo, Mar 29, 2022
My Music App

Please do bug fix update. The after a little bit of time my audio starts to skip then the skipping becomes more and more aggressive until I close the application. Also, sometimes the downloaded file(from camera roll) doesnt playLoveee this app. I downloaded the app before this one. I thought you guys took the app down, I’m so glad you didnt. Ive been using this app for many years to upload a screen recording of songs I want to listen to. Thank you guys so much for making my life better!

Me.Sowers, Nov 29, 2021
Files got deleted without reason

I’ve been using the app for well over 2 months and at the start it worked fine but after some times it started crashing after every 20-25 minutes. I play the music and lock the screen and after about 20-25 minutes the app is literally gone from the multitasking menu and when i open it back up the song that was playing has stopped completely and nothing is playing. You would think thats all but it gets worse. Today after about 2-3 months all of my songs and files are gone. Spoof! Completely erased. Not even one left. I come on app store to see whats wrong and turns out other people have also faced similar problems. Welp looks like my journey with this application was just this much far. Good luck new users!!

sahil_6372, Jan 18, 2022

I actually like this app and it was the best but then after a while I downloaded some songs and it just couldn’t download itself and I tried over and over and it did not work I tried deleting the app and it couldn’t work I remember this happend to me once and I waited for a while and then when I redowloaded it again it work but it was after a while and sometimes after using it it starts to Delet some files on its own that the number one I don’t like right now I’m currently waiting for it to be able to download files idk how long it will take I hope not to long other then that it’s a verry good app totally recommend if ur in need of something fast but it does have side affects a lot of them and I’m hoping for me it gets figured out.

yamilla_love, Apr 08, 2022
Very good app but some issues…

I, myself use this app a lot daily, for downloading my songs and videos, I recommend using this app if your looking for a app to download videos, songs, and music, I downloaded this app back a while ago, I couldn’t find a good app to download that videos can be easily download, but this app is what I was looking for!, but there are some issues, like whenever I’m playing a video and goes on a game or another app, after like 10 minutes or less, the song stops playing and you need to open the app and go to where u stopped and then play it all over again, myself, I have this issue a lot and I hope it will be fixed soon!, another issue is, sometimes when I was to download a video, the ( downlooad, copy link, cancel ) won’t show up on the screen and I can’t download the video and I have to wait for atleast for than 2-3 hours, I have this issue kind of a lot now, happened today again, this morning, and till now, I tried to see if I can download anything again, but it didn’t work, I hope this will also be fixed soon!, hope you guys the best!

your fonts its so so nice, Mar 22, 2022


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