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Note Widget - Love Drawing

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Note Widget - Love Drawing

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Note Widget - Love Drawing


I got this initially, so send cute things back and forth with my bf, but I’ve come to the realization that he is not a romantic person. He sent me a picture of someone strangling a Kermit plush. I had to have this picture on my home page until he finally changed it, so about a week before I called him and asked him to change it. If you’re partner is a romantic person, or if you would like to see whatever is in their camera roll, then this is a really cute app, and I adore it. (I am planning on buying the premium version)

andy_9224, Mar 10, 2022
Drafts someday?

I have been really enjoying the Noteit app. I can send cute little notes and pictures to my girlfriend. And although I totally love making pictures in the moment to express my love for her.. sometimes I have another idea but I already sent a picture. I don’t want to overwhelm her with my expression of love through multiple pictures all at once. but unfortunately there is no way to make a picture and save it for later. I really hope one day this app will allow me to make drafts of pictures to send to my girlfriend in the future so I don’t overwhelm her with pictures of love doodles. But until then I will continue with my love doodles in hopes that one day I can put all my ideas down in draft form. Sincerely, Future draft doodler

chelmika, Feb 20, 2022
this is super cute

me and my best friend use this app, and I love it because of all the features. you can draw, take pictures, take photos out of your camera role, or make videos. they automatically appear on your friend/partner’s widgets, so you can easily see them. we always send each other cute things, and I love seeing what’s she’s up to. I recommend this app 100%. the only thing I don’t like are the occasional ads, but they don’t show up a lot. just saying that there are some in app purchases, which are super annoying, but it’s still really fun either way.

chicken nuggets 😨, May 06, 2022
It’s nice

I really like the app. Works well and everything. I wish the tools available had a larger selection though. And if you have notifications on for when your partner sends you something, they also send you really annoying notifications saying stuff like “create a drawing for your partner. Insert bad pun here” and you can’t turn those off :// so yeah it’s good overall I just wish there was a setting option to only get notified abt your partners drawings. Not the notifications that are cash grabs

CraneCraneCrane, Mar 16, 2022

Great app and I love the choice to put either a drawing or photo, but the bugs and glitches ruin it. After a day or two, the picture disappears and the screen either turns all white or displays “NoteIt”. There’s no way to get customer support so I can’t get it fixed. I switched over from the original NoteIt because too many people using it were causing traffic, and I’m not sure if thats whats happening here but it completely ruins the experience.

Ewjtk03, Feb 18, 2022
Great Concept, Poorly Developed App

The only enjoyable part about this app is the end product- exchanging cute photos with your partner. However every step along the way is excruciating. First off, the user interface is (ironically) not user friendly. It lacks many basic iPhone shortcuts that users have become accustomed to (ex: swiping right to go backwards a page, etc). There is a massive lack of camera options when taking a photo in-app; you can’t even adjust the orientation of the camera, it automatically converts the photo to inverted and you cannot change it back. The ads are not long, but they are extremely annoying. Without fail, every time you press the ‘+’ button to start a new message, when you press ‘send’ on a message, and when you choose a page (on the bottom hotbar) an ad pops up. Many force you to interact with the ad in order to even have the option to close it. The last (main) issue is the messaging system- it is not instant. When in-app, you must exit and re-open the app in order to load new messages. The refresh feature rarely works, and new messages also take a long time to display in the widget feature. All of these issues make it feel extremely clunky, poorly developed and very enticing to delete. I feel the developer(s) rushed many of these concepts without thinking things through first.

gfcjfdgb, Apr 23, 2022
Membership? Why?

This is great and fun to use with my friends but I want the premium benefits without having to pay a membership like how many games do I have to pay memberships on plus for something this little for just a cute little widget on my phone I don’t thing and membership is worth it at most I would pay $8 total for premium but I would never pay more for that other than that I think what they give us is enough for the app but I really do have way too many memberships for more important apps and games that I deal with I don’t want to stack up any more especially for a widget on my phone

Jordn21, Mar 27, 2022
So cute

I love this app! I can send cute and adorable pictures to my partner and they’ll see it on their home screen! You can also put pictures you already took which is actually really cool because a lot of other apps don’t do that. (Atleast from what I’ve seen) You can also see other’s art which can be really cool, peaceful, odd, funny, or all of the above. I love the fact that I can add my friends as well so when one of us gets a picture we like to guess who it’s from, I know we can always see it but it’s a fun little guessing game! I love this app and all of it’s amazing features:)

kaykay4523, May 23, 2022
Decent app, but recent update is horrid

I’ll premise by saying I never ever write reviews EVER unless for good reason. Me and my girlfriend both have this app and it linked well and sends every time with no flaws, but the recent update makes it so every time you open the app it had a pop up for a premium upgrade option. I understand that but if I swipe close the app it pops up again. Then after that if you want to send a note after opening you have to go through an ad which is 45 seconds to a minute EVERY TIME the app is opened. I understand putting ads to help with the cost of running, but ads for crappy games that you can’t click out of for a minute is annoying and a money grab. Like you can’t close out the app or you’ll have to watch another one, really developers you need that ad money or for me to pay you five dollars for something I can do through I message.

kiefer m., Mar 21, 2022
Great but has its major flaws

I love it. I make cute drawings for my boyfriend and he sends back his stick figures. it makes expressing my love, through art, a lot easier. However, there are big problems. If i draw for more than 10 min my phone (iphone 12 pro max) literally becomes an oven. I have to exit the app and let my phone cooldown and in just 3 min it’ll heat right back up again. Another issue is it crashes. Now, it crashes only after 15+ min of drawing which is a lot and most people won’t spend that much time drawing because they’re not making detailed drawings and it does it saves! BUT, it saves a drawing from 3 days ago that has literally nothing to do with what you were initially drawing. Another issue with the weird self saving is when you exit out of the drawing sometimes it saves the drawing you were working on, or sometimes it doesn’t and instead it reloads a sketch from the previous day. If i exited out while i was drawing, manually, why wouldn’t it automatically save that drawing? All said and done, i love this app. the tools they give to draw are great, the idea of it is great, being able to post your art for others too see is also cool, but there are still some things that need to be fixed. Id recommend this app for any person who just wants to do cute doodles and notes. other than that, it can be a bit of a hassle and tedious to work with, but you can still make great art.

LucasTheGamer101, Mar 28, 2022


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