Icon noteit widget - by sendit

noteit widget - by sendit

  • Social Networking
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noteit widget - by sendit

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for noteit widget - by sendit

Was good, got worse…

I agree with a lot of other reviewers on here. This app was and still is adorable, I love being able to send notes to my partner and it’s a fun and cute way for us to connect. That being said, these updates are not it. Not being able to see the drawings I’ve sent after 24 hours is silly if you ask me. Why can’t I have access to my drawings at all times? Why can’t they just save in the app, like in a folder or something? Why do my drawings have to disappear if I don’t keep up with the apps demands? That and I don’t like the new format, having to go in and out of the tool screen when they could all just be in one place. The app is still fun and I’ll still use it, but I really feel like they’re doing too much. It was fine the way it was, and now a lot of people are becoming unsatisfied with these new features that are there for no reason other than to get you to use the app, when I really don’t think it’s something I need to be stressing over. I just wish it were simple and not something I have to come back to everyday at risk of losing all my drawings. Do better :/

😇>:(, Oct 20, 2022

It’s so fun to send to your friends, but the only complain I have is it’s hard to draw. And it reminds me of note😳.

694:);(, Mar 23, 2022
I used to love noteit

I have had this app for over a year now for my ldr. It was a great app that kept improving and becoming better especially with the photo feature but recently they have added a streak feature like Snapchat that’s ruined the whole experience for me. It covers up the drawings or pictures that were sent to me on the widget if it’s getting close to the streak breaking. Keeping up with the streaks is very stressful that I just send something just so I don’t see a broken heart on my screen telling me to get back into the app and continue it. I tried taking off the streak notifications in the settings screen but the settings screen as a whole does not work even though there is only two options. You click to disable one and both are disabled. There is no save button to the settings so when you exit out of it and come back to see if it’s applied, the streak settings are enabled once again. I hope that they can fix it soon because the app has just been giving burden instead of its purpose to share and connect. If not I will have to just try another widget app…. :(

Aj luvs Kirby, Apr 11, 2023
Changes in the Wrong Ways

I got my sister to download the app so we could have drawings or whatever on here since we are now far apart from one another. I really enjoy what it has to offer but there’s just been some changes I do not care for. This is app preference based but right now my biggest one is the streak.That alone is fine. Cute you know see how long you have it, but when it updates to saying “streak lost” and covers the image with a red x it’s ugly. It takes away from seeing the drawing or image that I have on my Home Screen and just makes me want to delete the widget honestly. I don’t want to see streak lost because I can’t recover the image on my home screen without drawing back or having my sister do the same. Also when you’re about to lose the streak also has a large clock on it. I personally don’t care for the streaks. If there was a way to turn it off I’d be fine with that.Something else which is I would like it if it connected multiple peoples. Like it auto rotates or something so you can have multiple people on your device. It’s just some things I wish would be different. But still overall the app isn’t bad and if streaks matter it’s a good way to keep them. It just doesn’t for me.

alexoof, Mar 31, 2023
Super cute!

My partner told me about this and we’ve been using it for a couple of months now! It’s so awesome to scroll and see a new little drawing from them! Long distance is difficult but this helps out

𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞, Mar 26, 2022

I don’t like the fact that I cant see my past notes, because they disappear. I hope that this can be a feature because i wish to see my past notes and not have them disappear when i make a new note.

bigdooddoofartturd, Mar 25, 2022
adorable app just a few things!!

i love note it!!! it’s the best feeling waking up to see a cute message from my beloved :) it’s an adorable idea for an app and it’s executed very well. i completely recommend this if you’re thinking about getting it!!! i have just a couple things to note:1- the zoom function can be annoying like if i’m trying to write something down on it the zoom can be all weird and sometimes i just can’t zoom in enough ,:02- there have been a few times where i could have sworn i had clicked send through on a message and came back hours later to see that it never went through- it doesn’t happen often so i don’t mind too much tho!3- ((just a light suggestion)) a multi person function would be nice so i could have multiple people to send them to instead of just one..4-lastlyyyyy, (and most importantly prolly) i would love a notification system- the person i use it with has so many apps they forget to check the widget sometimes and don’t see my note for hourrrrssss so a notification to see that one was sent to you would be rly nice :Pagain i really do love this app and use it vry often as a cute way to send messages. perfect for a long distance relationship :)) i can safely say i’ve spent wayyyy too long making little art pieces on this despite having no artistic talent… vry worth it thoo!!!

brittles :P, Apr 01, 2022
Updates are Downgrades

I used to love this app to send drawings to my long distance girlfriend, but the new updates have made the experience much worse. Now, the tool bar for different types of brushes is much more difficult to use, it closes out constantly and makes a frustrating experience. The undo button does not work at all, it instead closes the bar, meaning I cannot undo, and if there’s a mistake the only option is to erase which makes it much harder to make small edits to drawings I spend time on. I cannot use the highlighter tool at all anymore either, it glitches out every time, making the strokes different shades and blocky geometric shapes instead of the actual stroke. The whole streak feature is also completely useless and is only annoying. Overall, this app used to be perfect, but someone tried to fix something that isn’t broken and now it’s unusable. This isn’t Snapchat, if I wanted to send small drawings every hour and keep a streak, I would use that. I used to love spending a decent amount of time on little drawings that would stay for a couple days, but now the app seems to be trying to be something it’s not.

eaglesfan123456789, Jun 13, 2023
We love it but....

My partner and I love sending eachother cute doodles throughout the day. It's so nice to have that extra bit of connection while we're apart. However, lately with the new updates, this app has become less about sending cute doodles and more about maintaining a "streak". My partner and I are busy people so sometimes we don't have time to send each other notes everyday. Because of this, if we miss a day, "streak lost 💔" shows up at the bottom of the widget (this is my least favorite because I can't even look at my partner's doodles without being reminded of it), we get notifications that our streak has been lost, and if i go to the gallery, "streak lost" is shown inbetween almost every note. I understand that this may be fun for some people and might motivate them to use the app more, but for us it's the opposite. I would love a carefree app where we can send eachother notes every once and a while without having to worry about maintaining a streak. If we wanted to send each other doodles to maintain a streak, we would have just used snapchat. I wish there wasn't any streak feature, or that there was at least an option to turn it off for the people who would prefer not to have it. Other than that, it's a fantastic, adorable little app.

Fhifdjgb, Apr 17, 2023
Select Tool Glitch

Stay away from the selection tool. It doesn’t work properly and instead of moving the selected image it will erase part of it and the back button won’t fix it. The selection tool does none of what its’s supposed to and just ends up ruining your drawing. But I do love this app, it’s such a good idea and a drawing from my boyfriend makes my entire day.

Fleet-Fox-Five, Mar 25, 2022


noteit is a widget on your home screen that shows you live notes from your partner.  1) add the noteit widget 2) link with your partner 3) send a note right to their home screen! noteit is perfect for staying close to the ones you care about. add your girlfriends, boyfriends, or best friends and easily send a pic or drawing to make their day :) terms of use: https://iconichearts.com/noteit/terms

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