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User Reviews for Noodle Chinese

Great app.

It’s a great app to memorize Chinese characters. I like the included lists. Usually I build my own lists to memorice the topics from my lectures. I like how the app introduces new characters to the list when you have memorized a set of characters. The thing that bothers me is that I cannot reset a list. It can be hard to get back to an older list. All characters are available to study and apear randomly. A smaller set would be easier to handle.

4789431258, Mar 26, 2019
So far so good!

I’m really enjoying this app so far and I’ve noticed it’s helped me learn some characters I was struggling with previously just with Anki. Honestly it helps me to write out the character a lot! Only reason I can’t give it five stars right now is that even though I purchased a subscription to access all of the lists, I can’t access these lists across my devices. Like my iPad for example where it’d be way easier to practice writing the characters with my Apple pen. But every time it shows the lock icon and says I already have a subscription. I tried to redownload this app hoping it’d help but it still gives me the same issue. It’d be nice if we could have an account to login to so I could access the lists across all my devices. Other than that it’s great!

colorfullysarah, Oct 19, 2020
Great for 简体字!

I learned Chinese in Taiwan. Consequently, simplified characters were a bit of a mystery to me—especially stroke order. With the advent of computers and personal devices, my writing had become so rusty, I was searching for something to refresh my memory so I can write by hand well again. Noodle is fantastic for helping me a) to brush the rust off my writing in general, b) to learn simplified stroke order, c) to really -learn- just about any characters I want to put in my list, reading, writing, pronunciation, and meaning—all in one simple, free app.Wishlist: 1) option to study BOTH traditional and simplified 字. 2) ability to export/share/airdrop lists.

Der Orgelmeister, Apr 22, 2020
Exactly what I was looking for

Many chinese language resources really seem to miss the mark for me, starting by teaching all sorts of characters you are very likely to see in a textbook, but very unlikely to see out in your daily life. This app gives lists of most commonly used characters - ones you will actually come across on signage and menus. However, if you are a student or something and need to know how to write the the obligatory “teacher” and “nice to meet you” type of characters, they are included as well in the HSK lists.Really a wonderful app, a very good use of spaced repetition software. Making the act of remembering characters into a sort of game with instant feedback is such a good way to learn. The fact that it is offline makes it even more convenient.One thing - a few of the recordings are wrong but the pinyin (so far) is always right so do mind that. I also would love the capacity to make an account so that I can keep the same progress on my ipad and my iphone.

door2810, Mar 24, 2019
Glitches your money away.

I love the concept for this app. It has a ton of great potential. But the number of glitches that it has makes it annoying as heck to work with. Whatever you do do not buy the subscription. If you ever Delete and the re download or update the app it will delete you subscription with no option to restore your access. It just eats your money. The app has so many glitches that it is impossible to give a comprehensive list but a few of my favorites are: not letting you access the last few words in the list you’re studying, speaking the wrong pronunciation on several different flash cards, having the wrong character in the writing portion of the flash card, having the most sensitive “double tap to show answer” feature that makes you accidentally reveal the answer to the question marking the question wrong and making you start over. I would love to give this app 5 stars. I can tell that someone put a lot of effort into a stellar concept. But it is just too glitchy to deal with.

FootoftheMountain, Jul 06, 2021
Misleading!! Need to pay monthly subscriptions to unlock each list

A lot of the lists are monthly subscription based in order to unlock them. And how long that list gets unlocked depends on how much you pay. For example, you pay $x.xx /month for 1 month. Or $y.yy /month for 6 months. Or $z.zz /month for 12 months (Max). So it’s not permanently unlocked. Only 5/63 =~ 8% of the lists are unlocked! And these free lists have average of only 10-20 words only!! Over 92% of the lists are locked!! And you have to unlock each list individually!! So you can’t pay a one time monthly fee and unlock all the lists. Each list needs to be paid separately!! That is crazy ridiculously expensive!! I’m sure you can pay for a better app that costs less than this.

imqt420, Nov 19, 2020
Bug on ios 12 devices

I’ve already updated ios 12 for my idevice. I used noodle and found a bug when you review a content like hsk I or some content like this when you write words have more than 2 letters you have to write backward letter exactly the forward letter. Please fix this bug soon. Your app very useful for me.

JPVic, Sep 20, 2018
Good app with potential but some problems

For an intermediate Chinese learner this is a pretty good app for learning writing and stroke order. Most of the features like offline, list creation are paid for features in other apps. They are included in this app. The user interface is easy to understand. In terms of Chinese learning this app is about memorizing characters (pinyin, definitions). It doesn’t teach grammar, sentences construction or speech. So it is useful for people who have some basic Chinese foundation and are looking to improve their vocabulary. There are some quirks with the app that bumps it down in rating. First there seems to be no developer support. Sadly, it looks like this is an abandoned project. There are no new updates for bugs. Second, there are some bugs that make the app a little annoying to use. The stroke recognition is a little off. The double tap to reveal is annoying because I tend to write quickly and it picks up some of my strokes as a double tap. Selecting the definitions is off too since the words are cutoff. There are other little bugs too that are annoying. For folks interested, to set the language to traditional, go to the setting app for the iPhone and change it from there. You cannot set it within the app.

SteveHuang, Jun 29, 2019
Outstanding: forget Skritter - just use this!

I have tried many apps for learning to write Chinese characters and this is far and away the best. The only other one that even comes close is Skritter, but that takes forever to re-test characters that you got wrong, the iPhone version is full of bugs, and you have to pay a subscription fee for it, whereas Noodle Chinese has none of those problems and it’s free! This is a truly outstanding learning tool.

Swithin Hall, Jul 09, 2019
Excellent study app for chinese

I love this app. WAY better than Skritter Chinese in terms of review and study. The study function algorithm is excellent. It really picks up what you don’t know and makes you repeat it several times early on (in different ways) before introducing the next word (so if you have a long list you don’t have to wait forever for it retest you again, which by then you have forgotten)! Excellent way to study, especially when learning new words. Great for those who want to jump into learning chinese and don’t need someone to hold your hand. I also really like the ability to form your own custom list! BTW, traditional characters is supported. It can only be changed from IPhone Settings for Noodle app NOT within the app itself. Hopefully it can up updated later, but not a big deal. SUGGESTION: ability to import lists from other Chinese apps into this app would be really nice.

wineskin7, May 15, 2019


The easiest, most effective way to create and study Chinese vocab lists! - 100% Offline. Noodle works without data. Study anywhere, anytime, without waiting for anything to load. - Handwriting Recognition.

Practice over 10,000 characters. When studying, get real-time feedback on your strokes. - Personalized Learning Noodle adapts to your progress, focusing more on words you need help with, less on those you know. - Smart Flashcards Study actively by reading and writing words. Memorize faster, remember longer. - A Full Dictionary. Over 100,000 entries. See example sentences, character breakdowns, synonyms, and related words. - Vocab Lists. Create your own or choose from hundreds of topics like Numbers, Colors, and Animals.

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