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User Reviews for NextAction App


One of the best "To-Do" apps I've used! Helps me to stay organized and easily prioritize all my tasks. UI is simple and easy to understand. Some things I personally would like to see implemented in the next update:- Be able to access NextAction, add new tasks, and view Today's tasks or a certain Folder/List from the Menu bar without having to completely open the app. - When adding/editing a task, add the ability to automatically save the task by simply clicking out from the pop-up window without having to select "Done" or Save and Done". I find it tedious sometimes to have to select an option with every task, especially if I'm in a rush or adding/editing a lot of tasks at a time. All in all, this app is extremely underrated! I love the fact that you get everything this app offers without having to go "Pro". While the Pro version does add an interesting feature, you're not at a loss without it. It's targeted more for specific users who want an added layer of organization on top of the plenty of ways the base app already offers!

IsaacR20, Apr 05, 2021
Yes, underrated

Have to agree with the review from a year ago that this app is defnitely underrated. It deserves more recognition, in my opinion. While it's not the perfect GTD app - and I continue my fruitless search for "the one" - this is the best I've found so far for single-action items and the one I've stuck with longest. It's been about 6 months that I've been using it consistently. I signed up for the premium subscription after only about a week or so. I love how honest the developer is that the premium subscription isn't necessary and really just helps support development of this app... which I decided very quickly I wanted to support. II love the filters and search; I can always find what I need. One of my favorite features of this app is the "why" context. There are lots of tasks on my lists that I don't really want to do and would procrastinate but I filter by "love" (as the reason why, something for my pets or for family members) and having a list of things I choose to do out of love is just the push of motivation I need to actually tackle it, that I never got from other apps. Might seem like a small thing, but it's really working for me. Other to-do apps that offer contexts are usually just where, who, or when.... not why. That's not the only thing that sets this app apart but it's what makes it work best for me personally. There are so many other features that I'm really not doing it justice here. Sync is fast and reliable, filters are incredible (you can even save a filter with premium upgrade, if I recall correctly), and premium version is very affordable.I'll have to come back and update this review sometime to more elegantly and deservedly sing its praises, but for now I just wanted to offer my support. This review really hasn't done this app justice. I hope this app someday gets the attention it deserves.

ses168, Jun 04, 2022
Simply Amazing

I can’t believe this app is not getting more attention. I’ve been looking for a good GTD inspired app for years and have yet to find one. This is a different take, but it’s oh so perfect.

The Velcromancer, Aug 16, 2021


Turns out, making something that feels pretty simple is pretty hard. Of course, if you give NextAction a try and it all seems kinda obvious — well, that was the point! Let me explain. ––– QUESTIONS ––– NextAction asks you questions about your tasks. (OK, they aren’t really questions, but close enough.) The questions make intuitive sense.

If you’re ready to do something, *what* is it about? If you’re waiting to hear back from someone, *who* are you waiting to hear from? If you’re going to schedule something, *when* will you schedule it for? I think you’ll find those questions a huge help in getting organized. Even more? You’ll find that you can look at your tasks from any of those perspectives. Here’s why that matters. ––– PERPSECTIVES ––– When you’re thinking about the stuff you need to do, you want to be able to focus on what’s relevant and ignore everything else. But what’s relevant (and what’s not) depends on context — on *what* you’re doing, on *when* you’re doing it, on *where* you’re doing it. Planning a camping trip? Tap to focus on just your camping tasks. Out running errands? Tap to focus on just your errand-y tasks. Of course, some of your errands might be camping tasks; some of your camping tasks might be errands. Not a problem! In NextAction the same task can be both. That’s the key, the secret sauce, that lets you focus on one thing at a time. Because everything that’s relevant — relevant to your current *what*, your current *when*, your current *where* — is right there in front of you. ––– AND MORE ––– If you happen to throw your whole life at NextAction — your home stuff and your work stuff and your community stuff and more — you should know that NextAction has advanced tools that let you quickly focus on one slice of your life at a time. Most people won’t ever need them. But, hey, it’s good to know they’re there. Give NextAction a try. It’s free! P.S. Want to learn more? Go to https://www.nextaction.app/why-nextaction/. And one more thing: Total privacy. Even as the guy who developed NextAction I don’t have access to anything about you. Not your name, not your data, not a thing. Well, not unless you send me an email. Then I’ll have that. :-) Privacy: https://www.nextaction.app/privacy/ Terms: https://www.nextaction.app/terms/

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