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User Reviews for News Tiles: Your Headline Radiator


It's a very cool way to kill time, and keep up on the cool new things going on in the world around you.

Arcols, Feb 18, 2013
Best news app

This small app is awesome for news, plus you can have it read most articles via tts, which all apps of this kind should have. Search any topic you're interested in & get a bunch of hits that you might not see searching google. Very convenient, love it 👍🏻

Baby Dea, Jul 20, 2015
Awesome News App

Hands down my favorite news app. Easiest way to browse what interests you. Only two problems to me. Wish you could drag to rearrange and needs more colors to choose from. Overall 5 stars though. Greats concept.

CWCarr, Oct 23, 2013
Love it!!

I love this app! It is very easy to use and it has all the info I am looking for, there is no need to have 5 apps when you can get it all in one:) I will tell all my friends about it!

Frogger34578, Jan 28, 2013
Great news app

It's great and easy to use. I'd recommend it.

Kielib, Feb 07, 2016
No fuss, no muss

Set up feeds on the topics you want, then tap the tiles to see what turns up. The app doesn't tailor the feed to your location, so you see an unvarnished collection of stories. This is better than looking at a network news site or "branded" news web site - there's no conservative/liberal agenda, just the news.

Spiral Fanatic, Jul 05, 2013
Best Way to Read RSS

This app is THE best way to get your RSS feeds in the same place. Very visual and extremely easy to use!

surrealse7en, Apr 20, 2014

Wanting a news app that used Readability by default; This one may not but comes the closest. I click on a story and it opens on what looks like the CSS for the printed version if the page. Good enough.

usermac, Jan 27, 2013

I was looking for a simple current headlines app, and this thing is great, I can choose a topic and see all the most recent headlines. It's fast and simple, love it.

Whist75, Dec 23, 2013

This is an interesting take on a news app. I love the ability to get news about very specific topics, for example, create a category titled, "Alzheimer's," and you get articles/stories from various sources all about Alzheimer's! Aside from that the "tiles" format seems to be a take on the Microsoft Windows Phone interface, and has potential to be a trendy and stylish way to get the news. Crisper graphics, and maybe scrolling/animated tiles might make this an app I'd use as often or even more so than Fox News & CNN. Interested in watching the development.

zrawson, Feb 08, 2013


News Tiles is your personal news collection. It is the best way to stay up to date with news that matters to you. To begin, search for any topic and add it to your tile collection.

Then begin taping the tiles to explore articles that have been discovered. When you find a topic you really enjoy, turn on notifications for that tile to make sure you never miss an important article. All articles are displayed in a crisp, clean, mobile friendly format and can be easily shared on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. If you spend a lot of time in the car, our “Eye’s Free” mode can read your articles to you and lets you easily navigate between them using simple full screen gestures without needing to look at the screen. Features include: - Create your own news tile collections (search for ANYTHING) - Subscribe to notifications for any news tile you add - Have your articles read to you (“Eye’s Free” mode) - Swipe right/left on the screen to go to the next/previous article - Add any RSS feed to your news sections - Get local, regional, and country news based on your current location - Bookmark any article you find for later, or add it to your Safari reading list - Articles are displayed in a cleaned up mobile friendly format by default - Easily share articles using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, AirDrop, iMessage, Email, and Weibo

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