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Never Have I Ever Dirty & Evil

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Never Have I Ever Dirty & Evil

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User Reviews for Never Have I Ever Dirty & Evil


I think this is a really good game to have with a lot of friends or even just one. Because the answers are so random that everyone would get messed up (drink responsibly though). 10/10 would recommend.

Blissfulaqua_, Aug 19, 2019

This game is amazing me and my friends and family have so much fun all we do on the weekend is play never have I ever!!!!!

bshdyudhdux, Mar 25, 2022
Never Have I Ever

I think you should be able to buy each pack on it’s own. Other than that it’s a fun game

EmGrayGood, Jun 26, 2021
Great game

This game is very good for friends who want to play have you ever it’s very fun and I like it.I recommend to download this game if you need to play games with your friends or family go just for fun if you don’t have friends Kayaaa

emma kiki, Dec 02, 2021
Pricey, Glitchy, Scammer vibe

Do NOT download this app. It isn’t worth the time or money. The app boasts all kinds of “packs” but doesn’t tell you that you have to pay a weekly or monthly subscription AND that there is almost no way to cancel in a timely manner. Who’s going to pay weekly for a game they play occasionally with friends? Absolutely ridiculous. If you’re thinking of just buying a pack and playing that one time then cancelling, that’s not an option either. Read through the reviews. This app and developer are definitely sketchy and not concerned about the app at all. One review talks about how the game start crashing immediately after making a purchase and that it seems like a scam and the developers response was “not a scam just bad programming.” WHAT KIND OF RESPONSE IS THAT?

Jazzie.08, Dec 27, 2021
Fun game to play bye yourself and with friends (if you have any)

It’s a fun game to play when you’re saying the night at someone’s house and don’t know what to do. Alto I felt like I had all my secrets out, some how it got me good

mast3r3.0, Feb 01, 2021
Black out

Currently drunk, best never have I ever hands down. 10/10 would recommend

nathanial1994, Jan 03, 2021
Never Have I Ever

I love this app. It made a party that i went to better than I expected. It exposed me, my friends, and my girlfriend. I would recommend this game because it does have some inappropriate cards, there are quite a bit of normal clean cards.

Patty Williams0n, Feb 06, 2020
Good app but the pricing is too greedy

I downloaded it because I saw $2.99 for "unlock everything" and I thought "that's fair". But after opening the app, I can't purchase it (it was probably a leftover from pre-subscription era) and the only option is a subscription where the same amount gives you a week of gameplay. That's $150 a year, which will give you original Cards Against The Humanity with *all* the expansions. No Kristian, your app isn't worth this much and jumping on the subscription band wagon won't help.

sudapl, Aug 28, 2019
Do not get this game!!

If you do get this game-do not buy anything on it!!!! I am getting charged $20 a month for a game that is not even that fun. I have tried to cancel it so so so many times. My bank said they canceled it. And I have tried to cancel it in my settings and through the app! Do not get this game.

where is my money going?, Aug 05, 2022


Never have I Ever is a party game created for party animals, teens, college students, college dropouts, bachelorettes, and all the other party people that want to start their night with a blast. It started millions of parties worldwide, and your party is next. Never have I ever will help you learn just how crazy your friends are.

These questions are sexier, dirtier, and darker than what you are used to, so prepare for an awesome night of learning unexpected things about your friends. Never Have I Ever can be played offline, without WIFI, and it consists of a bunch of cards you read to your friends. This game was created so you and your boring friends don’t have to come up with the dirty, funny, and sick cards yourself. -----! FEATURES !----- - 1600+ Cards - 12 Packs - Hours of getting to know your friends - For 2 players minimum - Unlimited fun - Hating or loving your friends in the end - Some public embarrassment and disappointment -----! HOW TO PLAY !----- - Grab some friends and sit in a circle (or stand, or don't be in a circle, who cares). - Read the sentences out loud. - Everyone who did it, does a punishment (do pushups, eat broccoli or whatever the group decides). If you're the only one who did it, tell the story behind the experience. "Now I know all of my friends are horrible human beings and I can't look them in the eye but it was fun so I guess it was worth it"

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