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Plantum - AI Plant Identifier

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Plantum - AI Plant Identifier

  • Education
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User Reviews for Plantum - AI Plant Identifier

saved my plants!

I have several plants around my home that need watering one a week or so. It’s so easy to loose track of what you watered when and this app is exactly what I was looking for. It lets you upload a photo of your plant and automatically identifies it and tells you facts about it such as when to water and what temp to keep it at. I was keeping one of my plants in direct sunlight and it was dying but the identification let me know it’s best to keep it in cool, dry, darker areas and now my plant is growing again! It also has the option to send you reminders of when to water what plant. I could not be happier with this app and recommend it to anyone who’s looking for some app to remind them when to water their plant!

appletinifbskxbd, Sep 28, 2021
Try PlantNet instead.

If you don’t want to pay $59 per year, then this app is practically useless. It’ll give you 1 free identification (1 total, not 1 per day), and then it’s done until you pay. Don’t even think about using the “free” trial, as they don’t respect the 3 day window, and they auto-bill instead of asking if you want to go through with the upgrade. I’d like some sort of in-between app, where the free version is actually useful, and then the pro version has expanded features, access, etc.. Those who need the full thing undoubtedly find this app great, as it seems well put together, and fairly seamless. It just offers nothing for the casual user.PlantNet and iNaturalist are much more friendly to casual users, and as of right now, don’t charge for plant identification or anything else.

B. Jones., Jun 17, 2021
Eh needs work

I saw this app in a add and it looked very useful because we have a lot of plants and some of which are dying and we can not figure out why. So I decided to download it. After downloading it would not let me into the actual app unless I payed for a years worth of this app ($60). Yea ok Barbra, that ain’t happening, I deleted the app a minute later and went to the reviews to see if it was just a bug because I expected a little more from a app that had 4 stars. Nope that was no bug and I later learned that I had escaped a scam just in time for other people actually got tricked in to paying for it for a whole year. This is not a good app and it needs to give you a longer amount of time for a trial and not trick you into paying $60 dollars. I also have the question of this: the only reviews so far that I have seen are 1 star reviews so how does it have 4?

bananas10101, Sep 21, 2020
Love this app!

Have had the free version for about a month, and have had a great time with it and learned so much. Considering premium now but have 2 concerns.1. Is there a way to get the app to synch between 2 devices? For example, I have an iPad and an iPhone and would love to have the info I put on one show up on the other.2. I got a new iPhone today and NONE of “my plants” made it to the new phone in the data transfer. It kept my snap history but none of my plants or notes made it to the new phone and there were probably 75 of them. 😥 Is there a way to retrieve the data?

catsdogsfishflowers, Jul 01, 2023
Awesome app!

I am a new plant parent, and this app has been super helpful! When you first download the app, you receive an offer to purchase the yearly subscription at half price: only $10 a YEAR! It is more than worth the ten bucks.Although it doesn’t have every subspecies of a plant (It doesn’t recognize my raven zz, but it is a fairly new species discovered in 2018), it still has a huge variety. Even if it doesn’t scan your exact plant subspecies, it will find one close enough that the care requirements are the same.All in all, an Awesome app, and definitely worth the ten bucks!

Don't like it being locked, May 13, 2022

You can take 1 photo total before it FORCES you to sign up for a free trial, or simply pay. That’s absolute nonsense and ultimately makes the app entirely useless. Who in their right mind is paying $60 a year or $8 a month to identify pets and plants? Honestly if you’re that into plants, they have books and plenty other free databases you can use for identification. This is overpriced useless nonsense. Honestly, the only reason why I wanted to take a second photo was because the first time I tried with my cat it gave me breeds that were not accurate at all. I read the descriptions and each one had specific characteristics my cat did not have. For example, the first breed match must have blue eyes, my cats are clearly yellow in the photo. The second breed match had “space between the eyes the same width as the eyes,” the space between my cats eyes are further than this. So on and so forth, my point is this app is USELESS! Do not install!!

DW880, Apr 11, 2020

So I love this app so much, it really is great and I don’t have any complaints but one. And before i say that I will say that the only time you get adds is when you scan a plant if you don’t have premium it’s really great! But now for my complaint... when you go to add plants to your yard they chances it will be completely correct is maybe 40% they honestly don’t have a lot of normal plants on here, and by that i mean common plants. Like a SERRANO PEPPER. And common flowers and ect. Out of 8 plants i scanned 4 were incorrect and when i searched them up they didn’t even have that plant.

hi i geuss....., May 06, 2021
House plant newbie

This app has been a lifesaver to me as a newbie to houseplants! I love how helpful it is in identifying plants I love, telling me how to care for them properly, even what is wrong with mine, so I know exactly what to do & all of the investments I’ve made in soils, pots, paint, & the beautiful plants not only to bring aesthetics but better air quality into our family home! My son loves learning about the plants too when we are out on walks & bikes & I even used it with my mom & she was blown away! She loved how a certain arrangement looked in a person’s yard she drove by but couldn’t identify the plants & shrubs- we drove by & they weren’t home to ask so since it was near the sidewalk/street I showed her how we could take a photo of the flower/leaves & the names/info popped right up! She was able to plan it all out & tell her Gardner exactly what she wanted!! Love this & highly recommend!!

Irishmama20, Jun 03, 2022
Not as Expected

Though I could see the is app being useful for watering schedules and care for someone who needs the extra reminders. I downloaded in hopes it would better recognize what was wrong with one of my plants. It did not diagnose as it was advertised on it’s Facebook ad. Instead it gave me lots of info; which is nice but then I had to read through each one to try and figure it out. At the end of the day I still don’t know what is wrong with it. I just did the free 3 day trial so maybe other things open up when you purchase? It didn’t thrill me enough to make the purchase.

JDanczer, Jul 11, 2021
Doesn’t diagnose trees

Hello! I thought your app was quite clever, however the diagnosing was VERY unimpressive. The questions didn’t pertain to my tree at all - which is planted outdoors, in the ground, not misted… just a crabapple tree in our pasture. It asked what kind of pot, when did I mist it, how much sunlight- by a window or indirect light? I just answered over and over, “it’s a tree, in the ground, full sunlight”. I’m pretty sure it’s aphids, I said that word too - I was just wanting to confirm it - but the “auto” chat software kept asking potted plant questions. The LAST question was “do you see any bugs, active or inactive?” I would suggest the app should reply to the word aphid or bug with bug questions? Or possibly recognize bugs on a stem from the get go? My other helpful tip is to either prominently display NO TREES, (bc NATUREID indicates ALL of nature… not just house plants…) or quickly adapt your diagnosing software to have better detection for the word “tree”. It looked and felt like a HIGH QUALY app. I was impressed. So I chose to pay the $9.99 as a “test” for future inquiries- bc we have so many plants, flowers and trees on our property… I would have loved to use your app regularly. I figured a clear picture of possible aphids would be an easy test for the app to diagnose? Unfortunately I cannot say it was worth it - and I’m disappointed.

Lotta1000, May 04, 2022


Need a smart assistant that will help you take care of your plants? Search no more. Plantum has got your back!

What is Plantum? ► Plant, mushroom, rock, and insect identifier Recognize over 15,000 natural objects. Try taking a picture of a tree or mushroom in the park and recognize it with our app. You won’t be able to stop. With our extensive database, you can identify any plant, mushroom, mineral, and insect you come across and impress your friends on your next walk in the park. You can also search for a plant by its name or set Filters and discover the green pets that suit you best. ► Plant doctor Identify diseases to quickly figure out ways of treating your plant. No matter how hard you try, your plants may get sick. Don’t ignore early symptoms and try to recognize the disease your plant is suffering from. It will give you the idea about how severe the problem is and accelerate your plant’s recovery. ► Plant care guide Learn how to make your plants thrive. You get a gorgeous-looking flowering plant for your birthday. But in a few weeks, it starts giving you signals that it doesn’t feel comfortable. How often has it happened to you? For your plant not to die, you have to know how much water, light, and fertilizer it needs to stay healthy. Plantum stores all the information in one place. ► Plant care helper Plantum has all necessary tools for you to provide your plant with the best care. • Keeping all care recommendations in your head is quite a challenging task. Set watering, misting, feeding, and rotating schedules right in the app and never forget about your plant’s needs again. • Not sure if the plant is getting enough light? Use Light Meter to find out how much sun you can provide. • Need to know the volume of the pot to repot your plant or adjust the amount of water you use? Pot Meter will do the job! • Make your watering sessions hassle-free! Water Calculator will help you estimate the optimal frequency and amount of moisture for your green pet. • Having trouble keeping up with weather changes? Weather Tracker will notify you of heavy rains, strong winds, and so on so you can timely adjust your care routine and be aware of the changes that can affect your outdoor plants. • Need to leave your home? Set Vacation Mode and share your plant care schedule with your family or friends so they can look after your plants while you're away. ► Nature encyclopedia Read insightful articles every day and discover the beauty of nature. Did you know what plant grows the fastest? Or what mushrooms possess health benefits? Knowledge is power. With Plantum’s comprehensive descriptions and entertaining insights, you will wield this power. Get Plantum and embark on the journey to becoming a true nature expert today. Everything you need is one tap away! Subscribe to Plantum Premium to get unlimited access to all the app’s features: • Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, or annually at the rate depending on the subscription plan. • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: https://aiby.mobi/myplantum_ios/terms/en/ https://aiby.mobi/myplantum_ios/privacy/en/ For any questions or inquiries, please use our customer support form at https://aiby.mobi/myplantum_ios/support/.

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