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User Reviews for NABOKI

Great game! Just wish there were more levels.

I thought this was going to be a stupid waste of money, but when I first opened the game, i was very entertained. I love the game and how it requires you to think. The only downside of the game is that it is very short and does not have a lot of levels. I would love for the game to updated with more levels. Overall 10 out of 10 game aside the fact that there aren’t too many levels for endless fun.

_Joey_Rocco_, Nov 26, 2019
Good but short

I enjoyed the puzzles more than I expected from the first few levels; there were a lot of nice mechanics. However it provided less than an hour of gameplay, which I found disappointing.

Agnes Nutter, Witch, Jul 11, 2021
Limited # of puzzles, but challenging

It's a nice little game. Some of the puzzles towards the end took quite a bit of time. I actually was interested in replaying when it rotated back to the beginning, unlike the disappointingly easy Up Left Out by the same developer.

AppleNicknameRequirementsSuck, Nov 25, 2019
Good puzzle game

I usually never pay money for any games/apps from the App Store, but this game had such good reviews I figured it was worth the 99 cents. The game is great, there’s a good variety and it’s made really well, but I ran into one issue - I have an iPhone X. There is no home button, in order to get to my home screen I have to swipe upward on my screen, but this game would not allow me to leave the game. Trying to swipe up on my screen to get to my home screen only made the puzzle keep spinning different directions. I couldn’t swipe down on my screen to see my menus either. Eventually, after about 10-15 minutes of trying to get out of the game I just ended up turning my phone off and made the decision to delete the app. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but even though I thoroughly enjoyed this game, turning off my phone in order to leave the game is a deal breaker for me.

Belieber2259, Nov 16, 2019
Just a block sliding puzzle?

The art style is great, but the puzzles range from bad to mediocre and the gameplay is clunky.The main gameplay issue is having to spin the level to see the different sides of the blocks. It would have been nice to be able to make a block partially transparent (or something) to avoid having to spin the level over and over. But this doesn’t really matter, because all of the puzzles are trivial and require no thought. Every move is completely obvious, so you just mindlessly poke at the blocks until you get to the next easy puzzle. Don’t bother.

Borat 420, Nov 17, 2019
New Levels!

I have enjoyed this game and was much suprised and excited! to see a new level added after 2 years. Thank you puzzle master.

cfarley9, Mar 12, 2022
For people who like puzzles

I liked the ui of the game. You have to figure out how to solve everything on your own. And at points this became a challenge but it was a challenge that was well received. I hope more levels get added. I found it very satisfying solving the puzzles especially the more challenging ones and seeing what would come next. Looking forward to an update!

Drunkinparis, Feb 09, 2020
Had fun playing it but...

I had fun playing the game but it was just so short. I finished the game fairly quickly (under an hour) & there is nothing else to do on it now except replay the levels which is no fun if I’m being honest. If you’re expecting a game that you can play for a good amount of time, DO NOT purchase this. If you just want something interesting to play, then go for it. Maybe hopefully the developers add more levels or something because I was honestly expecting for from it.

Dude cool, Nov 19, 2019
Fantastic Game / Too Short

It's one of the few puzzlers that kept me coming back again and again… until it was suddenly overUnique intuitive gameplay. Keeps your mind spinning. The game also continues to introduce new mechanics as it goes along, and does a great job of easing you into them. Sadly, it's just so short. According to iPhone screentime, I got exactly 95 minutes play time out of it. (For those wondering, there are exactly 48 levels.)I really hope the developer adds on some levels or releases a sequel.

Kaptinn, Jul 14, 2021
Unique Fun Gameplay

This developer has an impressive knack of making unique and fun gameplay in the form of puzzles that progress from wordless tutorial levels to engaging and complex challenges. Hook and Klocki number among my favorite puzzle games, and Naboki lives up to the expectations those games set. :-)

Snarkclaw, May 22, 2022


A simple, minimalist puzzle game where your goal is to take apart the board. As always, this is a peaceful puzzle game, so it has no ads, no time limits, no scoring and even no text. The calm, meditative soundtrack was created by Wojciech Wasiak. - Relaxing - Minimal - 3D - Simple - No ads - Created by one person - Can be played without internet - Soothing, ambient soundtrack - Cloud Save Feel free to check my other games on https://www.rainbowtrain.eu/

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