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Mystery Box - Hidden Secrets

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Mystery Box - Hidden Secrets

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User Reviews for Mystery Box - Hidden Secrets

Mystery Box

Such a fun thing to solve. Some challenging others just enjoyable. What more are you looking for?

Beach stones, Mar 16, 2022
Fun and challenging

Some of these boxes had me thinking for a while how to solve. Super addictive though. Great game!

cjack0416, Sep 17, 2021

Only the developer can possibly understand the ridiculous, illogical reasoning behind these devious puzzles. Even watching the clues helps bot a bit to get the reasoning. I’m sure the developer is quite pleased with themselves, BUT most players will NOT get it. I have way, way too many more important things to do than waste hours trying to decipher this game.

dalelead, Oct 16, 2021
Pretty Good, Tips for a Next Game

Like the title says, this game is pretty good! I play a lot of similar-type puzzle games, and this one has an overall fun user experience between the regular box puzzles and finding all the hidden clues. One big critique is that there's no real "hint" system, just the video that shows you what to do. It would be nice to get smaller hints that don't give away the entire puzzle.

Fiscisgsnciagdkichskd, Jan 26, 2022

An interesting game to keep your brain sharp

Gigatexal, Nov 18, 2021
Five stars for sure🔥

Really like the fact that there is some easy puzzles and some crazy one that makes feel out of world 😅😅

Karlkashi, Jan 13, 2022
Pretty solid

Some puzzles are easy, some are crazy difficult and the hints don’t always help because it’s hard to see what buttons are being pressed in the hint video. Overall though, it’s a fun way to pass the time if you enjoy puzzle games

Lizzy_kat, Nov 05, 2021
Ad farm

The levels feed you a couple simple ones, but then you reach puzzles where there is no way to know what to do without a hint. I am an escape/puzzle veteran. I have been playing this type of game since before this App Store existed. This isn’t even moon logic, this is no logic at all.

PsychoShadow, Oct 17, 2021
Lots of potential

I like this game so far. The puzzles are challenging and you really do have to think outside the box. However, I agree with other reviews that the “hint” does not help you understand how to solve the puzzle, it just shows you the answer. It would be nice to have some text to explain the reasoning behind the answer so you understand what you should have done. Or any system of better hints than just a walkthrough that shows how to pass the level.Too many ads, although I know you can pay to remove them. Why can’t the ads be limited to asking for a hint? Would make the game less frustrating.Otherwise beautifully designed game, well done devs

Thegreat20202020, Jul 24, 2022
Some easy, some hard

Started out good but I guess someone decided to mix things up. Either you got simple visuals as clues, or you had to figure out why only certain symbols were the correct ones with no clues at all. I got tired of the trial and error method of solving. Guess that’s a good thing as the game stopped working on level 5 of the black box level. Reloading didn’t help.

Xaxxys, Oct 11, 2021


Mystery Box - Hidden Secrets is a point-and-click puzzle game where you have to solve intriguing riddles around several types of boxes and discover the history of the world's most popular inventions! To unlock the boxes you have to interact with objects, handles, buttons, and wheels on each side. You can find puzzle pieces on a side of the boxes as well. • REALISTIC GRAPHICS It feels like you're handling a real box in a dark room. • DISCOVER INVENTIONS Once you open all 8 boxes of a level pack, you'll be able to compose a puzzle and find out a brief history of the discovered invention. • AMAZING PUZZLES Think outside of the box to solve all riddles, it's not always an easy job! • THRILLING BACKGROUND MUSIC Play the game with your headphones to get totally immersed in it! • FREE TO PLAY Download Mystery Box now and enjoy 32 free levels.

The other boxes can be unlocked by in-app purchase.

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