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User Reviews for MyGearVault

ALMOST perfect

The only real issue I’ve had so far (I’ve only been using it for about a day) is that when you’re in the middle of entering new gear, if you exit the app for even a little bit, the app resets, so you have to save everything every time you exit the app to do some quick researching for the gear. That’s the only issue I’ve found so far. Something I would like to see in an update (in addition to fixing the problem) would be a wishlist option and an option to share the a ‘gear’ or ‘kit’.

123MyNickname321, Jul 18, 2020
Meh so far.

This app would be slightly useful to "keep track of my gear" if I felt I had just so much stuff that I was always losing lenses or bodies. But that's only assuming that the search feature returned useable results. It simply seems to list everything EVER made from a manufacturer instead of smartly searching exactly what I'm typing. Let's say Fujifilm for example. I type "Fujifilm 16-55" and ht enter. The app should be narrowing the thousands of "Fujifilm" results to reflect the next entered data of "16*", however doesn't seem to. So you still have lots of scrolling to do with the app when searching for your gear. It simply takes far too much time when what you're seeing is just thousands of unrelated things in the list with no results that are close to what you wanted. Ended up just using my trusty excel spreadsheet in the end.

Aguyontheinternet, Aug 05, 2017
iPad version

I have been using this app for about two years now and it is a great way for me to keep track of my gear and costs. The only thing I would like to have is a ipad version. Because the app shares the information between my ipad and phone I use my ipad for inputting my information. I use my ipad in landscape orientation with a remote keyboard and the app does not rotate.An ipad version would be a great addition to a great app.

AKDave21, Mar 28, 2021
App works perfectly fine, these negative reviews are just silly.

App works totally fine. Does everything you need to catalog your gear (hence the name i suppose) and I can tell a lot of thought and consideration was put into its design. This app sort of has 2 other functions that you wouldnt immediately assume from what its being advertised for. One is a dedicated tab to helping you insure your gear, which depending on how you feel about that can go either way; and the other is two update users of videos and user info from the Fro himself. At best, if you are a fan of his content and need something to catalog your gear, this app is perfectly fine. However if you're not a fan of Jared, the app still works just as well for cataloguing gear. You just never have a reason to scroll past the first tab. I never really write reviews but I felt it was my obligation to say something after seeing how stupid and unnecessarily negative some of these reviews were. I almost didnt download this app because it was so bad. Its a shame, i see it as something well made and genuinely useful.

calyx creations, Feb 28, 2018
Search Feature is Horrible

This is a fantastic idea for an app! But man, what I thought was going to be a 15-30 minute job turns out to be a lot longer. The “search” feature doesn’t really do anything. I type in “Godox” and have to scroll down at least 20-30 items before I see the word “Godox” on the list. I am only three items in and totally frustrated with trying to find equipment. I haven’t even really tried the other features because I am so frustrated with the simplest task of searching...please let us know when you get that fixed and then it might actually be useable.

DaAsian, Apr 07, 2020
Easy to use and a great idea

The other Jared made a great app. It's super easy to use. It's nice to have all of my equipment listed in one place with serial numbers and value. I've submitted for an insurance quote. It's really something I need to do. My homeowner's insurance covers me if something happens at my house, but I shoot in some seedy parts of Baltimore and DC. There's certainly ample opportunity for my gear to be stolen or for me to have to hit someone in the head with my 24-70 G Master, which has a weight similar to a cinder block. You've made the investment in the gear. Invest 15 minutes in keeping track of it and maybe insuring it. Great app for pros and people that shoot in jpeg. Jared Skarda

Jared Skarda, Aug 18, 2017
What's with the inventory of items?

Searching for "Mavic 2 Pro" and nothing comes up. Really? I mean, Mavic Pro comes up, and every kind of filter set, off-brand case, accessory, etc. But I still can't find Mavic 2 Pro. This has happened with a number of gear searches so far. Having to manually input so many things is really killing the buzz for me on this app, Jared! I like the features and having things in one place but without a more seamless input system is going to be very hard to put all my gear into this app.

kaitiura, Mar 13, 2020
My Gear Vault

I would never be suckered into a subscription based model or use a database cloud version only. I use ninox which is a database that you can store on your phone , iPad or the cloud if you chose to, I also use OneNote. However you could also use File Maker Pro. All those allow you to store your information locally or in the iCloud and your not forced into a subscription model. My two favorites are OneNote and Ninox it’s available on iPhone and iPad versions and desktop version for MacBook. If the Developer made a standalone app I would purchase on the basis of locally stored information and cloud as an option. Good luck with your subscription model

Retired_Marine_30_4, Oct 27, 2018
Almost there

It is a convenient place to store information. A photo of the camera or lens, a record of the serial number and a photo of same, and the price paid. It is also possible to save a photo of the receipt, which I did for all the ones I could find. The problem, though, is that it saves that photo at such low resolution that it is nearly impossible to read. Fix that and it would be five stars for me.

robryd, May 28, 2020
Nice start

Simple straightforward app that seems to work well if you don't mind storing your data in the cloud. Two things I'd like to see:1. iPad version: iPhone is convenient, but if I'm entering the data on a hundred items, the larger device is preferable. Since much of my gear is 20-30 years old, it doesn't show up in the list and has to be manually entered. This gets old on the iPhone.2. Non-Photo Gear: I know Fro is a photo guy and this is targeted at photographers, but a little work adding the ability to customize categories would make this really useful for other users. As it is I have, maybe $3k in photo gear, but over $30k in music gear I'd like to manage as well.

xyxxyzyxyz, Aug 29, 2017


MyGearVault is the best way to “Input • Organize • Protect” your gear! MyGearVault is a FREE app designed to help photographers and videographers from professionals, to amateurs, to even hobbyists, know what they have and what it’s worth. Quickly and securely input all of your gear into your personal vault.

We’ve made it easy for you to store all the important information about your gear. Store and verify your serial number, picture of your receipt, date purchased and much more. Even if your item doesn’t have a serial number ,you can still add it to your vault. We know you have a lot of gear, that’s why we help you organize it in a few unique and effective ways. First, each item can be saved into a specific category (i.e. Cameras, Lens, Computers, Data Storage, etc.). When you click on a category, you will see the total value of items based on the gear inside. Secondly, you can create custom kits of gear, like a wedding kit, travel kit, studio kit, video kit and more. This is a great way to know the value of gear you’re taking with you. Protect your gear. Get piece of mind that your gear has a level of protection when it’s stored inside your vault. For example, if your camera is stolen, simply click the “stolen” button inside the app and your serial number will be entered into our stolen database. If someone tries to verify your lens as their own, we will be notified. We at MyGearVault understand the importance of protecting your gear. That’s why we’re working with licensed professionals with access to top-rated insurance companies to find a solution that fits your needs. Right now inside MyGearVault you can take a short questionnaire to receive an insurance quote. And in about one business day, you can have full comprehensive coverage from one of our licensed insurance partners. MyGearVault: Input • Organize • Protect

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