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User Reviews for My Utmost

Sad 😔

This WAS my daily devotion. Now I have to go back to my paper copy when I get back to the USA. I go on short term mission trips and did not want to bring a bunch of heavy books for personal devotions. When I saw the update available I downloaded and then crash and blank page. Nothing available. Wish I had the choice to go back to the previous version. Sad how techie people want change for the sake of change. The original worked. Shame on me for thinking that a change to the words of Oswald Chambers could be improved on.

Bbcregular, Oct 01, 2017
Easy to read, Easy to use

This app is two-books in one, offering both the Classic (original text) and Updated (in today's language) of one of the bestselling devotionals of all time, My Utmost for His Highest. The dailiy devotionals cut to the truth of scripture with wisdom like: “Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading.” and “The remarkable thing about God is that when you fear God, you fear nothing else, whereas if you do not fear God, you fear everything else.” Although these words were written a hundred years ago, the reflections and truth ring ever true. They challenge and inspire you to examine your faith and to journey toward a closer relationship with God.Features include: 2 reading options, optional daily reminders, comment section to share thoughts and discuss the days readings, Journal, and more.Others have complained about the font, that issue seems to have been addressed: the font is an easy-to-read sans serif or Helvetica style font.

brewcrewx4, Oct 25, 2017
I wish a post can be shared as a PDF or JPEG on one photo

This is my ALL-Time favorite speaker/author... (his words transcribed by his wife). While he’s from another era, my young mind was blown by how profound every book of his is. Please, do yourself a favor, get this and all his words in print... and READ... don’t put it on the “Bookshelf”.

elvaif, Jun 13, 2020
Favorite App

I have an iPhone and this is working perfectly. No ads, crashes, etc. and very convenient and easy to access anywhere. It has an assortment of features added for notes, highlighting, and access to both the classic and updated versions. I also appreciate the ability to click on the Bible verses and it takes you directly to Bible Gateway to read them in full. Oswald is my very favorite of all and understands the word in a much deeper, intuitive way.

hmhealth, Aug 26, 2019
Seems to be a hack in this app?

I love this app and Oswald Chambers. But today on June 8 there is a link inside of today’s page for a casino. It’s says “casino bonus.” I wanted to let you know and didn’t know how except their this review. I took a copy of the page but can’t paste it here for some reason. Please check and make sure the app hasn’t been compromised.

hungerfortruth, Jun 09, 2021
Images distract from context

I am grateful that this app exists. However I believe at least another reviewer commented about the images being distracting from the context and blessing of the words that OC and the spirit so aptly authored for us. Developers, marketers, please provide the option of removing images from the daily pages so that those who prefer to focus on the depth of the words aren’t distracted by photos chosen by someone other than OCs. Allow the opportunity for the words to stand on their own. Thanks you.

Inappropriate Ads, Feb 02, 2018
Recent “upgrades” and changes have ruined this fabulous app. It is horrible now. Change it back!

I have been using this app since it first came out. It was always basic, simple and just Chambers’ beautiful, on-point words of depth and encouragement. There were no trashy photos to clutter up the text pages or fancy useless props. Now it has all the worldy, flashy garbage all the other worldy, flashy apps have and it’s ruined!! I truly loathe and despise using this app now!! What a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT for Chambers’ fans. We don’t care about someone else’s ideals for photos to sway and taint and take away from what Mr Chambers so aptly allowed the Holy Spirit to impart through his own and paper. Shame on the publisher!!! Boooo. Hisssss.

Prairieprairie, Oct 23, 2017
Love it…wish for one addition

I just started using this app. It is such a convenient way to set my mind on Christ as I begin the day. When I grab my phone first thing in the morning, instead of looking at the trivial and the temporal, I go first to these writings that put me in mind of my walk with God and begin my day with challenging thinking..calling me to faithfulness. My only wish re: the app is that it would be helpful to be able to have a highlighting tool. Thank you, RBC!

RestingInHim, Feb 04, 2022
I had held off for years buying this app

I had held off for years buying this app for a couple reasons; people had left many bad reviews, and the material was free online. I downloaded RBC’s free Our Daily Bread app and found it was great! That lead to believe My Utmost for His Highest app may also be very good as they are both by RBC. So I purchased the app and find it excellent digital version with many great tools, Scripture lookup built in, font size and style choices, very clean and usable interface. I find myself stunned anyone would not like this app? I do realize I am using the most updated version. Anyway, it is worth the money, especially for the ability to conveniently save and bookmark as well as journal and easily copy text for sharing or saving Oswald Chambers great quotes.

Seanbhappy, Dec 02, 2017
The Best I've Found!!!

Thank goodness for the positive reviewer in early December. I might not have even tried the app because of the negative reviews overall. Some of the reviews had valid concerns but I've not run into any of the problems cited and the app was updated 3 months ago. The app is $.99 and well worth the price. I would have paid 4x that much for what's included. You HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT for it to work right, though. I somehow missed that at first.-You get to read in either the classic or updated edition. -You get links to scripture verses that you can study in depth. -You get a journal. -You get the ability to share on social media.-You get another quote from Oswald Chambers included. There are no in app purchases to unlock any of this. It's ALL included!If you love Oswald Chambers, you will love this app!

Yahwehcomforts, Jan 16, 2018


Get inspiration on-the-go! Download Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest daily devotional to help you strengthen your relationship with God. FEATURES * 365 days of thought-provoking devotions. * Automatically opens to the current daily reading. * Adjustable font size and low-light setting for easy reading. * Share daily readings via email and post links to Facebook and Twitter.