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User Reviews for My Succe$$

Great game to many ads

The game really good. But the only problem is that there’s and ad almost every 30-60 seconds. I can’t even play the full game without having to see an ad. And it gets annoying.

dnd_j4, Apr 21, 2022
Way to many ads

This game has way to many ads it gets on my nerves. I try to play it and every ad comes in within 20-50 seconds I can’t even play as soon as I joined I had a ad then right after the ad I had another on. These “Ad Breaks” are not really good breaks I can’t get a break if I never do it.

ethezzy, May 08, 2022
Freezing my phone

A very fun game and addicting but this app makes my phone freeze up and the only way to fix the problem is to turn my phone off and on (by they way I have iPhone XR). It only happened since I’ve downloaded this app. Over all a good with lots of ads.

GamerGirl601, Apr 14, 2022
The true life of success

This is a great app of designating of how much actual products there actually are when they’re actually made and get collaborated into over marketing initiatives to be made in other buildings

gummy boom =P, May 05, 2022
too many ads and some falls

there is a ad every 30 secs to a min and also your employees fall asleep every 20 secs so this makes it very hard to make money and play!I think everyone should email them and try to stop this then the game would most definitely be a 5 star

jgoyif, Apr 14, 2022
i wish I could give it zero stars. there’s adds every 60 seconds.

way to many adds. you don’t even play the game you watch more ads than you actually play the game. this game is ridiculous. you can’t even play the game because of how many ads there are and you have to slap the workers to wake them up and they also go to sleep every 30 seconds. this game needs to be fixed. The prices are way too high when it comes to not having ads. don’t get this game I don’t recommend it to anyone.

kyleigh flint, Apr 17, 2022
"Coming Soon"

Game is fun- but I agree wayyyyy to many ads. Even with the Boss package where you get a permanent overseer, you still have to wake your employees up. Also- how come when you level up- you lose the money you earned from the previous level?Oooh and I did find it interesting how the "old aged man" boss get more money than the young lady boss. And there's only 1 lady... Com'on its 2022- are you guys still having old mentality that Women bosses cant make more than men? Hope you fix that..Im already at the very top level and earned the money for next level But next level says "Coming Soon" when will it happen?

MsLady_J, Apr 17, 2022
It would be a good game, if the developer wasn’t money hungry…

It’s money hungry, that’s I have to say. You Have to watch ads to get stuff, there’s premium… (like they aren’t making enough money from the ads that pop up every 60 seconds.) and you can’t even go on airplane mode to avoid the ads that come on every 60 seconds. Do not download this game or any games that were made by this developer!!!!

penris, Jun 11, 2022
Another run of the mill

It’s just another trash app that copycats the 500 other apps doing the exact same thing In order to force ads at you for every 10 seconds of play time. The only development that went In to it is a banner feed and video pop ups. The rest is just a laggy un optimized app to get you to move around between ad pop ups. You would think by now that one dev would break the mold and be original but nope not In 2022. It doesn’t matter if you watch the rewarded ads it will spam you with a force not 5 seconds after closing the previous video ad.

Rottenweiler, May 15, 2022

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but after playing for a bit and getting to second and third level it started having ads not even 30 seconds after eachother. And not even from me wanting like no slacking or anything and watching a add for it. Just WAY to many to even enjoy or keep playing. I have removed and stopped playing bc I’m so sick of it.

smokincraxy23, Jun 30, 2022


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