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My PDF Scanner: Scan Documents

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My PDF Scanner: Scan Documents

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User Reviews for My PDF Scanner: Scan Documents

Thank you!

Reliable and the images of higher quality so it is the most advance scanner in comparison with other equipment which we normally used.

Ameerah Simsonjt, May 27, 2021

I have been using the fast scanner to scan my Sunday School lessons and activity pages to post on our website for our children since we can't be at church right now.

Arling Hedgeieuus, May 27, 2021

Pleasantly surprised by the clarity of the scanned document. I also am pleased that I can scan multiple pages. I've only scanned one document but I don't anticipate any problems. Thank you for creating the app.

Autmn Berglw, May 26, 2021
Loved it

have only used this app a few times but I am happy with it, will return after I've used it a bit longer to give a long-term rating.

Carington Esbrookta, May 29, 2021
Your pocket PDF scanner

It isn't hard to learn how to use the app. Can't get the icon on my main screen. Otherwise, it's great in a pinch.

Glorious Fostenaa, May 26, 2021
I love this app!

This was quick and easy so convenient to not leave the house. Now I need to figure out how to make the things I scan brighter and it would be perfect!!

Glorya Dillintonebs, May 26, 2021
Scans are as good as original.

This scanner is user friendly and easy to store the scanned documents in a systematic way. Scans are as good as original.

Kishanna Withamin, May 29, 2021
excellent service

Simple to use and works great. Especially with working from home.

Markeece Preedyutaag, May 31, 2021
Awesome   ​    

This app is just awesome. It makes your scans easier,simply just loved it. Options in the app are also easy and quick to use🙂. Ratings 5  ‍    

mosier_suzettem, Feb 09, 2022
Can’t share documents unless you spend $15 a month

Got the app, was kinda concerned when the first thing that popped up was a massive thing asking to spend $15/month to subscribe. Exited out of that and scanned my documents, found out you can’t share them without subscribing. Pretty much worthless unless you pay the $15/month.

TheZacB, May 31, 2022


Turn your device into powerful portable scanner, that recognizes text and have rich editor tools. Trusted by millions users. PDF Scanner can scan PDF files, ID Photo and books for recognition.

After processing the file, get the result. Fast and easy HD scanning! Highly accurately recognizes different materials, scan identity documents, accurately prepares the sources, exports to office formats. PDF scanning app allows you to create, edit and view PDFs, work with content, convert, improve the quality of content and work with scanner. Just in one click! File formats Images: jpg, jpeg, png Multi-page documents: pdf Functions: * Camera scanner allows recognition of scanned files and photos that contain text * Formatting paper and PDF multiple documents into editable formats * Doc scanner & OCR - Online document editing by and retrieving Printed Text * Quickly scan - Easy and convenient interface * Genius scanner has features of Multilanguage, fast text recognition and unlimited requests * Data protection. * Conversion of scanned works, recognition of different formats and data editing Do you have a textbook or any magazine you want to get the text from, but don't have time to print the text? Recognizing Text has never been easier. With PDF scanner document all you need is to scan or photograph the text, then select the file and upload it to our text recognition service. If the image with the text was accurate enough, then you will receive recognized and readable text. What can be done by scannerpro: PDF scan & photo scanner easily scans all documents. ID scanner - simply take a photo of the document, just as you usually photograph food, cats or yourself. It also can scan ID cards, passports, driving licenses, visas, and other identity documents. Isn't it cool? Scan Book, your favorite books and literature also can be scanned. Scan novels, magazines to PDF by using our document edge recognition system in the section of document scan or OCR. Scan Photo and save your favorite pictures by using a pro photo scanner app and OCR scanner. Program for scanning documents, allows you to recognize and identify texts and images, digitize materials, convert them and much more. The PDF format allows you to preserve formatting, regardless of which screen and in which program the file is viewed. In addition, printing documents becomes more convenient, all elements of the document in picture scanner will remain in place, the text will not be able to go beyond the boundaries of the sheet, and the pagination of the text will remain exactly as it is on the device screen. PDF scanner application differs in a set of useful functions, advanced features and settings. Utilities with additional options, intelligent components and high-quality work algorithms are available. Easily analyzes and recognizes and scans documents, files and photos thanks to an intelligent system, also exports recognized material for correction and editing. Terms of use: https://pdfscanner.xyz/termsofuse Privacy policy https://pdfscanner.xyz/privacy

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