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My Day - Countdown Calendar

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My Day - Countdown Calendar

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User Reviews for My Day - Countdown Calendar

Good…But confusing

It is a great app and now that I got everything set up I love it, however it was difficult to use when I first got it and with little instruction it took 10-15 minutes to properly figure out how to change the month but other than that it’s now something I use frequently

A happy user111, Oct 13, 2019

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and I loved that you could choose the perfect background for every event but now it just takes for ever to load and when it does load it just says “photo library” and I can’t pick any of the backgrounds that the app provides because they wont show up and by reading the other reviews I can tell I’m not the only one with this problem. So please FIX this because this used to be one of my FAVORITE apps and I don’t know what happened. If not I would be giving this 5 stars because it’s an amazing app but with this major problem I’m only giving it 1 star.

AAAAAAAA🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻, Aug 26, 2018
Went down hill

I used to LOVE this app at first. However the recent update did more harm than good. Since the update the countdown is off now matter how often you fix it it changes the days. Whenever you attempt to change the background it just stalls. Actually it constantly freezes making it unusable no matter what you do. This once fun app is now taking up space and making me upset since it’s now virtually useless. I’d give zero starts if I could. Whatever “update” they did needs to be reversed.

alexisbabii721, Jun 22, 2018
Wallpaper Gallery still not working

I have used this app for years and I’m just about ready to find another to switch to due to the apps gallery not loading & some of the previous images now not showing up. Certain holidays just show a black background & nothing else and when I try to add an image it just has the spinning icon & I give up. I’ll give it another month then I think I’m out. 😕

All Chavez, May 31, 2022
Galleries Won’t Load

I’ve used this app for years. It’s simple to use and I love it. Except for one thing. Recently, it hasn’t let me use the galleries. I have a couple events and they don’t have photos on it because whenever I try to go into galleries, it will keep loading and loading. Please fix that.Other than that, it’s a great app and I definitely recommend it. Have a nice day!

Fennec foxy, Apr 23, 2020

I love the reminders but it is very hard to put a new one in. It erases the present one and you have trouble getting it back in. I wish that you could fix it so that it would be easier to use. I just put a birthday in and it erased Halloween. Please make it better. And I did touch the pencil for a new entry.

Grandkids 9, Oct 30, 2019
Uh, time zone issues

I love I can put my own background, using this as a final hourly countdown to when we leave for our Disney trip. Problem is when I set the time we were leaving it was off by 7 hours! Should have been 46 hours till we leave and it was showing 53.....had to go in and change the time we are leaving so it will show the correct hours left. That’s really screwy.

Jillimumm, Jan 17, 2018
Omg...It works

I been looking for a birthday countdown but I couldn’t find one but I finally found one thanks to the people who made this app like literally I don’t have no complaints and I like how it lets me choose the background...I’m giving this app 5 stars I wish I could give them more I would if I could...thanks again👍I’m speechless

ME❤️👸🏽🥳, Jan 04, 2019
Time issues and personal issue

As many other reviews have said, the updates have left this app with lots of issues with time. Mine is always off, no matter how many times I edit an event.The biggest issue I have with the app, however, lies within the pre-uploaded holidays that come on the app. “Black Friday,” which is not actually a holiday, is uploaded, but then Veteran’s Day, an actual holiday, and one we have to celebrate those who served our country, is not there. I think that is pretty messed up, honestly.

NicStew, Jan 03, 2019
Used to be a great personalized countdown app

I’ve had My Day for years but recently, the galleries won’t load. That was one of the biggest appeals of this app, being able to choose backgrounds that match the event. I’ve done every update that it’s had available and stay up to date with iOS updates, as well. I’m hesitant to delete because I really do like the ease of use but it’s just frustrating to not have backgrounds of my choosing and, instead, having the same boring yellow/blue/orange background for every event.

wuzdisnaymchozentu?, Jul 22, 2018


Don't want to miss anything important? Keep track of Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Holidays, Vacations and Trips and other exciting events that are happening around you with My Day - Countdown Calendar app. You can easily set up notifications for any important event and get a definite number of days that are left until it approaches.

Use My Day - Countdown Calendar app for: * Birthdays and anniversaries * Weddings and engagements * Vacations and travel * Christmas and New Years * Other major holidays * Retirement * Prom * Custom events * And much more! Our unique features include: * Incredibly beautiful graphics * Maximum simplicity in usage * Event reminders * Keeping track of time both left till and passed since the event * Countdown to Facebook friends' birthdays import feature * Beautiful wallpapers for your events * Absolutely free unlimited events

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