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User Reviews for MusicToRingtone

Won’t even let me load the song

So I was trying to make my own ring tone and I click load at the beginning (first step ) it says and I quote please allow access to your I tunes library and I went on my settings and I couldn’t find anything that will let it work for this app I give it. A 1 star because it won’t work but I am giving a 5 so you can see this pls help.

Ananda77, Jul 04, 2021
Very satisfied.

I love this app very much. It is easy to use and doesn’t take too long just to make one ringtone/text tone. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. And you don’t have to pay for ANYTHING. I have been using this app for months now, and I will keep using it. I do recommend this app to many people out there. 😊

Black_Swan7, Jun 20, 2022
Crashes!! (Updated Review)

This app is really simple to use, but it just won’t work. I upload the video I want to do, change the start and end spots, and everything is working fine up until I try to save it as a Garageband file. As soon as I click the button the app crashes, and nothing else happens. I tried to restart my phone, I deleted garageband and re-downloaded it, and I also deleted MusicToRingtone and re-downloaded it.... nothing worked. If I can find a fix for this issue, I will give it 5 stars, but for right now it gets 3.Updated Review: The developer is amazing! He listens to the community, and does things to better the app! When I updated to the new version, it worked amazing!! And I was able to change videos and songs to any ringtone I wanted, I have changed my review from 3 stars to 5 stars! Good job!!

CheetahP, Dec 04, 2020
Exactly What I Was Looking For!!!

This app does exactly what it says it will do. Thank you to the developer for having a very easy tutorial video to explain the process and sure enough it worked just fine. As long as you buy the song you want to make a ringtone on iTunes you can make it into what you want! Awesome app!

Delgodz, Nov 08, 2020
Awesome ringtone maker and very accessible for the blind

As an iPhone user who is totally blind, I was forever looking for a great app that would allow me to make my own ringtones. The thing I found so frustrating about a lot of third-party apps that allow you to do that, is a lot of them weren’t accessible with VoiceOver, Apple’s screen reader. But that frustration ended when I came across this app. I love how easy the interface is to use, and I especially love the fact you don’t have to connect your phone to your computer in order to put the ringtone on it. You can instantly copy it to the GarageBand app once you’re done making it and save it to your phone immediately.Overall, this is great for anyone who wants to make ringtones out of their favorite songs. But if you’re blind or visually impaired and have been looking for a quick and accessible way to do it, look no further than the Music To Ringtone app.

DJHey, Aug 23, 2020
Love This But What Happened

I really enjoyed this app on my old iPhone 8 it worked perfectly and all the ringtones were high quality. I’ve gotten a new phone and I’m having a problem with not hearing anything. I don’t know when to start and stop the music cause I can’t hear anything. I hope this gets an update at some point to fix it. This is probably the best app out here though to make your own ringtones so 110% recommend it.

GraceThGrape, Mar 21, 2021
It stopped working after a couple times

In the beginning, the app was amazing great ringtones and really easy to make, but soon after it decided to kick me out every time I try to make a ringtone. I tried deleting, removing apps, even shutting down my phone but it just wouldn’t work. Although this happened, I would still rate this app 4 stars the ringtones came back high quality before it shut down for me 🤩

Hous5, Dec 01, 2020

I personally think it is amazing I tried so many app to try and make ringtones but you had to pay a monthly fee and the still didn’t work. But then I found this app. This app is a life changer I love it I made the most annoying ringtones ever 😌. Five out of five. 1billion percent recommended. All you need is this app and garbage band which all ready comes on you iPhone or iPod touch when you get it. It is that simple. One last thing there are no fees that I know of or seen/came across. So as far as I know it is 100% free.

k̾h̾l̾o̾e̾, Oct 09, 2020
It was amazing but then...

This used to be an amazing app! I used it very often. One day, I needed to set many alarms but I didn’t have many songs to choose from so I went to the app so I could make more ringtones but when I selected my song, I couldn’t hear anything. I other music apps and my setting to make sure my phone wasn’t going crazy and I was right. It wasn’t, it was the app. I couldn’t make my music the right way I wanted too because I couldn’t hear anything. Please fix this. It’s the only problem I’ve ever had with this app.

Mei-Quinn, Nov 27, 2020
Please read!!!

So I really like this app because you get to make your own alarms or ringtones with music of your choice but the only thing is that I want to use a specific song but I can’t use it because it isn’t purchased on iTunes. I think it’d be better to just pick any song. But I just decided to pick a different song that was available on the app and when I tried to load it, I got kicked out of the app. I just figured I needed to delete some stuff to free up space, but after that, I kept getting kicked out so now I’m really frustrated. But these are just some tips for the developers, Please make it so anyone can pick any song of their choicePlease maybe try to fix this problem I’m havingEither way this app is really creative!!! 😁

plebby gamer, Jun 04, 2022


Super easy and slick ringtone maker! No PC required to set ringtones. - Make ringtones from your iTunes library, audio or videos files. - Fade in and fade out effect. - Convert video to audio. - Export and share music from your iTunes library. - Edit metadata for exported m4a files. MusicToRingtone works with voiceover.

Visit the website for the videos or written instructions on how to use the app. **Install GarageBand app because it will make your life easier. :) Visit http://Intagram.com/music.to.ringtone, https://musictoringtoneios.com, or email [email protected] for support or feedback. Thanks!

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