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Musicana - Organizer & Player

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User Reviews for Musicana - Organizer & Player

Love it but….

I started using Musicana after Musi shut down and at first it was amazing. Same format and easy to navigate plus no ads just like Musi. But now at some point Musicana started having ads before you can listen to music. I’d love to be able to go ad free (don’t mind paying with how much I use the app every day) but there is no option for it sadly. It just gets so irritating to have an ad be the first thing screaming at you especially depending on the mood of my day. Like I said I love Musicana and have a ridiculous amount of playlists lol but I’d love to have the option to go ad free if I wanted to.

AngelSis, Nov 09, 2021
The recent update...

I want to rate this 5 stars but I’ve been experiencing some issues with the app. If I use another app, let’s say Instagram, it pauses the music I’m playing. If my phone turns off, it stops the music. Every time it stops or pauses it, I would either swipe up to unpause the music or go back to the app and unpause it manually. (It can get quite irritating because I use it for studying and other purposes as well.) I guess it’s just a new bug to fix and I can’t blame the developers for it but it can get quite irritating. Other than that, everything is fine for now.

ᴄʀᴀᴢʏᴄᴀᴛǫᴜᴇᴇɴ, Aug 28, 2020
4.17 GB of Storage

I went into my storage because my phone said that I don’t have enough space. Turns out, your app takes up 4.17 GB of space. That’s an outlandish number for an app where you can’t even download music. I don’t know if this is how you set it up, or if it’s something that needs to be fixed. After FlyTunes shut down, I transferred to this app. But I might have to find another one if this issue isn’t resolved. Also, I’ll put my playlists on shuffle play, and random songs that I never added will show up. If I wanted a heavy metal song in the middle of my sleeping playlist, I’d add it. One last thing: Sometimes I’ll be listening to music with my phone off, and all of a sudden it’ll just stop playing. I go onto the app, turns out an ad made it stop playing. It’s extremely inconvenient. Maybe you could make it so we can watch one ad and have uninterrupted listening for 1 hour? Please fix these and respond, otherwise I’ll look for alternatives.

DisasterBi, Oct 30, 2020
Problems that need to be fixed.

This app is good overall. Has the same format as Musi, and that's why I chose it as a replacement. But, there are some problems that really do bother me. Some people might not notice, but the shuffle play doesn't really do any good. I've memorized songs that come after each one when I use shuffle play. It doesn't really shuffle the music at all, the songs don't come on randomly like it's supposed to.Edit: I didn't seem to give enough good credit for the app, just a rant instead! So I edited this review just to say how much I actually really do love this. Ever since Musi became Musi Premium with payments and subscriptions, I came to this because it's similar to Musi and works perfectly as well. I should've have more praise the first time I worte my review, so here is this praise now! But please, I really do hope you guys fix the shuffle problem. Thank you and keep doing great with this blessed app!

J. 0, Oct 12, 2019
App Is Amazing But....

This app is amazing because you don’t have ads in between videos but when changing the song while phone is locked it glitches out and it doesn’t change the song right away it plays the song a little more then it changes it ten seconds after and when you change it then previous song you listened to doesn’t change to the song your listing to at the moment. Also when you first start the app and play a song it repeats twice then it will change songs. When the phone is locked the song name doesn’t change it stays the same as previous songs but plays a whole different one.

Jayy.Bouler, Sep 28, 2019
It’s awesome but laggy

The app is great with minor bugs besides the lag. Minor bugs I’ve seen SOMETIMES is: it plays two songs at the same time,when I play stuff from my library it will just go to the next song to the next and next and won’t stop (keep in mind these two happened before but I’m thinking it’s gone now from the time I’ve spent currently. Something that stuck is that when I go to full screen to a song it will always turn upside down (this is minor but I thought I would mention it). Buuuuuuut then there’s lag...I’m listening to phasmofobia the musical from random encounters and every five seconds it has to stop go stop go and it’s just really annoying. And I know that it’s not the internet because we have very strong and fast internet with no issuesBesides these it’s a great app, love it, apologies because of how long this review is, I’m giving it 4 stars.

Kermit_The_Pog, Aug 02, 2021
Why.. (Edit)

I don’t know why but my last review was deleted for some reason..weird.. But there was a connectivity problem where my songs couldn’t play while offline. I went through them with wifi then again without, and it didn’t work. I’ve been working on it for the past half hour though and now it seems to work without wifi. I only had to go through my entire playlist at least 3 times to make sure each and every song would play offline. I moved my rating from 1 star to 3 stars so fine..Also, still screw Musicana for taking over FlyTunes, I mentioned this in my last review but I had FlyTunes for 3 years and it worked wherever I went, but now the app is off from the face of the App Store. I will use Musicana because it works, but I still have spite for it for removing my favorite music app, and also for taking half an hour to play songs offline when I could have gone out skateboarding.

Kyleowl, Nov 05, 2020
It’s great but...

Is there any way to turn off those song suggestions? I don’t want to be jamming to songs with my friends and all of a sudden have nursery rhymes playing. I’ve been getting a lot of random popular songs on my playlist for some reason. I don’t like American pop music and it keeps showing up. It would be really great if you could remove those suggestions, or better, keep those random song suggestions, but try to accommodate for the listeners taste. I listen to kpop, so when you have your app play random songs, try to play from a kpop genre. And this includes to all the types of music. If a persons, activity shows that they like country music, recommendations should be for country music, and etc. it’s a great app and this is my only issue

lemondooogs64, Nov 24, 2019
Search list not fully loading

I really really love this app, it’s the only one I use to listen to music on the go! But something has happened when you search up music, the list doesn’t fully load. When you try to scroll all the way down it glitches and brings you back up to the top. So it only gives you such a sort list to go by. Not even deleting the app and redownloading it worked. I’m wondering if this could get fixed because I really love this app and don’t want to have to stop using it.

ShippingTrashAway, Jun 26, 2021
Good, but needs improvement

I love this app and started using it after Musi got shut down. Some things that I feel should be improved is searching library. When searching for a song you can only search for the song name and not the artist’s name which I find very frustrating at times having coming from using Musi before (which I was able to search this way) then coming from Musicana. Another thing is that there seems to be a bug when using the queue or just switching a song in general. There seems to be a delay in playing the proceeding song especially when you are not present in the app at that time. Also, you should be able to look up playlists in the search for music section. For example, If I look up “today’s hits playlist” I would like to be able to look at a playlist containing today’s hits. Again, the app is great! But these are just some little things it could use to make it better!

Starbritaysia, Dec 18, 2019


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