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Oleg Brailean
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User Reviews for MP3 Audiobook Player Pro

Best Audiobook Player App!

This is the best and most reliable audiobook player app for iPhone out there! I've been using it for 5+ years and it only becomes better with every version update. It's packed with features and customizations but easy to navigate due to simple and intuitive interface. My favorite feature is ability to change playback speed. It allows you to go from as slow as 0.5x to as fast as 3x without voice change and quality loss. This is amazing! No more problems with narrator being to slow putting you to sleep or being too fast and hard to follow. It works great with Bluetooth headphones and car audio. Easy to add new books in. Buttons' size may be increased making it easier to use by elderly and kids. Thanks a lot Oleg Brailean - the developer - for such a nice app!

beldim000, Sep 12, 2020
Best of the bunch

I’ve tried just about every third party app for uploading and listening to audiobooks, and this is probably the best. It’s got all of the features that you’d expect from an app like this, but one of my favorite additions isbeing able to write a note when making a bookmark as that makes going back through them SOOOOO much easier. I’ve never had any issues getting books to load and it hasn’t failed yet at recognizing when multiple files make up a single book. My only complaint is that quite often after resuming playback after even a very brief pause, the playback will start way before where I pressed pause, sometimes as much as 10+ minutes prior. I’ve tried several things to narrow down the issue, but I can’t reliably reproduce the issue.

BGrantIII, Jan 29, 2021
Imported zipped book into iPhone X iOS 11.1.2

I have a mp3 book in 44 files. I could not successfully get this book imported into the app using any of the suggested methods. It would loop on the first mp3 file continually. Tried to send a message to author at his website to ask for his support but got the following message “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later. “ I had tried the free version first which had the same problems. Upgrading to the Pro version was a bad idea - it fails too.Edited: Pro version. Upgraded from 1 to 4 stars. I got a 174 part zipped mp3 book imported from my iCloud Drive and it did work ok. So far it has loaded the files sequentially and seems to be working.

BWBuy, Dec 10, 2017
My GoTo MP3 Player

l've used dozens upon dozens of MP3 players, but none as nice as this one. It's quick and easy to drag-and-drop MP3 files and folders. I use the player for audiobooks, but also for foreign language lessons. You can speed up or slow down the audio with no loss of sound quality. you can jump forward or back or pause the playback. I also have files of environmental sounds I play at night to help me fall asleep. I have extensive music files I like to listen to. It's easy to toggle back and forth between files. The player remembers your place so you don't have to. I use both the free version and the paid version. Since discovering these fine players, I've never had any need (or desire) to use any others.UPDATE... The 2019 update adds an equalizer, but seriously degrades the audio quality when you change the playback speed. I am just sick about this. The developers wrecked a really nice app.

der woo, Jun 15, 2019
Best Audiobook Player

I have tried many of the audiobook players and have found yours to be the most reliable and you have you easiest GUI with all features of the player within a touch on a single screen. Import from Dropbox was smooth with no problems. I haven't used the other two import methods but I expect they would work just as well.I gave a 4 star rating as the app lacks a few features found in other players such as book sort and the watch app is even more limited than now playing without even volume control. With that said this is the app I will be using to listen to books.

graymatter45, Apr 21, 2018
Overall good but one bug I would love fixed...

Overall I really like this app. It’s easy to use and add/delete books. The one thing that drives me crazy though is when I am using this app in the car and I am getting driving directions from waze or Apple maps - I want the book to pause when my map app starts talking. The audible app is able to do this so I assume it is possible to do here too? I find that waze gives me directions and I miss 10-20 secs of the book and then have to keep going back. I drive in Boston a lot and there are a lot of turns so I basically cannot use the app when I’m in the city. Otherwise I’m very happy with this app!

Jenna527, Sep 12, 2019
Almost perfect!! Update...

I have been using evermusic for my audiobooks, but do to its glitches (freezing, slow, deleting my bookmarks) ive searched for alternative. This one was only one close that I can add my own mp3 files and bookmarks. Last few updates have made it much better, but Some basic features/simple tweaks would make it perfect:1. Overal volume control to raise AND lower volume seperate in app, and in smaller incriments. So far ability to raise volume was added (and appreciated!) but only in 2 big jumps, and cant lower at all. More control over this would be great. 2. Easier bookmark access (access bookmarks inside books, instead of scrolling thru every bookmark from every book) and ability to change bookmark timestamp within the bookmark so dont need to keep creating rewinding till at right exact spot 3. Most important-Ability to use BOTH speed changer AND equalizer/volume control at same time, instead of just 1 or the other like it is now.On a positive note, the improved speed selecter is by far the best ive used, keeps the quality, its smooth, and adjusts by 0.5 incriments instead of 0.25 like others, this is the feature that probably sets this apart from the rest now!And ability to export books AND bookmarks is another unique feature that is great and recently added. So thankyou for those! ***Just please please consider at least better volume control that can use same time as speed changer and I can finally get rid of my other audio apps!!

LCLMomma1392, Oct 12, 2020
Best of the audiobook players, but...

I don’t like the fact that with the last two updates to the iPhone app, the equalizer is gone in all but one of the audio engines, and that one does not play in stereo. Apparently the choice now is to listen in stereo without the equalizer or listen in mono with it. I still have the version before the last two updates on my iPad and that one gives me both automatically. Please fix this problem and state in the update that it is fixed. This is truly one of the best, if not THE best of the audiobook players around, except for this relatively recent drawback.

LSSCAT, Jan 31, 2021
Decent app, with flaws

The app is generally great and it’s one of the only things that does all of what it does. However there are some annoyances. It randomly loses its position or thinks it’s paused when it’s actually still playing so that if you hit the play/pause button it will jump back to whenever the glitch occurred instead of pausing. It will also randomly stop playing at the end of chapters. It does not play well with the lock screen pause button or remote pause buttons. The only way for it to reliably pause where you want it to is to unlock your phone, open the app, and hit the pause button in there. Otherwise the behavior is unpredictable.

lutber b, Jul 16, 2020
Almost perfect

I have two quibbles and one problem with this app, which is otherwise very good. I like the interface overall - it presents the information I actually want to see, and doesn’t waste most of the screen showing me a pretty picture of the cover. The book list shows a decent number of books at once on my phone, and has a search feature. I also appreciate being able to easily skip by time or chapter.The quibbles: First, I’d like to have an overall progress indicator, either instead of or as an alternative to the chapter progress indicator on the play screen. Sometimes I need to know how much time is left in the book, and there doesn’t appear to be a good way to tell with the current UI. Second, I’d appreciate an index (similar to the Contacts app) so it’s easy to jump to titles later in the list.The problem: Loading multiple books using any method other than iTunes file sharing is either painful or broken, and those other methods were a major attraction of the app for me. If you drag&drop multiple .m4b book files via WebDav, the copy operation will crash because the player app moves the files into folders before they’ve finished copying. It seems to work OK for 1 book at a time, but if you want to load 200 at once (or even just several), forget it. This operation is likewise painful using cloud sharing - selecting 1 book at a time is impractical for large numbers of books, and multiples at once has failed in unpredictable ways for me multiple times.

Spoinlar, Nov 07, 2018


MP3 Audiobook Player is the easiest and most convenient app for listening to audiobooks in MP3, MP4, AWB, OPUS, OGG, FLAC, AWB, M4B, M4A formats on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! ••• The app does not feature any audiobooks, but only plays your own audio files ••• The purpose of this app is to make listening to audiobooks in different formats easy and convenient! There are lots of websites with all kinds of audiobooks dubbed by professional actors and enthusiasts. Most of such audiobooks are distributed as folders with multiple audiofiles in different formats.

I'm, the author of the app, listen to audiobooks all the time. Therefore, I did my best to make MP3 Audiobook Player a tool that has everything necessary to make this process intuitive and convenient. • Plays audiobooks in MP3, MP4, OPUS, OGG, FLAC, AWB, M4B, M4A formats (without DRM protection). • Adjustable playback quality (0.5x to 5.0x). • Boost sound ( for audiobooks with low volume ) • The book cover is loaded from an image file in the book’s folder or from an embedded image from an audio file. • Automatically saves the current playback position for all audiobooks. • Supports CarPlay and integrations with over 50 other car models from Ford, GM, Mazda, BMW, Jaguar, Landrover and many more • Jump to any file (can be enabled in settings). • Supports standard headphone controls. • Supports Apple Watch. • Playback control from the Control Center and Block screen. • A sleep timer with adjustable sleep periods or sleep after the end of the current chapter. • Possibility to add/remove books through iTunes and from the computer via Wi-Fi • Support WebDav for adding audiobooks directly from Explorer on PC or from Finder on MacOS If you enjoy MP3 Audiobook Player, we would be glad if you consider writing a review.

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