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Gregory Widmar
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User Reviews for MotoJitsu

Level(s) of Support & Practice Strategies

I’ve been riding for years and still learn something new with every video that I watch (sometimes twice). If it helps to support Greg (thank you also) then I’m all for it, because he’s been there for us as a motorcycle community for some time now. Excellent content and methods of practice for every level of rider. The key is to practice, practice, and then practice some more. While the videos, books, and information are great tools, the key remains to ride/practice in incremental steps on things that most riders take for granted and/or do incorrectly. Bottom line...SHUT UP AND PRACTICE!!!

Above Ground, Mar 31, 2021
First time rider

I’ve been watching your videos and they always get me pumped to go out and practice but when I go out I forget many of the lessons I intended to do. With this app it will be much easier to keep track of lessons on the go. Thanks for the awesome app and the time you invest providing information to make us better riders. Enough blabbering, I am gonna shut up and practice now.

bcamp006, Feb 11, 2021
Scooter guy here 5 stars

I'm so happy Fast Eddie is riding a scooter now. His books are the best tools a rider can have. I'm a scooter rider because I want to ride well, not fast. Scooters are, I think, the best of both a bit fast and excellent handling. I can do turns like no one on my Yamaha Xmax 300. With this app, I hope to take it to the next level. Eddie, I hope we can ride one day.

Chris5753156754, Mar 27, 2021
Good start!

Happy to support the dude who has keept me alive on my bike so far. I’ve learned a tonby watching his videos (and then practicing). My biggest wishlist item for this app would be to add an AR element that would help you set up the exercise. Like when you’re shopping online and you can “see” the item in your room by using the camera. If we could use the camera to help set up an exercise course- either with chalk or cones- that would be amazing. To be able to turn on your camera and point it at the ground and have it help you set up these scenarios with the right distances- I bet a lot more people would get a lot more practice! Anyhoo, that may be a long shot. Even as is, this app is worth a few bucks just to have a list of progressively difficult exercises in one convenient place for quick reference.

Crumpitt, Mar 06, 2021
Great App

This a great app. After so many years of driving I would have thought I was a black belt. I can do the drills but the knowledge and track time isn’t there. I obviously have more to learn which is why I downloaded the app in the first place. Suggestion: it would be great if there was a way to track progress or share with friends kinda like Fitbit.

Ctrlc, Feb 09, 2021
Fantastic learning tool

I’ve been watching Eddie’s videos and practicing his drills for a few months now and have made huge strides in my ability and comfort level on the bike. The app is exactly what I needed to organize my drills and practice sessions and measure my progress. This is a fantastic tool that I highly recommend to anyone motorcyclist of any age and experience level.

Dan Gielchinsky, Apr 12, 2021
Great for improving motorcycle riding skills

This is a great standalone app and compliment to the motojitsu motorcycle education books. It has handy, easy to access descriptions to the drills along with comprehensive diagrams that will help you set up the training exercises. Very convenient . If you buy this awesome app and do the drills you will improve immensely. You also get to support one of the best motorcycle skills education content creators out there.

Frank852xyz, Feb 09, 2021
Finally! I’ve been waiting for this app!

I don’t always have my MotoJitsu books with me when I’m riding so I’m so glad to finally have this app! It’s organized just like the books are, so it’s easy to follow and I love being able to show my friends the actual video demos that are linked for each drill. No more talking about getting better... just shut up and practice!

Indian4Ever, Feb 11, 2021
Perfect tool to make it easier to practice

Thanks for this great tool Greg! Been watching your videos for some time now. Having this app will help when I’m out and find an opportunity to practice, now I have the lessons on my phone with easy to read diagrams and links to the exact location on the corresponding video. Well done and every penny!

Motorbtr7, Feb 09, 2021
Great skill drills on the go.

Just riding your bike is one thing, really practicing with it and challenging yourself is another. This app has all Fast Eddie of MotoJitsu’s skill drills to take your riding to the next level if you put in the work. Fun to ride and fun to throw down the gauntlet to challenge your friends with as well.Shut up and practice!

rhino177, Feb 09, 2021


Want to control your motorcycle in virtually any street environment? Whatever your current riding skill level, my MotoJitsu Master Riding Program will enhance your motorcycle knowledge and riding ability. Whether you're a new rider or you've been riding for 20 years...

ride to work everyday or take your bike to the racetrack on the weekends... have a Kawasaki Ninja 300 or a Honda Gold Wing... explore the mountain roads in San Diego or navigate through the streets of Belfast... MotoJitsu is for you!

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