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Motionleap by Lightricks

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User Reviews for Motionleap by Lightricks


I was first introduced to this app at the Apple Store. I loved it and immediately got it on my device. The first thing that popped up when I opened the app was it asking me to get their Pro Pack for like six dollars a month. I closed out of it, and began to edit a photo. I was all of a sudden extremely disappointed to see that only a very VERY small number of filters, exporting options, and editing tools are available to you if you do not have the Pro Pack. I soon realized that the app at the Apple Store was a demo, therefore every filter was unlocked. So, basically, if you get Pixaloop and don’t pay for the Pro Pack, you are essentially getting just a preview of the app with the Pro Pack.😕 I really really wanted to love this app, which is why I put two stars instead of one. Sadly, I will most likely will be deleting it soon due to the fact that you have to pay (MONTHLY) for access to all of the filters. Also, you can get a one time purchase but it’s sixty dollars which I will NOT pay. The pro pack is probably worth about five dollars (maybe ten, but that’s pushing it) for a one time purchase.

BrainierRain, Feb 23, 2020
Actual review: Cool app that needs a strategy.

It’s a fun little animation app. A cool way to take some social media posts up a notch. Here is the big problem....If I am rating this app as a little fun photo app I would give it 5 stars. I would even pay a single .99 or maybe 1.99 fee for a pro version and recommend it to my friends. However, the problem is they are charging like this is an Adobe product. The monthly fee is absolutely silly for an app this featureless. It’s a fun little product that totally missed in the monetization method. I see this going one of two ways. Either add a mountain of continually expanding features, think Adobe products, or make this a one time .99 fee for the “pro” version. Otherwise, I guarantee most people will do what I do. Play with the very limited version for a week or so and never use it again. The devs built a cool little app. It would be sad to see it fade because of a poorly thought out compensation strategy.

CryOfDavid, Jun 17, 2019
Needs extreme amounts of work.

Is not Apple Pencil friendly. (Has serious lag in this area). Does not follow desired path. Inadequate masking feature. Lacks extreme precision. Extremely sloppy. Lacks multiple layering within animation packs. No add feature... what if I want to add 10,000 butterflies? I’m not able to do this. Some of the features are very nice and very well animated but not enough layering options. Correct me if I’m wrong and not doing something right. I do feel this app has an extreme amount of potential and I downloaded it for obvious reasons. I suggest taking a lesson from#superimpose app and how their masking tools work. They are a very precise tool and things should be done in this fashion. I definitely think that you guys would benefit from that me being a beta tester for this tool. I am an accomplished artist. I am using iPad Pro 12.9” with the Apple Pencil, of course. Your tools are not matched to qualify using with the Apple Pencil. As well I had to pay to see what this app and goes instead of getting a late version. This makes me extremely cautious in having to pay to use your video lab application in which I I am very interested in using for my artwork. Again I would love to beta-test for you guys I would definitely upgrade to five stars if you were to fix these options that I have listed.

For developers

We love your app especially the animations it offers (our main reason using it). It’s also intuitive and easy to use. As someone who use the app on daily basis I think it would be beneficial to provide a few things to improve as this app has tremendous potential that I would be willing to pay more if only the app has more extras and freedom to personalize. 1. More animations regularly or having some cloud where to buy/download/add more (sand, succulents, palm trees, clouds, sky, moon, sun… nature in general). 2. Freedom to move animation from one point to another. (Example moving moon from bottom to top). 3. Allow changing colors of animation item? (I guess that would be hard but thought I mention it) 4. , In app photo editor w layers (we are aware u have another photo editor but it would be cool to edit in an app. At least some basic like layers and colors.

HelenaRomaniovaDarnova, Apr 09, 2022
No skills? No problem!

A long-time fan of the “original” Enlight photo editor, & a convert to Enlight Photofox, I was super excited when I saw they added an animation editor to the lineup! After using their photo editor(s) for about 3 years, I expected Pixaloop to be amazing, & they delivered. Its UI is so intuitive & friendly it borders on flirtatious! The layout/work canvas is crisp, clean & uncluttered. It has more tools/features than I could’ve asked for—plenty of options to create just about anything you dream up! There’s an especially large library of “effects”—light FX, pseudo camera movements, & a ton of overlays like rain, sparkles, fog, flames, butterflies etc etc etc! They’ve even expanded those sections/varieties since I first DL 👍 It’s enough to keep me interested & creating even after a year 😄Very much an amateur to the graphic/digital arts, I’d never tried an animation app before; they appeared very technical & tedious. I knew Pixaloop would be that beginners-friendly program that can help even the most digitally &/or artistically illiterate create spectacular pieces 💕

Lovebird730, May 19, 2020
Getting boring and the AI? Meh

I’ve used this app for several years and loved it to make some great designs. Honestly, though? For $60 a year, you’d think you’d offer more elements, more overlays, effects, skies, water, etc. This app hasn’t changed since I first used it. Now? AI portion is awful. I can go on Discord and do incredible things with Midjourney this app can’t even touch. I barely use the photo apps in this package. I would only subscribe to one or two, but your hard sell nagging me while trying to use an app of yours I paid for is just rotten business practice. I finally signed up for the whole package just to get your pop ups to stop, but I won’t this year. The value just isn’t worth it. It’s like you’ve grown bored and tired of your own wonderful apps. I wish you would offer just Videoleap and Motionleap. Photoleap, Artleap, and Lightleap are worthless. They are never updated, either. You’re going to lose a long-time customer this next year. Sad but I don’t think you care.

LynneMarieS, Dec 25, 2022
Here’s the thing

I love this app, but it has one major, decent sized problem...I got this app and loved it, in fact I loved it so much I decided to become a premium member for a year. Paid the $60 myself (I was like 12). Next year comes around and I don’t use this as much anymore, don’t get me wrong it was great and it was so much better like this. So I canceled my subscription. Well I was looking back at some of the animations I did using the premium options and non of them would load! See, I prefer if my animation is “live” as my phone calls it, because it has a better effect. Well the editors of this app know as well, so unless you pay premium you are not going to be able do that. Anyway, I realize now that after my subscription time was up this happened. Interesting isn’t it? I paid $60 so I could animate save live and when I go to look back at it, it won’t work! Now I could go back and do it again, but like I said, cant use live unless you are a premium member. That was a major reason I got it! So if I don’t keep paying, I won’t be able to see anything I ever do with the premium?! That’s seems unfair is really all I’m trying to say. 😕

Miss Winkler, Sep 23, 2020

First, the idea of the app is neat, but I will be deleting the enlight Pixaloop application as you have no option to export or save the animated picture to my photos (I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max). With that being said I don’t want to upgrade to pro but in order to save any animated photo, you have to upgrade? This is not good user experience. I would charge money for the “pro” upgrade options and at least make it so the basic version can save the photo? Second, get a hyperlink added to your “contact us” option at the bottom of your HELP section, so users can be directed to their email with your email link attached. At least remove the “Pro” words above the options so it doesn’t lead users to believe they can save the photo or upload to Instagram for free.

nickname00019384748422, Dec 11, 2019
Terrible update

You seriously made it where to use animate you have to go pro? This is ridiculous and never should have changed. Garbage app. I don't even see the option where you could loop the pictures to move a certain way. Taken off I guess considering I've seen subscribers complain in the reviews. Whoever had that idea needs a mental evaluation if they honestly thought that was a good idea.Don't even bother replying with "email customer service" and claiming that this app is "free", because it's not, and that's simply untrue and you know it. You have to pay now to use any good features in this app, so now it is virtually useless. There's no point in anyone using the app at this point. You literally can't do anything on this app now. You took away the only good part because you're ✨greedy✨. You baited us to update saying you added free elements and stuff. Lol do you think that makes up for what you took away or something? Will be deleting this shoddy app. Thanks a lot, god-awful developers.

Sassyandfifi, Mar 12, 2021
Unable to export projects with pro subscription on iPad - EDITED

I liked the free version of Pixaloop a lot so I upgraded to the paid one year pro version. It works fine on my phone, but when I am using it on my iPad (same Apple ID), it still tells me to upgrade and remove the pro limit. I should be able to use the app on both devices. I deinstalled and reinstalled the app, which makes it now possible for me to use the pro features on pictures (even though the app still displays the „pro only“ icon). But I am unable to export the projects in a better quality or in any format that is not supported in the free version. If I click „remove pro limit“ I am directed to the subscription screen, from where there is nowhere to go, because I don‘t want to subscribe double of course, plus, I get a pop up from Apple reminding me that I already subscribe to pro (which is correct). If anyone can help fix this, I would be grateful, because I‘m not wanting to pay for this and not be able to fully use it since I do most projects on my iPad.Updated on 7/5: There is actually a link underneath the subscription button saying „already paid?“ that allows one to put in your Apple ID password, I did not see that before, it is tiny, but it is there.I‘m still giving the app 4 stars because it could be a bit more up to date on weather/seasons and holidays when it comes to themes. It‘s July right now and it has rain overlays, fall leaves and haunted house themes.But otherwise I LOVE it!

SheWriter, Jul 05, 2020


Create moving photos for a unique type of photo art! Animate your photos & magically bring them to life with Motionleap. The newest addition to the award-winning Enlight Creativity Suite of apps, brought to you by Lightricks, takes photo editing to the next level.

Motionleap brings life to images through animation, creating moving pictures that will wow anyone from your friends to Instagram followers. Animate one element or several, drawing attention to parts of your photo that YOU want to come alive. With the same ease of use brought to you in the rest of the Enlight Creativity Suite, including Photofox, Lightleap, and Videoleap (Apple’s App of the Year), Motionleap allows you to easily edit photos with powerful, precise, and easy to use animation tools. In just a few taps animate, add elements & overlays, adjust the speed and watch your image come to life. As a result you’ll get incredible videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF. Need inspiration? Follow #Motionleap, then tag your own creations and we’ll feature the best ones! Get excited about the power of Motionleap features: ANIMATED PHOTOS MADE EASY - Animate a photo with a few taps and swipes - Arrows will show motion direction - Place anchor points to hold parts of image in place - Freeze sections of photos with a Freeze brush AI POWERED WATER ANIMATION - NEW automated water animation - Effortless water movement with a single tap FANTASTIC SKY REPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY - Replace bland Skies with colorful sunsets or animated clouds - Wide variety of automated Skies resembling timelapse HYPNOTIC GEOMETRIC MOTION - Geometric photo animation tool creates spinning towers and umbrellas - Move your favorite historical landmarks in a never before seen way - Add patterned movement to iconic buildings VIDEO EFFECTS & OVERLAYS IN A PHOTO EDITOR - Control movement & animation including speed, direction, and style - Mimic cinematic movement with Camera FX - Camera effects & movements include Tilt, Zoom, and ‘Dolly’ effects - Add fun Overlays to bring movement, mood, & emotion to still photos - Distort perspective & style with effects MOVING ELEMENTS IN STILL PHOTOS - Grab attention with a moving element - candle flickers, coffee steam, or a butterfly - A new kind of animation between photos, videos, and GIFs - Add a cinemagraph effect with a moving element in a still photo INFINITE ARTISTIC POSSIBILITY - Animate any photo element: hair, waves, clouds & clothing - Push your imagination with Motionleap high-end & easy animation tools - Create moving masterpieces that serve your social media presence, business, or personal brand HIGH END PHOTO EDITOR - Intuitive UI means anyone can animate & create professional results - Animate with freeform drawn paths for intuitive, freehand-style
 in unlimited areas - Export to social media in multiple formats
 - Export as incredible Live Wallpaper - Unlimited projects & Adjustments Terms of use: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/terms-of-use.pdf Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf

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