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Sakiko Muto
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I’ve officially completed all of the houses/apps from this developer! They’re so fun and challenging. I love the art style and I love how simple the mechanics are. I hope they come out with more houses soon!

_eozoe_, Aug 02, 2022
Quick fun games!

I’m going thru and playing all these escape games by this developer. I started with Banana House and now I’m working thru the rest of them. Very fun! Not a bunch of mindless clicking or difficult puzzles. You are required to think outside the box. Some things are a little obscure but it’s not frustrating. It’s a clean game with nice graphics. Very quick to play but I enjoy that because I can play straight thru without having to leave and come back a million times. If you like escape games but want a more zen-like experience, these are the games for you!

AngbAng46839, Nov 07, 2021
AMAZING!!! Please make more!!!

My friends my family And I are all in LOVE with these games.. Played every single one and hope they make more!!! Adorable Fun Challenging.. fun to play with friends or to pass time.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Please make more!!!💛

BootsBenny, Apr 13, 2022

This escape game is perfectly designed. Not so difficult to require a walkthrough—the puzzles are few and have easily obtained clues— yet it’s enjoyable and relaxing, with beautiful artwork. A nice 10 minute escape from reality!

Calilew, Mar 18, 2022
Dream Home Escape

Yes, there are approximately a bazillion room escape games in the App Store which all follow the same mechanics. This one gets 5 stars because:1. It’s free (I was in Airplane mode when I played it, so didn’t even see any ads);2. It has a (vaguely) art nouveau aesthetic;3. There was a lot of food. I always wonder why most of these locked rooms never contain any food — you’d think that would be where snacks would be especially useful;4. There was a kitchen, so you could cook the food. And a bedroom so you could take a nap. And an en suite bathroom so you can…you know. All of which is to say, if you’re going to be stuck for a while in a locked room, this is a comfortable one.

Doctor Rhythm, Sep 17, 2021
This was amazing!

I really loved this short escape room game, the art is so pretty and it’s a wonderful way to pass the time. I appreciate the thought put into it, and it’s a really great creation, I’m planning on playing your other works and this is just awesome! Pop off!!!

Izzy Abella, Jun 16, 2022
Simple, easy, but fun!

If you’re into puzzle escape room games that won’t take too much of your time and you need to decompress….this is definitely the game for you. Not too hard, not too easy, simple and satisfying.

jocy_2, Aug 03, 2022

This is really an enjoyable game that make you think throughout the game play. There are so many things to remember that the game really needs a “camera” so that I didn’t need to use my cell phone camera to take photos to help remember the clues.

Ladylifesaver, May 30, 2021
Simple and Gorgeous!

I positively adore the art in these little room escape games. And the attention to detail! Each room has its own style and decor, and many of the “props,” like the food on the tables and all the different lotions and things in the bathroom, not only are used well as parts of the puzzles but are just nice touches for a lived in house. Like another reviewer said, if you’re going to be trapped in a house, this is a nice one to get trapped in.And of course, loved the puzzles! This was a very short game - I’m not sure how long it took me to get through, but definitely less than an hour - yet there were so many very satisfying moments while working through the different puzzles.Only critique here is that the navigation was a little tricky, but not so much that it took away from the enjoyment. Great job to everyone who worked on the game, and I very much hope you keep making more! And now I’m on to the next in the series 😁

Partaker of Life, Mar 16, 2022
loved it!

The only problem I had with this game would probably be that the way you travel from room to room is a bit different than the other games but besides that it was great! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Purple_ice92, Mar 30, 2022


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