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Monopoly Junior

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Monopoly Junior

  • Education
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User Reviews for Monopoly Junior

Fantastic App - Fun and Educational!

We are so impressed with this app. Our son is five years old, and begs us to let him play this app. He has so much fun with it and doesn’t even realize that he’s learning so much about numbers and math along the way. Very thoughtful and engaging!

Aps NYC, Sep 18, 2020
Not multiplayer.

I personally hate games that kids have to play all alone. They isolate kids and seem to lead to loneliness later in life. I’ve been through this with 3 boys now ages 9, 15 and 23. I assumed that monopoly would be a multiplayer game that I could play with my youngest or he could play with friends. However, it’s just another single player game. Bleh. There is no way to play with another person — not even by passing the iPad around.

CaJ4, Feb 28, 2021
Why no 2 player?

My kids love this game. They did a great job of making fun and entertaining. BUT why isn’t there a multi player option?! I bought this game thinking they could play together on the airplane but it’s only one player. Please, add multiplayer option!

Citrybell, Mar 07, 2022
Loving this App!

This app is great! The format is a lot of fun with a lot of good instruction interspersed throughout. Very engaging and also has great animation.

cs.mir, Sep 29, 2020
Great game!

Love this game and app for me and my daughter. Well done and designed and love the voices of the characters. Fantastic and would highly recommend!

dawenfan718clark, Jan 01, 2021
Love this!!

Everything the board game offers and so much more. Customizing properties is an excellent addition. Great way to teach kids about money and math too. So much fun!

jessiesmom112, Sep 03, 2020
Our family loves this app!

The kids absolutely love this app! The graphics and interactive elements keep them excited and engaged and I love that they are learning as they play! This is a great introduction to the Monopoly board game. We’ve been looking for a way to introduce the kids to the Monopoly without the rules getting overwhelming. This is the perfect stepping stone!

Ldtmom, Sep 05, 2020
Better than the board game

We played this every night for weeks. I love my daughter being able to play this on her own now.

Robert Dacosta, Jul 01, 2021
Only 1 player! 🤔😲🤨

Too bad this game didn’t make it clear that this was only a 1 player game. Where’s the fun in that? We’ll be sticking with the old school Monopoly Junior board game. I wouldn’t pay money for this 1 player game that doesn’t allow you or your other children to play together.

Salimarkle, Jul 08, 2021
Amazing. Takes me back!

I loved playing Monopoly around the dining table growing up and am excited to share Monopoly Jr. with my kids now. This app is amazing. Great graphics, easy to follow and a ton of fun! Thank you!

Sammystheone24, Sep 03, 2020


MONOPOLY JUNIOR – The classic board game you know and love is available for the first time on mobile and tablets. Designed for early learners, this new app transports kids from the classic game board into the animated world of Monopoly Town! Start with 20 Monopoly bills in your ‘piggy bank.’ ROLL the die and you can BUY properties, COLLECT rent, and BUILD or CUSTOMIZE properties, treats and experiences as you move through town.

Land on an owned property and pay rent. Collect rent on your properties! Don’t run out of money as you try to buy up the town! Every property space you land on, whether you are buying it or collecting rent, will become an experience---from the Taco Truck to the Swimming Pool, from the Go Karts to the Jail. Each roll of the die is a chance to practice numeracy, math and counting skills—pay out Monopoly money to buy attractions, hand out treats, or pay a friend. Early addition and subtraction skills are introduced and reinforced with each transaction. • Roll the die and count the number of properties to advance • Collect money from other characters when they land on your property • Pay the bank when you land on a property. • Addition and Subtraction for each transaction is reinforced visually Pick which Monopoly Junior token you want to be; then work with the others to buy everything in town! • Little Penguin loves the ice and snow – and the Swimming Pool! • Little T-Rex likes to stomp and roar for all to see. • Little Scottie is playful, loyal and full of energy. • Toy Ducky goes with the flow and is always ready for an adventure! When you own a property, you can fix it up, or create custom treats and experiences for your customers. For example: • Paint the Library • Decorate a cupcake • Build your own Go Kart • Make a taco! • …and more! Pass GO and collect two Monopoly bills each time while you find out how much of the town is still available to buy! When all of the properties in Monopoly Town are owned, you win! If you run out of money, you can always try again! FEATURES: - 16 GORGEOUS ANIMATED LOCATIONS: every kid friendly classic brought to life - Toy Shop, Bakery, Aquarium, Museum, Pet Shop, The Zoo, Boardwalk, Ice Cream Parlor, Roller Coaster, and more! - PRACTICE money handling, basic counting skills and math (addition and subtraction). - BUY properties, COLLECT rent or PAY rent. - CUSTOMIZE each location - TROPHY ROOM displays all the custom items you have created - COLLECT M2 as you pass GO. - CHANCE cards - SCROLL up and down to see the properties in front or behind you - BOARD VIEW – see the whole board as it gets built up with new owners - A FAVORITE FAMILY BOARD GAME – Monopoly Junior comes to life on mobile or tablets! - A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE - No pay-to-win, no ads, no risk. Experience the board game in a completely new way. MONOPOLY JUNIOR by PlayDate Digital brings the board to life with beautifully animated characters and properties. It’s the classic turn-based game transformed into a single player activity-based experience, designed to introduce a new generation of kids to the beloved game. This kid friendly Hasbro classic transformed into an interactive learning adventure, is one you won’t want to miss! ABOUT PLAYDATE DIGITAL PlayDate Digital Inc. is a publisher of high-quality, interactive, mobile educational software for children. PlayDate Digital's products nurture children's emerging literacy and creativity skills by turning digital screens into engaging experiences. PlayDate Digital content is built in partnership with some of the world's most trusted global brands for kids. Visit us: playdatedigital.com Like us: facebook.com/playdatedigital Follow us: @playdatedigital Watch all our app trailers: youtube.com/PlayDateDigital1 HAVE QUESTIONS? We'd love to hear from you! Your questions suggestions and comments are always welcome. Contact us 24/7 at [email protected]

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