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User Reviews for monday.com - Work Management

Needs more parity with web

The app is pretty easy to use and runs fairly well. I ran into some weird idiosyncrasies, for example I made a board on the app, deleted it, and made another board with the same name on the web. The app seemed confused and kept trying to open the deleted board until I closed the app and reopened it.The bigger issue for me is that there is a strange gap in parity between the app and the website for things that seem silly. For example: you can’t hide a column on the app, you can only “collapse” it. You can not use the app to edit automations as far as I can see, you are also more limited in what customizations you can make to views you add. For instance I added a Kanban view to my board in the app and I had to open the web version in order to change which column was being used to determine categories.Overall, the app is a good performing experience, but I wish it had more capability to make it realistic for me to work on boards from my phone and iPad.

Baelthos, Jul 02, 2022
Simple and straightforward

Love the ability to use the app on my phone with little to no “showy” features to get distracted from what I’m doing. I like the simplicity compared to other project management apps. The ability to search and to create your own color coded statuses are my favorite feature. My only issue is that I use this for my own personal life and wish there was a more affordable version available for a single person. The current price is pretty high for someone who doesn’t use this for business purposes (everyone uses subscription model now and they add up considerably for the average person). I’ll probably stick to google keep since it works well enough, but would prefer to use this app if it becomes more affordable in the future

Gza4599, Apr 01, 2019
Fixed the Impossible

We have been in business for five years. We use QuickBooks online for our account processing. It does not have a good place to keep track of all the other components of a business. We need to be able to communicate with other staff and with customers. We need to have a history and something where we can keep track of all of the different happenings in our business. We tried a number of different programs and this app was probably the 25th try. Once we signed in and processed the first couple of transactions, we knew this was it. We are a diesel repair shop and the things that we need to document just were not working on the other programs. I cannot believe that large companies like McDonald’s uses a program like this and it still works for somebody like us. This was the best research and investment we have ever made in this business so far. I keep track of commission, repairs, photos, website activity, employee vacation, and everything else you can possibly think of. There are so many templates I do not even have to think about how to create a board that tracks and maintains all of our needs. Unlimited storage and the ability to download the information was a huge bonus for us and I cannot even fathom what we would do without it now.

hfygdbk, Apr 21, 2019
Solves a lot of problems

My company started using Monday in November of 2019 and it has helped us grow from a disorganized group of creative and hardworking folks trying to run a business to a larger, more organized team that is learning how to develop systems and better communicate with one another. It’s effectively solved many aspects of our business’ operations for both left-brained and right-brained types. The only part of Monday that I really have a hard time with is the very limited mobile functionality. That is one of the main complaints I hear from my team as many work from job sites and not at a computer. If Monday could make the user interface more user-friendly for on the go workers it’d be amazing!

jklt824, Apr 30, 2022
Transformed my business, changed my life

This app is AMAZING. I use it for every aspect of my business, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my professional life! I only wish I had this sooner. All the things I felt was impossible to juggle and keep track of, is now not only possible, but easy and fun. This app is addicting, I LOVE IT! And all my employees love it too!! It’s like a social media community just for my business & centered around productivity. It’s amazing, I can’t say it enough. They are also constantly adding new features and improvements, this app will never be stale or out of date, the developers are not only attentive but also so innovative staying ahead of the game, releasing new features of the exact things I was about to request for. It’s like they read our minds of our business’s needs. UGHHH I LOVE THEM.

Loveroftagsforlikes, Aug 23, 2018
Great production tool

Great app for construction field. I use this to plan sections of projects and keep up with billing. I use it to keep up with change orders, materials orders, and current work. Some upgrades that would be beneficial for mobile is the ability to list all groups on the same page so I can scroll down and see ALL pulses on one screen rather than swipe to the side. However, I would like to be able to choose between the current presentation and the “view all on one page”. Sometimes I need a concise project view but other times I would like a quick full overview of projects. Also would like to see the ability to attach pictures to pulses! That would make me able to use this for collaborative tool with superintendents to communicate change orders and track RFI’sGreat app for now though and GREATLY improves my production and customer relations.

Martin Ohler, Jul 07, 2018
Unintuitive, cluttered app, fire your UX team

Inside of "items" your app is calling rows "columns." The part where you see the column names are cut off with "..." When you have an item with an author column, the word author is CUT OFF and all you see is "Aut..." This might be understandable if it were the collapse column but no, this is the default. There is no option to adjust column width and it doesn't autofit or use symbols in place of text that doesn't fit. Why is the "Write an update" hidden into items while you use a floating button for adding other items? Why is the "Dashboard" button completely useless? If you're removing a feature, just remove it all. Don't leave a useless button behind. Your app needs to use separate tabs or ANYTHING instead of trying to show everything in one home-screen in a cluttered mess with a poor attempt of using scrolling elements. God help your company because your UX team is terrible and UX is everything for an app.

Nigel Pun, Oct 18, 2021
Love the web version Mobile Version needs work for sure

My productivity increased so much within hours of using this program. I absolutely feel this is the best one out there, yes it’s simple to use and not a lot of bells and whistles but I would rather have a quick and easy way to jot down what I need to do and handle things the way I work instead of wasting time filling in my CRM so I can actually do the work my clients need in a timely manner. My favorite thing about this CRM is that I can customize it to my design thought process and break my clients into groups by current projects, retainer clients, maintenance clients etc. The mobile app would be better if you can see all your groups down the page instead of having to scroll across the page to select one and if you can add items to the info box from the mobile app it would be perfect.

OliviaGDesign, Jun 26, 2018
Pretty Horrible UX

The app on the web is far superior than its mobile counter part. The designers of this app did not take into account an actual mobile UX. It feels like they ported the functionality over without any guidance from a seasoned UX designer. I wish there were not only iPhone but iPad versions of this app that truly feel like they were made for mobile and not just a weak attempt at making things function. Specifically having everything separated in tabs is pretty terrible. There should be a home view that takes into account when your on such a small screen you want the ability to centrally access lists, inbox and notifications. There should be some thought put into taking the function of Monday and adapting it for someone to use with their thumb. I imagine that this product was developed for web with mobile as an after thought. Seems a bit odd with the rest of the world going mobile first or even mobile only. iPad OS is around the corner, you guys better seriously consider starting over on the mobile front.

prestigeworldwidewidewide, Jul 13, 2019
Great for personal use too!

I fully recommend this to everyone for business and personal use!! I use this in an unconventional way-to track house projects in our 1976 fixer and this app is EVERYTHING! I can easily track contacts, purchases, stuff to fix, important dates. My husband and I can see what the other is working on on any given day. And my to do list automatically generates for today, tomorrow, this week and next. It’s so amazing for staying organized I’m thinking of creating more for other parts of our lives. It’s seamless to use, attractive, and an absolute joy. With a new baby I was drowning in projects, now we are staying on track, spending less time wasted on remembering what to do or making lists and spending more time being productive and relaxing with each other. Thank you, Monday creators for giving us back our family time!

sskdjh, Jan 18, 2022


Make monday.com your central work hub and join 70,000+ teams who get more done, together! No. 1 Productivity App (2019 Webby Award Winner) “With thousands of customers... it’s becoming a major player in the collaboration and project management space.” - PC Mag “monday.com is a great addition and a direct extension of our team today.

The mobile app is also really excellent.” - Tina S. (verified review from G2) Why choose monday.com: Teamwork Game Changers • Keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates • Contact the right people (call or @mention) • See how your work fits into the big picture • Sync with your favorite tools • Quick setup & adoption Manage for Success • Know where things stand at a glance • Track time and progress • Visually analyze your data with multiple views • Assign owners with ease • See who’s working on what Productivity Hacks • Prioritize with custom notifications • Automate repetitive work • Access your work anytime, anywhere • Get a head start with pre-made templates • Sync data in real time • Invite teammates to view your progress So Customizable • Pick a template & edit any section • Add everything that needs to get done • Organize it (drag & drop) and get started … It’s that easy! Questions? We’re here to help! Access customer support 24/7

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