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User Reviews for Mobile Link for Generators

Pretty good; paid version better but not necessary

The one-year free version for General expired yesterday. When I tried to use it today, I had to login. Then, it gave three choices: renew the free version for another year; or $5/month or $50/year for the paid version.I chose “free” and the app worked just as before. Yellow background instead of green.Turns out the login was on a Safari page. Out of curiosity, I chose the 1-year paid version (credit card required), and that gave me both web and App access to extra features, all of which worked just fine. Here are some of them:* text notifications for several situations, including faults, running due to power failure, running regular test, maintenance due* send those to up to 4 phone #s and multiple emails. This should give real-time notifications of these events. Except for “fault”, the value of the others probably depends on whether you are home with the generator or away when the event occurs.* change test schedule: monthly, bi-weekly, weekly; and date of test* status history (academic interest only, to me)The free features still are there. There’s no way to fully control the generator as you can with its actual control panel, but I don’t want that anyway. (Why risk breaking something?)Next year, I’ll likely go back to the free version, but if those text notifications work, will feel the price was reasonable.

Charlie Howard, Feb 04, 2021
Latest upgrade has ruined it!

The app has worked OK for the last 15 months since the generator was installed, but is at least 5 years behind in functionality compared to similar apps. The last upgrade caused the generator to lose connection with our WiFi. In addition it causes a pop up announcement for an upgrade at least 2 levels before to keep popping up every time the app is opened. It does no good to check don’t show again, it’s a zombie! I had to go through all the crap to reset everything at the generator and wait for the generator to reset the WiFi, and then go through all the steps to reconnect to our WiFi. There was never an interruption in the WiFi signal and the strength is still strong. The connection was lost at exactly the same time the upgrade was downloaded to my phone 2 days ago. I didn’t realize it was off line until I didn’t get the messages that the scheduled exercises were happening yesterday. It is ridiculous that the top manufacturer of backup generators can’t find people to support the app that they charge a substantial fee to use!

Edisto Native, Oct 17, 2021

I got several monthly emails that my wifi-capable generator had not been ‘connected’, followed by an email (December?) that there was a software problem at Generac. Next, an email (January) that the software issue had been fixed, then another email (February) saying my generator was (still?) not connected. I called my Generac guy who took a look and ended up having to power down and reboot the generator’s controller. When he left, the app was showing correct status. Eight hours later, the app showed ‘disconnected’; next morning, 15 hours later, connected, all ok. Later that day, disconnected again. 5 gays later, still disconnected - or is it ‘disconnected again’. Questions: 1) Is anything about this normal, i.e. is there some schedule for connecting & disconnecting? 2) Can anything the app tells me be trusted? 3) Does my less-than 2-year-old generator have a bad part that will be covered by my 10-year warranty, or will Generac try to blame my wifi network? 4) Will anyone from Generac respond to this review?

Farkel99, Mar 09, 2022
overpriced, unreliable

this app provides limited info I n the generator and is expensive for that but might be justified if reliable. just now received 2 texts that I had a message in the App Message Center. The links provided didn't really open anything. When I tried to open the App from its icon I got an orange page and a spinning wheel. After 5-10 minds it closed by itself. there is no simple way to find out what is going on. this is supposed to let you know whether an emergency generator is ready if needed, has gone on in a regular test or emergency. If the App fails it is useless. Because of the nature of this App, it's operators and/or Honeywell - General should email all users whenever the App server goes down, is offline or any part of the App affecting users is systematically malfunctioning. For the price that is the minimum that should be required.

GameToGo, Jan 06, 2022
Horrible waste of time and energy

Got my Generac generator 6 months ago and just got around to getting my WiFi connected to my home network. But getting connected to this app been a nightmare. I couldn’t get it to connect so I thought maybe deleting the app and reinstalling it might help? No such luck, now it saying I’m not putting in the right password and there’s absolutely no way that I can find for a link to forgot password or anything else for that matter! App completely useless, don’t see anyway to reach support either? Update: tried calling Generac support for help with this app, grasping at straws they might have some solutions to least try with this app since it’s supposed to connect to their generator? No such luck there either, this app is absolute garbage and no way to contact anyone associated with this app. No way to find or recover your user name nor password or anything else for that matter! Seems this app been abandoned and just taking up space that should be deleted completely even from the market place!

GhostriderGaleJ, Dec 18, 2020
Generac Junk

Revised Review 1/6/22Regardless of how many times Generac supposedly “improves” this app, and regardless of how many times I delete it and reinstall it, it is still buggy and useless. For example, just today I received a massage that there’s a message for me in Mobile Link app. Fine, except I cannot connect. I deleted and reinstalled it, but still no luck! They got nerve to charge for this piece of junk! Last Year Review: This is one of the most annoying app I’ve used (forgive the word “used”, because it’s unusable). And now they’ve gone to subscription mode! Every time I open it, it wants me to enter my info AGAIN. It doesn’t let me select the free option which is really I shouldn’t select it anyway because it’s basically worthless. Because all you have to do is to take a peak at your general. If it’s green, you’re good to go. No reason to pay a subscription! After Generac suggested I delete the app and download it again, it’s still unresponsive. I paid almost $11,000 for a 22kW unit with wifi, but I cannot use the wifi, which was one of the reasons I bought this unit. What a disappointment!

hildaH, Jan 06, 2022
Clock is incorrect!

Downloaded app today but all the times in my Stats History has the wrong times. ! I’m on the East Coast and everything that should show 1 pm is showing 5 pm! I’m scheduled to do it’s weekly start up tomorrow which is set at 1pm and wondering what time it’s going to start.I tried changing my start up time on the app and it kept saying it could take up to 15 minutes to change but it never showed the change so I don’t know what time it’s going to start! Battery voltage is not real time and only changes when the generator is started which is disappointing. The one thing that myself and other people I know were hoping for in this update was that we be able to remotely start the generator from the app which you still can’t do!!!! Really disappointing, I can start my car from a app but can not start my generator!!!!

Jmgranelli, Mar 31, 2021
Knowledgeable and Trusted

Mr. Brus is the most accommodating individual with whom I’ve ever worked. In the face of dealing with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic which lengthened product lead times, he kept us informed of both potential and real delays in receiving and installing our 20KW generator. All of the trades required to install our unit were scheduled and coordinated by Mr. Brus. Other than ordering and paying for the unit, my only responsibility was to contact the gas company to arrange for a higher capacity gas meter, also scheduled by Mr. Brus. The quality of the installation is highly professional and conforms to state and city building and safety codes. After the installation was completed, Mr. Brus demonstrated the operation of the system and informed us of the maintenance timing and responsibilities and what to expect operationally when and if a power failure occurs. One of the most important aspects important to me was Mr. Brus’ keeping us informed of the entire process in which he exceeded our expectations every time. We can now rest assured that our home will have power available especially in severely hot or cold weather. Thank Mr. Brus!

KAP-10 Mike, May 28, 2021
Recent Updates | Corrected Issues

Recent updates appear to have corrected previous major issues. Able to log in and save login for subsequent access. New format displays overall status and relevant data. History is updating and receiving consistent text messages. Significant improvement. Would like to see Dealer Number LookUp option to add preferred installer to information. Device is registered, so this information should be available without the need to manually obtain from the dealer. Old Review: Previous version was mediocre at best. Poorly formatted, information that could be viewed was not useful. Update worked for a short time; now does not work at all. I have auto update turned on, but still need to manually update after launching the App fails.

RA_OH, Oct 29, 2021
MobileLink is outdated and useless...waste of time and money.

MobilLink monitoring for a standby residential generator is useless. It did work well when monitoring standby home generators with 3G Cellular antennas through Verizon. However, with Verizon no longer supporting 3G networks, every MobileLink customer must either have a 4GLTE cellular antenna with Verizon, or use a Wi-Fi monitoring antenna. If you live outside of Verizon network, or have poor extended signal for your Wi-Fi ... you’re basically screwed for MobileLink monitoring. Please look at Power Telematics cellular antennas for monitoring your generator. Their antenna works great with instant and accurate email/text messages providing alerts and generator status. It works with any cellular service carrier. Definitely an improvement over MobilLink with Verizon service. I spent over $1,000 on MobilLink antennas and service fees for hooking up MobileLink antennas in 2020, only to have NO MONITORING! Don’t let MobileLink technicians fool you into believing you have a “controller problem” and that’s why their MobileLink antennas don’t operate. It is not true! I’m done with MobileLink ripping me off! FYI - I’m not financially affiliated with Power Telematics. However, I found them to be a responsive and responsible company.

skippy221342231, Mar 12, 2021


Mobile Link, the affordable remote monitoring system, gives customers peace of mind by letting them check the status of their automatic home standby generator anywhere, and at any time. The app is now easier than ever to use, providing generator data, optimized for your device. When configured with your generator, you can: •        View current status and upcoming maintenance needs. •        Remotely set the generator’s exercise schedule. •        Review the generator’s run and maintenance history. •        Receive push notifications that indicate changes in status.

Mobile Link service and the Mobile Link app work with select automatic home standby generators from Generac, Centurion, Honeywell, Eaton, and Siemens.

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