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Missale Romanum

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User Reviews for Missale Romanum

Very useful

I got this app just before Holy Week and have been using it since. I find it to be an excellent resource. It was especially useful during Holy Week, given the unique nature of the liturgy over Holy Week. I use it on my iPhone to follow along at Mass in the Ordinary Form.I’ve seen a number of complaints on the interface. It does take some getting used to but playing around a bit, I got the hang of it. Also, it is quite useful to be able to look at just specific parts, the Ordo, the Temporal, the Lectionary, etc.I would add that the app is really for the Latin. The English, while mostly in line with the current ICEL translation, does depart from it time to time. And I have occasionally found sections that have no English available. This is not a problem for me, for I generally prefer my liturgies neat, no ICE anyway.

ArsAstronautica, Apr 12, 2015
Misal Romano

Una excelente herramienta. A great tool to take with you and be available to Mass celebrations anywhere anytime Father Jose Diaz Rodriguez

Father / Padre Jose, May 17, 2017
Great Resource

But the layout & navigation are awful. They should have used the standard UI of iOS. Very confusing & inconsistent. Hope they change it.

frjps, May 14, 2014
Very worth it!!!!! 😊

These days the great mayority of people have smartphones. Every christian catholic should be having one of these on their phone to keep up and be fully aware of Mass like it should be. 😊😄 Often we recite prayers so commonly that they may lose a bit of their value, is good to know more of your Mass, our Solemn Celebration. Its the nearest, most vivid moment we have with Christ.

Horseydoveylovely, Jun 12, 2016
Mass Readings

Why is the translation of the Scripture readings different from the USCCB approved Lectionary readings for the USA?Really like the app besides above comment. It takes several tries to learn how to navigate in this app.

JBF1957, Oct 16, 2020
Excellent App

It is great to have an app that contains the lectionary in Latin. One typo to bring to your attention: The Apostles Creed begins, " Credo in Deum," not "Credo in unum Deum," as is currently written.

Johnc2013, May 08, 2014
It's too confusing

It's a good app. The entire Roman Missale on your iPad. But there is no way to select an entire language at once, you have to individually click each paragraph, each section to change it's language. Then the minute you change the page and come back to it, you have to reclick it all over again. There should at least be a manual on how to use this app. I'm not a priest, I'm a practicing Catholic and this is a great app, but it could use some adjustments to make it easier.

PepeBlade, Jan 05, 2014
Best missal ever

For those who want two languages at a time such as latin and english

ppenades, Apr 04, 2016

How do I get to the English Version?

Shep921, Apr 07, 2022
I suppose it is ok.

Font is way too small. No options for changing or enlarging. Point 4 font is too difficult to read.

Signlaw, Jan 12, 2014


App with the complete Roman Missal, in six languages: Latin, Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and Italian. No need of connection on-line.