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David Blake
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User Reviews for Mirror Study Bible

Issue resolved! Thank you!

I bought this app (after buying a previous version). It still says that I am reading the free version and still offers me the chance to buy the full version. I have logged out and back in again, deleted the app and reinstalled again and have the iTunes receipt from three days ago. Would someone please help me? I love this translation and have bought several hard copies as gifts for friends.I’m updating my review after someone I reached out to at the website sent me a link to download the full version of the app. I’m also looking forward to new content as it updates at the end of the week.

Artistahh, Nov 09, 2019
New Glasses to see

Love Francois’s knowledge of language translation and the Bible that allow the reader to see new depths of the written Word. It was transformative for me and the increase of love in my heart for all of His creation is humbling!

C Doria, Jul 22, 2020
This Study Bible Rocks!

This is such a life-giving, wonderful paraphrase of Scripture. Every word oozes with the grace of God and points me to Jesus and my identity in Him. It reminds me daily of His eternal, abiding, unconditional love. I used to be completely opposed to the Mirror Study Bible, but I couldn’t deny the Holy Spirit’s presence and witness as I read from it. I kept coming back to the translation a little bit at a time when I was feeling stuck spiritually, and now I read from it every day, enjoying the amazing bliss of my inclusion in Jesus’ finished work. My faith rests in the reality of His love for me. I am so grateful that I do not have to earn His affection or approval, but that He has chosen me in Christ as His beloved, and called me His, long before I ever said “yes” to Him. This is the substance of my faith: knowing that I am in Him and that He is in me for all eternity. I am eternally secure because of His grace. And this is true for all of humanity! What wonderful news. Let our hearts awaken to the truth of God’s wonderful love for us. Go ahead and read the Mirror Study Bible!! I can’t wait to have a physical copy of the entire New Testament in my hands one day, and share it with everyone I know!

Charles Henry Graves II, Feb 02, 2023
Love the Word but help with Tec

Highlighting. Seems once highlighted I can not undo it. It highlights way too much at one time. I wish I could undo and start over. But thanks for all you have done.

Daisyannee, May 08, 2023
Cant sign in on ipad but only iphone

The App sign in page password field disappears after inputting user email address. The page then goes blank except for the mirror logo. I cannot continue signing in. Tried deleting app and reinstalling but issue remains. I am able to sign in on the app on my iphone

fixd no-support survivor, Jul 18, 2021
Update: App has easy search functionality

I previously provided 3 stars because I couldn’t find a way to easily navigate the content. I have since discovered that feature was present but I didn’t see it initially when I downloaded the app.

Happy Ghanaba, May 22, 2023
Life changing translation, interest ending service

I love everything about this translation! It speaks exactly what needs to be said in a new refreshing way! I wish more people were able to hear the message of God this way. Francois is an incredible follower of Christ and I follow him pretty closely on Twitter as well. I purchased the full Bible today via the app and was charged but still do not have access to the full version. Seeing the previous reviews I still downloaded and purchased in good faith thinking the problem would be solved. However, this happened to me as well. With such an important and time sensitive word to get out there I feel that it's important to have a responsive program on the market. The fact that this translation. Has to be purchased I don't see as a problem. However those that purchase the product should see immediate results. I e-mailed the support team this morning with no response. Even an automated response with an estimated time to take my case is better than nothing. Can someone from the team please help solve my issue as well as the underlying problems? Do not want to see others seeking out God lose interest or miss an opportunity after being scarred from a platform that could be misconstrued as "scammy" Thanks and please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

hwoomer, Oct 04, 2019

Good app overall, but I’m giving them a 3 star because they took away the book of revelation from the app and I paid $20 to get access to all the books that they had available a year ago!!

Montrk, Aug 29, 2021
App needs tweaking

I love this translation, which has been life changing for me. I’ve tried the free App and now want to purchase the full version. The App will not give me an option for purchase and I could find no way to get help with this.

morning chat, Jan 31, 2022
Genuinely heretical mis “paraphrased” verses.

This not only isn’t a translation, it’s not even a paraphrase. Crazy hidden agendas pretending to be paraphrased scripture. The entire cosmos is the object of God’s affection! And he is not about to abandon his creation – the gift of his son is for humanity to realize their origin in him who mirrors their authentic birth – begotten not of flesh but of the Father! In this persuasion the life of the ages echoes within the individual and announces that the days of regret and sense of lost-ness are over!That’s not John 3:16. That’s propaganda.

NateLapeer, Apr 11, 2020


THE MIRROR is a translation by Francois du Toit from the original text of the New Testament and paraphrased in contemporary speech with in depth commentary. Endorsed, loved and read by church leaders and laymen globally: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr C Baxter Kruger, Dr Steve McVey, Bob and Judith Mumford, etc. The Mirror will open your eyes to what Scripture has always been about: Christ, the Son of God, did not come to be an example for you, but of you!

The incarnation (the eternal Word becoming man) is the most accurate and articulate translation. Jesus came to reveal you! Any sincere student of classical music would sensitively seek to capture and interpret the piece, so as not to distract from the original sound of the composition. To form a conclusion in the study of our origin would involve a peering over the Creator’s shoulder as it were, in order to gaze through his eyes and marvel at his anticipation. His invisible image and likeness is about to be unveiled in human form! The incarnation celebrates the fact that the destiny of the Word was not the page but tangible human life! The word of truth preserves God’s original idea in the resonance of our hearts. 2 Corinthians 3:2: Instead of an impressive certificate framed on my wall I have you framed in my heart! You are our Epistle written within us, an open letter speaking a global language; one that everyone can read[1] and recognize as their mother tongue! (The word [1]anaginosko, from ana, upward and ginosko, to know upward; thus to draw knowledge from a higher reference; from above; to recognize; to read with recognition.) 2 Corinthians 3:3: The fact that you are a Christ-Epistle shines as bright as day! This is what our ministry is all about. The Spirit of God is the living ink. Every trace of the Spirit’s influence on the heart is what gives permanence to this conversation. We are not talking law-language here; this is more dynamic and permanent than letters chiseled in stone. This conversation is embroidered in your inner consciousness. (It is the life of your design that grace echoes within you!) Behold how beautiful how valuable how loved you are! You will rediscover your identity in the very image of the invisible God. https://www.mirrorword.net Subscribe to Francois facebook updates http://www.facebook.com/francois.toit The Mirror Translation fb group http://www.facebook.com/groups/179109018883718 --- About Content Rights: Copyright © 2012 by Francois du Toit. All rights reserved. THE MIRROR text may be quoted in any form (written, visual, electronic, or audio), up to and inclusive of fifty (50) verses, without express written permission of The Author providing the verses quoted do not account for 25 percent or more of the total text of the work in which they are quoted. Notice of copyright must appear as follows on either the title page or the copyright page of the work in which THE MIRROR is quoted: “Scripture taken from THE MIRROR. Copyright © 2012. Used by permission of The Author.”

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