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MiniYT for YouTube

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MiniYT for YouTube

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Maxime Ruys
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User Reviews for MiniYT for YouTube

It works!

I decided to download the app and it works and I am able to pay the videos. I am not able to hear anything though, I checked my volume and it was all the way up, it was working for other apps just not for this one.Please fix!

08755172, May 21, 2022
Doesn’t work

The app does not work. It use play a video or 2, now it doesnt play at all. Disappointed.

Avantika22, Sep 02, 2021
Terrible experience

It’s like I said for the MiniCord app.. this app hasn’t worked in my Apple Watch SE since I’ve purchased it.. so no purchased apps have worked since I bought them and I got KICKED OUT of the server for pointing out that people are paying for apps that don’t work and should be working. It wild to me that people have the audacity to say I am wrong. How? Come here and show me where it works at all. I’m in Wi-Fi - I’m out of Wi-Fi- only thing I don’t have is its own service plan on my watch. So I don’t get how that could even affect it really though. YT just buffers and buffers and buffers.. minicord has never worked.. and I am fed up. It’s either refund, get app working, or lawsuit.

bcooktx, Jul 08, 2023
Cannot play a complete video without buffering

The main complaint is that videos cannot be played without buffering. Had to switch to another app. I do hope you fix the app. It has a lot of potential.

Einkonye Anekwe, Nov 16, 2022

The app is working again but the thing is that as soon you get the videos and you click back on your watch and try to search it doesn’t work and says try again in 30 minutes and the whole app stops working. So if you can please fix it and over all great app 👍

Fake Ric, Jan 29, 2021
Works Surprisingly Well

It actually worked pretty well for me. I wish the “close” text while watching a video was slightly smaller though as it feels somewhat obtrusive. App was worth the price.

Fernandogpxd, Mar 30, 2022

Do not buy this app at all does not work and when tried to press the discord link it told me it may be an impersonating website that is trying to steal your personal and financial information.

gjomez, Apr 21, 2021

Very barebones, a little slow, small of course but it worked as intended everything loaded you have to use external headphones

hfhfhfurhfyetgeefgrjykuku, Dec 30, 2022

When they fix one problem they screw something else up. If you’re lucky it will play a video once in a while.

Jim woodward, Mar 02, 2021
Surprised it works, GJ Developers, keep it up.

Took a risk and saw it was recently updated. Good job to the developers. Honestly impressed and hope they keep working and improving the app. I’ve never left a review but figured I would acknowledge the hard work put into this.

Luna0104__, Apr 03, 2022


Want a simple and quick way to watch YouTube videos on the watch? Download MiniYT for YouTube now, we support watching videos directly from the watch! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/R5vFY65

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