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Mindly Plus

  • Productivity
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User Reviews for Mindly Plus

Good app with potential to be great

I use this to study different subjects, and this is by far a useful but I thought it would be a cool idea to be able to highlight words different colors. And even give the option to be able to give the circle a picture instead of just a color. Just a couple ideas 💡

Dominooooooooooo, Aug 08, 2019
In need of an update. It’s been 8+ months.

It’s a good looking app with a lot of potential, great UX, it helps me flow out ideas but seems to be languishing. Be great if developer updated site to let people know what’s going on. 1) needs more export file formats. 2) needs bigger color palette. 3) needs to integrate with iOS File app so files can be saved in more privacy centric cloud storage providers like Tresorit or ProtonDrive vs ONLY Dropbox and iCloud, cmon. 4) Pinch to zoom is universal on iOS. Why not use it to zoom in and out of mindmap?

Eggroll88, Jun 26, 2021
A very simple but fun app

It does limit what you can do, yet if it’s what you want to do, it’s not only quite charming and fun but very practical.I particularly like putting the wheel into the corner and spinning it (much like you do with color pallates in some of the better art apps).I treat this app like more of a toy than the more extensive outliner apps and would consider standard mind mappers a more extensive option, but this app is fully capable and runs well. It’s quick to understand, and brings with it a certain charm I’ve not found in any other app. You can genuinely brainstorm in it.While you can add a note to each bubble, I like using it more like a minimalist index card brainstormer, then moving to another app for more extensive depth.I love the way you just pick up the bubbles and drop them down an inoccuous hole when you want to throw them away.

Ely Last, Jul 16, 2019
Organized thoughts

This app is great for helping to organize your thoughts or even objects for OOP or entity relationship. It really helps you to seek general to specific and see relationships in an easy to use interface.Try it, it’ll surprise you with how easy it is to use and how useful it can be.

keepflyin, Feb 23, 2019
Great for making big ideas manageable!

So useful for breaking down big goals into actionable steps, or breaking down big ideas into smaller pieces to make them easier to think about. Allows me to follow one train of thought to its fullest extent, and then zoom back out and start down another one without getting distracted. I used the free version so much, I ran into its limits, and decided it was worth it to get the plus version—a luxury I rarely spring for!Syncing from my old phone to my new phone was easy with iCloud, too, so that was great!

Meli Hull, Jan 30, 2018
An Amazing Breakthrough

I love this app to the core. It takes all my ideas and organizes them into little bubbles of pure imagination I enjoy reading through. Nitpicking I could only think of the notes section, and how customization is handled. For me personally the customization of bubbles seems a bit odd, but I can grow use to it; however, as such it does always feel a bit off. How notes are handled feels slightly off as a writer as well. Everything is quite clumped together, and unorganized, contrasting to the organizational tools of the rest of the app.

nickozenzie, Apr 26, 2018
Great Organization Tool

Good for organizing story ideas and thoughts, and honestly a lot of fun to use. Things can get a little cluttered once I have a lot of elements so it would be cool to have some more organic layouts that shift as sections grow. But overall, well worth the money, especially if you also struggle with keeping your mental ducks in a row. A little goofy, but I’d love for there to be more icons/emojis to pick from.

r.len, Jun 21, 2019
Great app

I have been looking for something like this for a while now. This has the cleanest UI that I have found. Works very well for organizing your thoughts.In the future I would love a feature that would allow this to be used as a checklist. It would also be nice to be able to create a GIF for use in presentations as depending on the size of the map it can be difficult to read.

Root Beard, Feb 02, 2021
Mind Mapping Made More Mobile

Mindly Plus was my choice of mind mapping software after searching for a means to display visually a challenge to display how time is more than just a clock. Mindly Plus made the task fun and colorful, presenting larger concepts and systems in a new and unique manner. I could draft from my iPhone and continue after transferring to my iPad. I look forward to customizable color palettes, more instantaneous cloud usage, and hyperlinks-tags that allow for alternate organizations of ideas otherwise unconnected by parent-child relationships in their original lineages.

smickels, Sep 30, 2019
Wonderful App!

I love this app, I love the clean mapping of ideas, I love adding imagined and writing notes about each aspect of the mind map. As a fan I would love to have the option of Dark mode, making the background color darker would be great, the white background is hard to look at for extended periods of time. Thank you!

Zip2music, Sep 21, 2020


Mindly helps to organize your inner universe. Give a structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, take notes. It is up to you.

The universe is yours. Use it for: • Thought structuring • Idea collection • Brainstorming • Planning a project • Preparing a speech • Preparing for a meeting • Writing a quick summary If you are a visual person (like us) you will love the way Mindly works. Mindly eliminates all unnecessary clutter and helps you to focus on your ideas, thoughts and concepts. FUNCTIONALITY o Infinite hierarchy of elements o Attach notes, image or icon to any element o Color schemes for elements o Visual clipboard for reorganizing content o Export as mindmap (PDF/OPML/Text/Image) o iCloud support o Passcode / Touch ID NOTES Mindly Plus has same features as Mindly (Full Version). Just without any In App purchases.

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