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Mindly (mind mapping)

  • Productivity
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User Reviews for Mindly (mind mapping)

Mindly Review

Overall the app is very efficient and does exactly what I’d hope it would do. Very colorful and smooth no crashes or any bugs. I would like to add some constructive criticism that could take Mindly to the next level. Right now Mindly is an app that’s used for notes and that’s good but making the notes shareable and being able to edit things and seeing other people’s changes would add a bubbly aspect to Mindly. This would help Mindly spread like wildfire with everyone telling each other to get Mindly so they can plan events, create group projects easier, and overall help with organization. I see this app having a lot of potential and I have high hopes for what Mindly could be someday.

Alexander Hungerford, Nov 03, 2021
Close to being Perfect.

I just downloaded and played around with it. I’m starting to really like it so far. As someone who has organization problems and sometimes struggle to see the whole picture when working on projects, this really helps map everything out! I do think the color options are too limited though. For each word or concept I always have a very specific color attached to them. The way those colors makes me feel kind of help guide my thought processes a bit. I don’t know if many people equally feel this way also but that’s one of my quirks. Same thing also goes with the icons and emojis; way too limited. I love the print option. I wonder if I can blow the diagram up so I can print it on a poster and put it over my desk? Would be cool and extra helpful!!!

AstraDragon, Dec 22, 2019
One of the Best

I have found this app to be perfect for my needs and those of anyone that wants to organize their life. It resembles the thought process. Once you click one of the “planets” you get taken to another “solar system” that is connected to the first “planet” you clicked. It all depends on how your organize things but if you do a good job organizing, this app is fantastic. You can link one thought to another or one thing to another or several things to each other. Using this I know all the things that pending and have been done. Definitely a great app. Even the fact that you can assign different colors is great. Each “planet” or “sun” can have a different color which makes for easily seeing the different things you have linked to each other. Definitely real programmers have worked on this app.

Bert the evaluator, May 23, 2022
Great app!

Really love this app. I have had the free version it for years. Just recently purchased the full version. Money well spent. This by far is the best App for brainstorming, note taking and most importantly for me—breaking down books and organizing key elements from chapters. I use this app daily. For developers:I love the concept of being able to go deeper and deeper or further and further with each branch/thought bubble. However, sometimes I just want to end a bubble when I have nothing more to add. It just gets distracting to still see the circle with the (+) signs still around a particular bubble/note that has concluded. It would be great if the user had more control with the option to also end a particular branch bubble, giving the user the option to eliminate the circle with the (+) around a bubble/note all together when not necessary. And the ability to add it back if/when needed. Not sure if I am clear here or if this is communicated properly but I think this would definitely enhance the user experience (well for me anyway). But overall...AMAZING APP!

Kather Sei, Oct 27, 2020
Not really mind-mapping.

This app looks beautiful and has a really well-designed interface, but it doesn't really offer what I need. To me, the whole point of mind-mapping is to visualize the links between things and ideas in order to reveal hidden connections. This app does the mapping, but has no way to link objects except to the object they are initially linked to. So, for example, if you wanted to make a map where you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods, you could do that just fine. But if you wanted to show that cheeseburgers can be both a lunch and dinner food, the only way to do so is to create "cheeseburger" twice — once under lunch, then again under dinner. The ideal would be to create the object under one of them, then draw a link to the other, so you only have one "cheeseburger", and linked to both lunch and dinner. This way you see the connections between the ideas — again, the whole point of mind-mapping. Creating the object twice (one under each category) is accurate, but not useful, since you'd actually have to explore the entire map in order to make the connection that cheeseburger is under more than one category. Which, again, defeats the whole purpose of mind-mapping.

M. Lucero, May 05, 2018
Strangely Satisfying

I’ve not found a perfect mind mapping app (other than note-taking apps), but the way the elements spin is strangely satisfying. Hopefully they are able to expand the views so you can adjust the sizes of the circles and text in individual elements. It would also be nice to be able to make adjustments to the layout of the view of the entire map. Even without those two things I give this 5 stars though. There are some cool things you can do with this that you just can’t do with other mind mapping apps (like spinning to see what element comes up wheel of fortune style when looking for inspiration or a change of focus). It really is a cool app.

Michael094, May 12, 2020
Delete is broken

Can’t long-press and delete maps as the docs claim. So once you hit the 2+included help map your done in the free version. That’s fair if this is actually a trial, but please note that in the app. I just wasted my time trying to figure out how to do something that should be basic.On the plus, the nodes are simple to add and an intriguing way to do mapping. Besides the delete issue (bug?) the rest is easy to use (iPad). It’s not really a normal mind map, but I can see advantages to hiding the detailed nodes under a parent, and you can get to a view that shows all nodes. Has the same weaknesses as all other mind maps for complex topics but you can do some involved mapping.

montechie, Dec 05, 2020
On the right path

This app has lots of potential. Great look compared to the rest, but missing basic functionality, including enlarged note pages (they remain minimal, even on a computer version), text editing capability (bold, italic, font options would be nice!) and collage capability to add photos/snippets to the actual note page (images currently attach as a lone circle). Circles can be colored (textures would also be nice) and icons can be added (instead of icons, it would be nice to choose a background image from photos). Then make the whole thing 3D to visually link different themes to other distant circles (avoiding redundancy/replication), and then make it movable with Apple finger commands for efficiency/speed. So close (closer than the rest), yet so far from perfect for note compiling and innovative and artistic thinking. I will do my best to use it until future upgrades have the aforementioned demands~ thanks and you’re welcome!

Siobhan Lozada, Oct 22, 2019
Fantastic app! I love it

This app makes it so easy to map out my essays and other stuff (yes I know I’m so specific). I do not know what I would do without it! This app is very self explanatory and, quite frankly, fun to use. I love all the different color options. I also like how you can write the main idea of a bubble and go into detail about it underneath. There are endless opportunities on this fantastic app. I really enjoy using it. I would highly recommend it for all students and other people. I do not have the pro version, but I really do not have a need to get it because all it does is provide you with the ability to do more bubbles, but you can make plenty bubbles without it. So, all in all, I think you, reader, should get this app to organize your thoughts, plan out an essay, etc, etc.

so.many.nicknames.taken, Jul 06, 2020
Never knew I needed this!

Mindly supports exactly how my mind works! I get easily distracted and excited by ideas and stimuli, and this gives me a logical place to put everything. I’ve always tried to force myself into linear models, which don’t work for my wandering, sometimes circular thinking and excitability. This app has helped me map my career path as I navigate changing careers. I’m very grateful. I like the color scheme and for my purposes, the selection is sufficient because for my current project I’m not using color coding. Echoing what another reviewer said, the one feature that would be helpful is a better way of capturing web links. Web links should be more visually appealing and user friendly. That’s my only constructive comment; otherwise it is wonderful for my purposes.

steph397534367, Apr 11, 2020


Mindly helps to organize your inner universe. Give a structure to your thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, take notes. It is up to you.

The universe is yours. Use it for: • Thought structuring • Idea collection • Brainstorming • Planning a project • Preparing a speech • Preparing for a meeting • Writing a quick summary If you are a visual person (like us) you will love the way Mindly works. Mindly eliminates all unnecessary clutter and helps you to focus on your ideas, thoughts and concepts. FUNCTIONALITY o Infinite hierarchy of elements o Attach notes, image or icon to any element o Color schemes for elements o Visual clipboard for reorganizing content o Export as mindmap (PDF/OPML/Text/Image) o iCloud support o Passcode / Touch ID LIMITS In-App purchase will remove the limit on the number of elements that you can manage. Full version has the widest range of export options and functionality (Search/Passcode/Touch ID).

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