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User Reviews for Mezgebe Haymanot

ብዙ መታረም መለቀም ያለባቸዉ ስህተቶች ሰሉ።

በእዉነቱ አምስት ኮከብ ይገባዉ ነበር ነገር ግን ብዙ የለቀማ ሥራ ስለሚቀረዉ በንፁ ልብ ካለኀሣብ ማንበብ ያዳግታል። ለመርዳት ያህል ግን ወደፊት ይስተካከላል በመለት አብዛኛዉን ገዝቻለሁ። በሂደት እርማቶችን አይቼ አምስት ኮከብ ለመስጠት በተስፋ እጠበበቃለሁ።

eyetown, Jul 14, 2020
I couldn’t be happier, Thank you!!!

Thank you very much for including lots of books in this application for such small price (compared to the value we get)

Fekadesilassie, Apr 06, 2023

በእውነት ወላዲተ አምላክ ትባርካችሁ ይህ በጣም ትልቅ ስራ ነው በርቱ ለበለጠው ስራ ትጉ በተቻለ መጠን የዜማ መጻህፍት ምልክት ቢኖራቸው በጣም ጥሩ ነው

G mareyam, Jul 17, 2020
ጥሩ ነው

ወንድማችን የሰራሐው app ጥሩ ነው ግን አንዳንድ ገልፆች ላይ error የአማርኛ ፅሁፍ ያልሆነ እና በምንም ቋንቋ ሊነበብ የማይችል ፅሁፍ ስላለው እባክህ አስተካክለው።

Henok07, May 02, 2020
Losing access to almost all the books

It was great when we pay for this app, but after the update everything is very different to get. And I only access wdase Maryam the rest I don’t know where it goes.

Melaku samuel, Jul 09, 2023
God bless you!!!

Truly may our Heavenly Father bless all your hard work!!! I am very delighted with this application and the books within. I know you are working hard. Please keep adding as many books as you can in Amharic. God bless you!

Nati520200, Nov 05, 2020
ዋጋው ለአንዳዶች ወደድ ሊል ይችል ይሆናል ::

ዋጋው ለአንዳዶች ወደድ ሊል ይችል ይሆናል ::በጣም የምወዳቸው ሰይፈ ስላሴና ሰይፈ መለኮት : መልክ ማርያም ......አሉት :: የህሊና ፀሎት : ሁለቱም የለም (ለማርያምና : ለጌታ) እሱን ጨምሩበት :: አንዳንዱ ገድላት በግእዝ ብቻ ነው :: ከቻላችሁ አማርኛውን ጨምሩበት :እንግሊዘኛው መኖሩ አስደስቶኛል :: ነገር ግን : በአዲሱ ዘመናዊ እንግሊዘኛ ይሚደረግበት መንገድ ይፈለግ :: በጣም እናመሰግናለን : እግዚአብሄር ይስጥልን

Neway, Nov 07, 2020
ፈልግ (Find) Crashing

To me the most important function for this app is the “Find” or ፈልግ feature. However, because there are so many results it the app crashes and turns off. Please fix this bug.ፈልግ የሚለው ላይ Search result ሲበሳበት ክራሽ አድርጎ ይጠፋል።አስተካክሉልን።

YoniA595, Feb 07, 2023
እጅግ ብዙ የፊደል ግድፍቶች አሉበት

በቅድሚያ ይህንን ድንቅ ስራ እንድትሰሩ ማስተዋሉን ጥበቡን ተነሳሽነቱን ለሰጣችሁ ልኡል እግዚአብሔር ምስጋና እሰጣለሁ:: ያለኝ አንድና ዋና አስተያየት ይህን የመሰለ ስራ መስራታችሁ ካልቀረ ትንሽ ትኩረት ለሚያስፈልገው የፊደል ግድፈት ግን ትልቅ ችግር ሊፈጥር የሚችል ልፍታችሁን ከንቱ ለሚያደርግ ስራ ለምን ትኩረት አታደርጉም:: እስቲ ለምሳሌ መጽሐፈ ሜላድን እራሳችሁ አንቡና ፍረዱ:: እጅግ ያሳፍራል:: አሁንም አልረፈድም ለገንዘብ ብቻ የምትሮጡ እንዳይመስልባችሁ ግድፈቶችን ሁሉ ያሉበትን ለቅማችሁ አውጥታችሁ በተከታታይ update እንደምትልኩልንና ይቅር እንደምንላችሁ ባለሙሉ ተስፋ ነኝ:: አለዛ ብራና ፍቀው ቀለም በጥብጠው ዛሬ እናንተ በተራቀቀ ቴክኖሎጂ ታግዛችሁ በትክክል መገልበጥ ያቃታችሁን መጽሐፍት የጻፍ ቅዱሳን እባቶቻችንና አምላካቸው ይቅር አይሉዋችሁም!!

yyfhtjthjhvjyvb, Jan 17, 2023


Mezgebe Haymanot is a mobile application with huge Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Books Collection. The Application contains more than 200 Orthodox books with multiple categories. The application contains multiple prayer books, rites, psalmodies, hymns, melodies, services, sacraments of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Hymn books of saint Yared, Liturgical books, Books of Aba Giyorgis Zegasicha, Prayers of Saints and Angels, Bible Commentaries, Canonical Books, Mezgebe Haymanot is fully customizable and allows you switch between night and day modes. The application also allows you to easily navigate between books, chapters and categories. Contents • Daily Prayers • Yesene Golgota • Seife Sillasie • Book of Arganon • Praise of St. Mary • Praise of God • Gedles • Dirsanat • Books of Wisdom • Books of Miracles (Miracles of Jesus and saint Mary) • Hymn on the Flower • Lamentation of the Virgin • Horologium for the Night Hours of Abba Giyorgis • Horologium Zedebre Abay • Hymn to Mary • Image of the Praises of Mary • Image of Jesus Christ • Hymn to the Virgin Mary; • Greeting to the Saints, • Image of Saints, Martyrs and holy fathers (Melka Kidusan) • Divine Liturgies • Books of Aba Giyorgis • Book of Hours (Horologium)(Sa'atat) • Book of Hymns of St. Yared Hymn books, mostly by St. Yared • Digua • Thesome Digua • Mieraf • Zimare • Mewasiet • Zik • Mezmur • Book of Mystery (Masehafa mestir) • Book of Thanks (also known as Book of Light) • Horologium of the Night Hours • Hymns of Praise • Praises of the Cross • Book of Didascalia • Book of celements • Glory of Kings (Kibre Negest) • The Law of the Kings (Fetha Negest) • Book of Synaxarium • Haymanote Abew • Bible Commentaries (the 4 Evangelicals) • Books of Wisdom • Prayers of Saint Peter (the Solomon Net) • The faith of the church • The seven Sacraments • The Church of Ethiopia • Ethiopian Church History • Study of Bible • Bibliographies of Kings • Miscellaneous books and texts included Features of the App Theme • Material Design color schemes. • Setting for Night mode and Day Mode Multiple book collections • Add two or more translations to the app. • Multiple books of Ethiopian prayers Navigation • User can configure the choice of translation and layout within the app. • Allow swiping between books • Book names could be displayed as list or grid views Fonts and Font Sizes • You can change fonts sizes from toolbar or navigation menu. • The app uses true type fonts for main view. Text Copy and Share • To copy a text to the device clipboard, tap on the text to select it. Then select the Copy button from the text selection toolbar. • To share a text with someone else, tap on text to select it. You can choose to share by text message, email, WhatsApp, etc. Contents • Book contents are rearranged and missing parts included • Colorful texts for the name of God, Jesus, St. Mary and Saints • Notices and Orders in the book are written in italic for emphasis Interface translations • Added interface translations in English, Amharic and Afaan Oromoo. • Changing the app Interface language will change menu item’s name. Audio and Text Synchronization (future pro update) • The phrases being read are highlighted and synchronized with the audio being heard. • Added new user setting ‘Highlight synchronized phrases’ to allow user to turn on/off the yellow highlighting when the audio is playing. Search • Powerful and fast search features • Search the whole words and accents • Number of search results displayed at the bottom of the page Settings screen • Allow the user of the app to configure the following settings: • Book selection type: list or grid • Red Letters: show the name of saints in red

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