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Alexandru Raducanu
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User Reviews for MeMi Message

Non working subscription

It’s a fine app. But I’m starting to get mad at it. It’s always telling me I need a subscription when I have a constant active subscription and my chats reverse to the start of the chat is at the very end of the convo if I leave the app for even a second. The biggest issue is the subscription thing, what’s the point in paying for it if I can’t even use it? Otherwise it’s a fine app.

63728207423702, Jul 05, 2022
Every good app has a glitch, This one especially.

I love the app, I can’t lie. There’s just one problem: it changes the theme to something I didn’t choose when saving. I took hours not knowing what was wrong, please fix this as it doesn’t look realistic to my devices messaging app. I mean, my devices messaging app uses white and blue. It changes it to red and yellow. Thank you for listening

aikodapotato, Jan 06, 2022

I tried making a group messages with Kpop idols for my Kpop shifting but when I was almost finished, It randomly shut off my phone and I went back on the app and then it restarted my whole screen and went back to the chat bot…. I really hope you fix this because IM NOT HAPPY, it took me hours to do this then it just restarted. Fix your game because I got this on my fyp for my shifting template and someone suggested this as a good way to fake messages and I thought it was gonna be good :/ I read the reviews, and it was horrible and only 2% of good comments but I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad because I wanted to be nice but I guess I got lied to by myself! You need to really fix your game ASAP!!

JUST STao, Jul 26, 2022
Great app. A few things needed though.

So far this app is really good and I read the reviews before downloading and was glad to see you all actually fixed what was needed. A few things that I wanted to point out and have fixed is that it’s a little glitchy. For example, after your finished typing the name it won’t let you press done, you have to go to add photo, cancel, then done. Stuff like that. Another major part that I think needs fixing is the profile pictures next to the text message bubbles are blue instead of the pfp I set. I couldn’t find a solution to it but if there is one I’d like to know. In the set header settings I think you should add “set date”. You already have “set time” and this would make it look even more realistic. Along with that, adding telephone server like AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, etc. My last suggestion (I know this is a lot) is that the messages are just a little too bunched up; they’re right on top of each other, and it looks kind of weird, but other than that, it’s fine. I know this was a lot of stuff that I suggested but overall this is a really good app and I’m glad that it’s completely free because I'll definitely use it a lot. 4/5, I’d definitely recommend it.

Mia_Mahone, Jan 19, 2021
Just a few things

It’s a good app and a lot of the stuff have been fixed. I was also looking everywhere for something like this. Although it crashes a lot a d setting themes are pretty buggy. It would be nice to have dark mode and in the menu you could change the order of the chats. It would also really help if you could delete messages.

Mia-Lynn D, Feb 08, 2022
I love this app! but one thing..

Dark mode and a read feature would make this app 10x better, also an update of the bottom ui in chats to a more recent iphone look would be better also !

Osqivia, Jun 12, 2022
There’s broken stuff.

I mean this app is good and all but some stuff is just broken. When I’m just changing my characters, it just kicks me out for no reason. When I’m just typing or creating a story, for some reason it kicks me out!! When I wanna change my characters name, it kicks me out! This all needs to be fixed ASAP!

RainyDaysForever, Mar 05, 2022
Well update soon

When you make others ‘text messages’ to ‘you’ the contacts pictures shows up blue. The app seems to frequently crash as I move through it. I navigate through things fast, so if it can handle me navigating through it fast dom without crashing, that’d be wonderful. Will update review once all is fixed.

SoupWritesAll, Apr 16, 2021
Good app BUT

I’ve had a few problems with this app, but I think that overall, the idea is there, just needs better execution. 1. When I want to edit/delete a message, it changes the message from before. For example, let’s say person1 sends a message saying “hello” and person2 replies with “hi”. If I want to delete the “hi” from p2, it’ll actually delete the “hello” from p1. It is incredibly frustrating. 2. This isn’t really a problem, more of a suggestion. I would love this app even more if I could change the theme for each chat individually. Say if I want chat1 to be pink, but chat2 to be green, I don’t want to change the theme back and forth every time I open each one. Because if I change the theme to green for chat2, chat1 will turn green also. This is also very annoying in my opinion.3. Also, the app will often randomly close itself and sometimes it even glitches when I open it again. This makes the app absolutely unusable.

Teagan Bauer, Apr 16, 2022
This is broken

Hi, this is a really good app but it needs serious changes. When I wanted to customize the theme, all the colors I choose the system choose other colors, what I mean is I choose red for navigation bar, and it was yellow. It also is kinda hard to choose your color, when I tried, it kept saying I choose different ones, and it kicked me out a lot when I was changing the characters! Please fix this.

The wall of love, Feb 05, 2022


MeMi Message allows you to role play as an author of a chat story message conversation. You can create any fan fiction chat story conversation you would like with over 12 unique features. This is the best App on the App Store for creating chat stories with your friends.

With dozens of options and limitless capabilities, this app allows you to use your creativity and create fun and exciting conversations with your friends. Let your creativity run wild by chatting with your friends as your favorite superhero or your favorite celebrity. The possibilities are endless.

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