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Math Puzzle Fun and Learn

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User Reviews for Math Puzzle Fun and Learn


You bring so much joy to my life every time I open your app thank you 😊 Rosario ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bichi-Bichi, Jul 15, 2019

I hate this the music it🎶 was annoying I could not like it enough.

eastgate ele, Feb 27, 2019

I like it great app BUT without music will be more awesome

Fatma 16 jawad, Sep 02, 2015

I learned to do mathematics!

Lucky regular one Joe, Apr 04, 2016
how does it work

Downloaded from another app. No instructions & I can't figure out how it works

Mikinp, Oct 18, 2015
Difficult to Understand

This app is difficult to understand at first because there are no instructions. If there were instructions, children and adults would be able to understand what they need to do right off the bat. The hints that are given simply give an answer away. It would be more beneficial if the hints helped to solve the problems at hand. It is confusing when you answer a problem because the answers could be backwards or diagonal. This makes it difficult for beginning learners to understand what the actual answer is.

mklocke27, Oct 23, 2018
Math mastery

Nice but how can you think with all that music?

Moniquetypical, Nov 03, 2016
Answering questions

Turn music off. Find answers in word search thing.

vyggrdurdyrfr, Feb 03, 2019


Master the ability to do math in your head by playing a simple game. In the game, you must find the answer to math problems within a grid of numbers, an entertaining combination of a word search game and a math problem. Key Features ------------------------------------ • Puzzles are generated for every skill level, allowing players of all ages and experience to play---from elementary school students learning addition for the first time to experts who can do long division in their heads. • Multiplayer mode lets you compete against friends and other players over the Internet. • Flash card study mode that helps you cram before a test.

You can even export problems to another application. • Math of the day challenges you to solve an interesting math daily. Playing The Game ------------------------------------ You start by selecting a category: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all available, as are combinations of them. The game then displays seven math problems and a grid of numbers. You must solve the math problem in your head and then drag your fingers across the correct numbers in the grid, similar to a word search game. In single player mode, you play the game against a clock and attempt to beat your best item. In multiplayer mode, whichever player finds all of the answers first wins. If you get stuck, you can request a hint. Study Flashcards ------------------------------------ For extra practice, you can use the flashcard mode. Each flashcard presents you with one math problem. You can bookmark problems you find difficult and export them for practice elsewhere. You can also have Math Mastery Multiplayer pronounce the problem for you so that you learn how to correctly say it to other people. Study Math of the Day ------------------------------------ Each day the app challenges you an interesting math to solve.

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