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User Reviews for Marvin 3

Wish I’d never downloaded it

I’ve been using the original Marvin for *years*. While not perfect, it was an excellent ebook app and I had no serious complaints. One of the most used apps on my iPad for nearly a decade. Over that time, I built up a library of over 4,500 books. When Marvin 3 came out, none of the features struck me as something I needed, so I left well enough alone. Until recently when I tried to transfer books from my Dropbox and discovered that feature was now broken in the original and would never be fixed since the dev team has moved on to 3. So fine, finally time to upgrade I thought. Paid the $4.99 and imported my entire Marvin classic library. Opened a book and it crashed. Restarted the app and it crashed. If I completely uninstalled it I could get it to open again, but as soon as I loaded any books into it crashed again. Somehow, in all this process it managed to “lose” my Marvin backup. I can no longer restore from either app, and even when I connect my iPad to a pc and browse the file structure, my backup is no longer there. So instead of having a great app that I’ve used for years I paid $5 for a broken app and lost ten years worth of book collecting. I guess it’s time to find a new ebook app altogether since Marvin went from being the best to being worthless.

Apronikoff, Jan 05, 2019
Great e-reader

I’ve used many e-readers over the years, and Marvin is my go-to (non-Kindle) app. I’m able to customize it for just the way I like to read. I use Calibre to convert and upload books, and it is a breeze with Marvin! There are only two things I would like to have, but neither one takes away from a 5-star rating! If you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor now. There are far more features than I can list. It would be great if reading in landscape on an iPad supported a 2 column display! The other issue is that syncing between devices really doesn’t work very well. I would love those two as upgrades, Marvin folk!!!

Arbeet, Aug 27, 2019
Love this app!

I am used to be a fan of classical version. Then transfer to other app. Recently I got iPhone X. I looked for an app that could support X screen and then tried Marvin 3. So far I am very satisfied with my purchase. One thing I personally don’t like classical version because the classical version was sort of “complicated” and “fancy”. Marvin 3 looks like more simple, direct and less distracting. It can make me focus on reading.I like this app, but get one question: how can I find out the page numbers of the whole book. I changed the setting on EPUB settings. Some books show the whole book page numbers at footers. But in most case, it just shows charter page numbers even though I tired the custom setting. I used app to track my reading and page numbers would be more helpful.

BS701, Jan 02, 2018
One fix would make this a 5-star app

This app is a nearly perfect e-reader. The layout/format is beautiful and the options are perfect for allowing you to customize it however you like. I have Marvin 3 on my iPhone and iPad. My only complaint (which is not insignificant - to me anyway) is that the sync feature doesn’t work at all. I would love it if I could be reading on my iPad, then later open my iPhone and have it “remember” my “last read” postion in the book. Instead, when I hit sync I get an error message that says that I’m not connected to iCloud. However, I AM connected to the iCloud on both the iPad and iPhone. Repeated emails to the app developer have been completely ignored. But overall, a very nice app. Hopefully the sync issue will be fixed one day.

EVGRAHAM, Jan 18, 2018
Best e-book reader for iOS

I’ve tried a number of e-book readers on my iPad and this one is the best. Other readers are clunky, outdated, and frankly seemingly designed without much love. Marvin is a pleasure to use; it’s snappy, with a variety of customizations, and it links to Dropbox, where I keep all my e-books. It even integrates with Safari to easily change things like the book cover image and metadata. And all features are generously offered for free to try out before buying, with just a tasteful banner (NOT ads!) at the bottom asking for purchase. This is what reading on the iPad should be. I haven’t experienced any bugs or problems of the sort other reviews have mentioned. I am so happy this app exists, I use it all the time! :)

fojlz, Dec 07, 2017
Beautiful app, lots of features

Love the customization features, autoscroll and text to speech features are great. Screen and text look crisper than some other apps I’ve tried. I read a lot and like the time read counter. Link to goodreads does not work for me. Takes to goodreads app and opens on blank page. May be a problem on goodreads end but disappointing, was excited about that feature. Would love easier way to import books from calibre- select whole folder, download all etc. Clicking individually for download won’t work for me. My library is too big to do so. Currently using calibre companion as workaround so I can still have library loaded on phone but would be nice to have everything one place. Overall I love this app. Other reviewers complained about price for themes but really? Not a necessary feature of app but why not support development if you really like it. Good ereader is hard to find. Please keep updating.

hierogal, Oct 22, 2017
The best ebook reader in existence.

Title says it all. To the Marvin developer - Please dear God do not abandon this app. I have tried so many e-book reader apps over my lifetime and never have I fallen in love with the program so much. It’s almost as if you programmed everything I’ve ever wanted With skill and perfection in mind. I would say that the only feature I would love is to have the customizability of the voice reader in text to speech. I know you can customize it right now but it doesn’t seem like changing it in the accessibility settings does anything to the voice. I wish Apple would allow us to use the Siri voice. The default voice that more than allows you to use is not bad but could use a little bit better. Marvin deserves the best

i<3miabear, Mar 05, 2019
Amazing eBook Reader, with decent Comic Support

I think this app is incredible and feature rich, and found the investment to unlock all the features with a one time in-app purchase reasonable. After reading the app description, I learned this is the first version with .cbr & .cbz support. When you combine a comic reader with this apps support for OPDS feeds, you’ve got a great way to quickly import multiple comics wirelessly with absolutely no trouble. My suggestions to make the comic experience better would be to implement a feature that allows double tapping the screen to zoom in and quickly bring the comic into edge to edge focus of the device display. Additionally for iPads, it would be awesome to allow for a two page layout in a landscape orientation. I look forward to the next update to full integrate into iOS 12!

Jon Macchio, Jan 08, 2019
Actually… Still works!

The fact that this App has not been updated for 5 years is unfortunate. Yet, it is remarkable also, because the App remains unrivaled. For those 5 years (and many more before) this has remained absolutely the best App for anyone who cares about the aesthetics of the reading experience, iPhone screen real estate, menu options etc. I’m writing this review to help other readers who, like me, are not thrilled by the alternatives to Marvin. It did seam that the iOS 16 killed Marvin. I, together with other users who wrote about this, thought so, and I started looking for the replacement. Nothing came close, so I decided to toggle Marvin one last time. By accident, I found out that YOU CAN STILL HIGHLIGHT TEXT, and do all the things we’ve been able to do before. You just have to be a little patient. When the “text selection menu“ comes up (from the system, not the app), just tap the arrow on the right. Tap the seemingly blank sections of the menu that will appear, and you’ll get the options you’ve had before - highlights, notes, dictionaries etc) So, although Marvin has been wounded by this iOS 16, it has not been killed. Undoubtedly, this App, clearly abandoned by its developers, will die sooner or later. But, until it dies, it shall remain the best.

Rei Toei, Oct 17, 2022
I’ve tried them all

I truly hope this app doesn’t become abandonware.I’ve tried a *ton* of different e-reader apps, from the obvious to the obscure, and nothing else comes close to the flexibility, attention to detail, and straight up usability of Marvin. Just get it. Learn it. You’ll never look back.The only thing I would really love to see added to this app is an ability to get books from a Resilio Sync share (similar to Dropbox, but shared only between my own computers). I supposed updating it for compatibility with the Files interface would handle this and many other sources.

Stee-rider, Feb 14, 2021


Refined by years of reader feedback and suggestions, Marvin 3 is the sequel to the acclaimed eBook reader for your iPhone and iPad. With over 150 new features and enhancements, Marvin is the perfect companion for people who are passionate about their books and comics. Get Marvin and find out why readers call it "the most brilliant eReader to come out in a long time".

Together with unprecedented customisation features, here are a few highlights of this release: - Built from scratch with a brand new interface. - Opens DRM-free EPUB books, CBX, and CBR comics. - Supports all the latest iOS technologies including Split View, Slide Over, Spotlight, Touch ID, Today Widgets, iCloud, and iPad Pro. - High-fidelity rendering with the most comprehensive set of customization options you're likely to use. - Multi-theme UI with optional automatic light/dark switching. - Vertical scrolling with auto scroll, guide bars, and edge tapping. - Goodreads integration. - Text-to-speech. - Karaoke (speed reading). - External Bluetooth keyboard and remote control support including customizable key commands for in-book navigation and control. - Side-load your own fonts. - Reading statistics. - Integration with Marvin Side-by-Side (*). - New library viewing modes and management tools. - Quick launch panel on iPad. - Fully customizable, independent, portrait and landscape multi-column modes. - Whole book page numbering. - Substantially improved highlighting. - Footnote popups. - Photo exporer. - Reading journal with photos, tags, and maps. - Extensive import and export tools. (*) Works best on devices that support Split View and Slide Over, and requires the corresponding Marvin SxS app. Visit appstafarian.com for a complete and impressive feature list. Marvin opens DRM-free EPUB books (basic support for 3.0), and CBZ/CBR comics. If you're into DRM-free books, we worked hard to make Marvin the best way to enjoy them.

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