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User Reviews for Marvel Comics

Once, awesome, but now, eh

I used to have this app. The comics I Reese were awesome. Later on I needed some space in my storage for other apps, so I deleted it. A year or two later I reinstalled it. That was when the trouble started. I was looking for some comics to download when I saw the fbcd avengers #1. I clicked purchase and a few minutes later, it shows in my books section with a pause symbol on it. I clicked it and two symbols came. The download symbol and the delete symbol. I clicked the download symbol and the pause symbol appeared again. I did then deleted the comic and downloaded it again, but it would still be the same. There is no line that is rotating the pause symbol that means it is downloading. Can you help me, Marvel Comics developers?

BSGCivilWarrior, Aug 03, 2019
Custom Playlists / Reading order?

Love the app and the digital equivalents of my phone physical comics. Two features would make it amazing though. 1) custom lists for reading order. Let us choose to read the x-men comics in the chronological order or like an event. Sharing those lists would be extra cool. 2) have a filter option for both unread and inprogress at the same time.Is there a more official place to make feature requests?

csmallfield, Nov 17, 2020
Marvel is the best

Marvel is by far my favorite comic book company but I cant figure out how to get out of a comic book while I'm in the middle of reading it. If I want to check something else around the site it forces me to finish the comic book first. Then I usually just scroll through it and do what I wanted to do then I have to re open the comic and find my place. I'm probably doing something wrong but how do I get out a comic book and come back to it later ?

IlsaTheJoe, Aug 22, 2017
Doesn’t download comics half the time

I’m reading on an iPad with plenty of spare storage space and I’ve set the app to use as much storage as it needs but for half of the comics I buy it will not let me download them or let me read them at all. I’ve tried closing out of the app and even waiting a couple days but that didn’t accomplish anything. One time deleting and reinstalling the app worked for me but even that doesn’t always work. It’s alright other than that but this is a significant problem for me.Edit: The problem might come from signing into my Marvel account. I would have to do more testing but it seems to work fine before I’m signed in but not work after I sign in. Still weird and I feel like that should be fixed.

Loughhoyfdtuuhvvokh, Apr 14, 2022
No excuse for such a poor app in 2019

This is not a review of Marvel in any way. I love Marvel and always have. This app, however, is hot garbage. For probably a year now at least when I buy comics they frequently will not load. The comic sits there on the screen alternating between a pause button and a download button. Is it working? It is paused? Who knows? All I know is that I just bought something and can’t read it. Go buy a book through Apple Books or Kindle and watch how quickly it’s available to read. FIX YOUR APP. There’s no excuse for it in this day and age and it’s been happening forever.

mcb650, Sep 14, 2019
Still needs some work but not bad.

I have had this app for a while, maybe for about a few years, and there is still always something wrong with the app. It’s nothing major, just little occurrences that are really annoying. For example, each time I click “see all” for the new comics on sale for the week, the app always crashes. The app has crashed a few times just trying to sign into my account. Other than that, it’s not a bad app. On another note, I wish that the app would allow you to see what new comics are coming out next week, not just the week that you are in.

Mickiel97, Jan 12, 2018
Quality app with some improvements

Really enjoy this app and having my marvel comic collection digitally enables me to read just about anywhere. The app has lots of nice options for viewing the comics. I really like how it can zoom into the section of the page to enable easy reading. Having the digital store also allows me to read some past/present comics I would not normally buy in a paper copy. I also find it useful for tracking what I have or have not read. It is also great for jumping to another issue to get a quick refresher on a back story. My collection is easily approaching 500 comics digitally and I am noticing greater lag time to view your collection. Also, there is no redeem feature built into the app for redeeming your digital copy of your physical comic. Lastly, a few of the older comics are not as crisp or clean digital transfers with some art and text a little fuzzy or difficult to read. Overall, highly recommend for comic fans young and old.

Popcorndog, Mar 28, 2018
So close

When the app is working it is great. The organization is nice and has helped me keep track of my comics very well. The two main issues I have is there is no way to redeem digital codes through the app so you have to constantly go back and forth to the website and also that it constantly logs you out. This wouldn’t be a very big problem if it weren’t for the fact that you have to jump through a ton of hoops to get logged back in. Why do I have to solve 5 captchas to sign in?

ReverendSKA, Dec 05, 2018
Comic Book Playlist

Loving the app! The only suggestion I’d have is creating a comic book playlist. What I envision is a stream of books you create the order for. Especially if people purchased single issues of comics events and want to sequentially read tie-ins and main stories, or if you want read other comics that are help you understand a current comic and you create a playlist for that so it enhances the reader experience by allowing people to readily and rapidly read stories as intended or with enough background information.

T4zer, Sep 18, 2019
Raural Life

I don't live close enough to any comic book shops, but I love Marvel. This app & Marvel Unlimited are how I get all of my comics. I don't know how Marvel counts digital sales. I want my favorite characters & story lines to do well. This is the easiest way for me to support my comics. I buy story lines I care about & rent every thing else (via Marvel Unlimited). While I'm here someone tell Marvel they need to bring Emma Frost back as a main character.

thejitalian, Aug 10, 2017


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