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User Reviews for MarginNote 3

Progress, or lack of it

This is an evolved version of the software with nicer GUI, better user experience, and new organization and editing tools. The desktop version is not released yet so it remains to be seen if the sync issues are fixed with the new release. I wanted to give a few pointers for migrating data from version 2, as the software provides no details. You need to backup version 2 notebooks (see under settings) and save the backup file on iCloud. Then go to finder and open the file in MarginNote version 3. It will delete anything already there and import the notebooks including tags, but the attached files will be missing. So you must copy these files manually from the MarginNote directory on iCloud to the new MarginNote 3 directory that you will find created there. Done.Update Dec 2021The app has not changed much and there are sync issues with the osx counterpart. I migrated to LiquidText which is much more intuitive and has persistent development effort. There are standards for UI functionality that MarginNote is yet to figure out.

Al Zal, Dec 24, 2021
Indispensable to my research

I first started using this app two years ago when I started graduate school. Since then, I have become fluent in how to use it, although much of my learning was through trial and error, because support and tutorials for MN3 barely exist. The best source for tutorials I could find was a YouTuber who goes my “The Paperless Student,” and I am indebted to her for helping me grasp how this app works. This app is POWERFUL for managing your digital documents—books, papers, brochures—annotating them in the ways you need, and organizing these notes coherently for research papers. Overall, the app isn’t hard to learn, but it would be a tremendous help if there was an in-depth video tutorial that covered some of the more esoteric features that I still haven’t explored. I feel like this app has many more features I am not aware of or don’t know how to apply to my work, and I would appreciate understanding how to use them in case they could be beneficial to my research. Overall, this app is one of my best purchases to date for getting through my graduate MFT program.

Boompapa, Sep 02, 2022
The best out there

Ok, so this isn’t a perfect system but it’s incredibly useful. Navigation could use work when using the mindmap area. It’s still a little clunky and I only accidentally figured out if you hold the left click down it will turn into a hand and you can move it around. Would be great if there was a shortcut key (there may be?), but the developer deserves 5 stars for a stellarly useful and functional app. For the most part, it works wonderfully. I would love to incorporate OCR into the selection areas. There are a number of texts I’ve used that text selection doesn’t work (particularly titles) and I have to select it as an image, but then I can’t search for it later because it’s an image. I’ve resorted to just typing it out as a header, but then to create your own header and assign it to a section of a document isn’t simple (nor obvious how to do … I haven’t figured it out yet). But for it’s functionality it’s great and the developer keeps improving things. Finding the right video to watch for a tutorial is time consuming. Would recommend they improve that.

bradam, Jan 25, 2023
Finally...what I’ve been needing!

I spend a lot of time doing literature research for my graduate degree program and I’ve been searching for ways to effectively and efficiently review the scientific literature while also compiling and mapping my notes at the same time. While there is a bit of a learning curve to using this app, this is exactly what I have been hoping to find for my research needs. I am still learning the full features and functionality of this app but it has improved much since the previous version and it has been exceedingly helpful. Also, I struggle with reading and writing anxiety because the scientific literature is so technical and dense that it’s so overwhelming to take in even in small doses; this app has allowed me to overcome personal anxiety barriers. It is easy to become so actively engaged in the reading/writing process through using this app.

CookieElle, Sep 07, 2018
Good but a learning curve

For my purpose the flash cards are my main use however I adapted them to my own use. Instead of mind map or perhaps added to the mind map I would like something similar to the flash cards simply to organize my information( that's what I'm doing now). It should be easier to make cards and add things to them, to switch from back to front of card. Instead of just cards for study why not have cards just to find important information. I find that more intuitive then the mind map. I love adding pictures and notes directly to the cards. Then i click on the headers and the information is there simply by scrolling down. If they had a button to bring up the cards, And quickly switch to the main text or mind map and back it would be an improvement. All of these things are probably there already but the learning curve makes it hard to use. Overall not bad but needs to be more intuitive. If it was I would give 5 stars.

Dkac, Sep 16, 2020
Better than the others

I’ve tried most annotation research software. The thing that I prefer with MarginNote are it’s ability to handle absolutely huge volumes of notes and documents. It has an efficiency in its mind mapping that isn’t present in other tools. It isn’t really a mind map that it creates but a hierarchical and visual organization and this suits research well. With the latest update it has pen support and with the new child mind maps the scale of research possibilities is nearly endless.I miss the free form of traditional mind mapping but I realize that with large texts a free form mind map gets crowded very quickly. MarginNote keeps things organized very well. A couple of things that I would like that MarginNote is a bit weak with are: better referencing to the source document on export of notes. Even if I had to fill out that source info manually for each document I’d be happy. Bonus if it could export the citation in any of the usual formats. The links are hard to see and to keep track of. It’d be nice to be able to color them and make them thicker. Finally I’d like a way to link my own notes to a document location rather than having to make an excerpt to do that. These are minor issues and I use the app obsessively as it is. The company seems responsive on their forums and almost every feature request is listened to even if we have to wait for it.

HappyCatMachine, Feb 12, 2021
My go-to app now for research, organizing content, summaries

I had used another app ‘fluid’ for reading research articles, underlining and extracting text for summary and study until they crippled this in the free version and increased price for the paid. This app is far beyond that with a superb design for reading, study, organizing spaces, excellent pdf to text extraction and linear or mind mapping ways to relate to the text extractions and your notes both within and between documents. There is a learning curve for use but much is accessible playing around as well. I will be watching videos to learn better use. I have a lot of PDFs stored in Evernote and this app can access and load from within the app. I have used on my my iPhone when my iPad was not available and it’s workable but it is much more useful on a bigger screen. I like it so much that purchased the paid version and might even cough up the larger additional fee for the MacBook version. One of the few apps that is worth the purchase price and more. Excellent!

JimK, Oct 21, 2019
Excellent concept, but it has some deficiencies

Excellent concept If the app were to work a little more, the tool would be perfect. Unfortunately, it has some deficiencies that, although they could be corrected, can easily cloud the performance of the app and cause a lot of inconvenience to the user. For example, synchronization between devices, iPhone and iPad, is quite problematic. Most of the time it does not synchronize properly, but days after use, and even weeks. Sometimes synchronization never occurs. There are other important faults. TAGS There is no way to create new Tags for the documents (not the notes) in MarginNote 3. ORDER OF THE NOTES. This feature sometimes works, sometimes not, especially, sorting by page order. MOVE. Something as basic as moving a file from one folder to another is torture. Most of the time it is not possible. IMPORT A WEB PAGE This is another torture. Sometimes you can, sometimes not. In short, the developer should work harder.

JuanCandelario, Apr 27, 2019
Expensive; not functional without multiple purchases; no customer support.

MarginNote app is one of the highest priced note-taking apps on the market, yet it restricts use to a single device. If you try to use it on a second device (as one does with these types of apps), it prompts you to pay another $50. Despite the features it boasts, it is absolutely not worth purchasing because cannot utilize said features effectively on an iPad/tablet alone (not appropriate for making use of mapping and flashcards, uploading docs/PDFs, etc); nor can you use it effectively on laptop/desktop alone (no point to a reader interface with Apple Pencil there). The purchase should be synced, but it’s not. This should have been made transparent prior to purchase. I would not have started with MarginNote had I known it would require me to spend at least $100 to properly use. No other note taking apps I’ve used has required multiple purchases like this. Additionally, I have contacted the developer multiple times about this issue to see if there was a chance I was missing something, and they have refused to respond. Given the fact that you are probably considering this app for work that is valuable to you, I would keep in mind that you could find yourself left with no technical support should something go wrong with it.

louise237, Aug 19, 2022
Absolute great tool! Newly refined and even better...

Not often I take time to write a review, but often times dev’s get hit with issues that are minor (meaning they do not take into account ones full scope of the product). One issue affects a person, and therefore the whole product is junk - No.This product is refined and beautifully thought out. It absolutely helps me to absorb all the reading that must be done. It does this in a VERY enjoyable way. The overall beauty of this software is around ingesting large amounts of reading and pulling out the viable information in order to move on to the next reading. Top notch, worth the cost! NOW, let it be known that manuals and help is far from available. You have to do a lot of experiential experimentation to get to know this software. I have day by day been finding new features that are exciting, because days prior I would be thinking to myself I need this or that feature... then it appeared. Hahaha, an experience indeed.

Mpoweru, Jul 31, 2018


MarginNote 3, all brand new e-reader to better study and digest your books Integrating powerful tools for book annotation, mindmapping, flashcards and more, to build up your reading notes as never before. ============================================ Welcome to MarginNote. This is a highly powerful reading and study software and is applicable to Mac, iPad, and iPhone. By integrating the PDF/EPUB reader and multiple powerful study tools, MarginNote will enable learners to reorganize and connect knowledge from different aspects, then memorize and grasp it accordingly.

Whatever your profession, such as student, educator, researcher, lawyer, or life-long learner, you may annotate and take notes through MarginNote, organize notes via Mindmap and Outline, connect knowledge horizontally via Hashtag and raise memory effect via the Flashcards. You will discover what MarginNote does is not to simply integrate these tools. Instead, it combines them deeply and skillfully, which makes it easier for users to toggle between different tools. What’s New in MarginNote 3 * New and Clean UI Completely redesigned. * Improved performance and Running more smoothly * Support both Document Reading mode & Study Reading mode. * Excerpts & Note-taking * Enhanced Handwriting & apple-pencil support. * Support TextBox on PDF. * Support direct text-typing & sketching when editing note cards. * Support Auto OCR when excerpting on scanned PDFs. * Emphasis & Cloze * Support direct emphasis in powerful Emphasis mode both on PDF or Outline. * Support auto convert emphasis to Cloze in CardDeck. * Support creating Image-Occlusion flashcards. * Multi-Documents * Support both document tabs & split views to switch between documents. * MindMap * Auto grouping new excerpts by Document Table of Contents. * Support new brach display mode: Framework. * Swipe/Drag gestures to slide in/out Outline & Documents in Study mode. * Enhanced grouped cut/paste, drag to merge,.. etc. * Outline * Improved search and displaying keywords in results. * Improved styles. * CardDeck: * View Flashcards in MindMap mode and Document mode. * Enhanced Anki Export: Card styles, Image occlusions, Cloze * Enhanced Research web browser. * iCloud Sync * Fixed several design issue in previous versions. * More stable & improved performance. * Categories * Separate categories for Document, Study and Review. * Trash * Recover data from Trash and make data more safe. * Trial * 14-days free trial. MarginNote 2 features: Reading: - Support PDF and EPUB format; Annotating and NoteTaking: - Support text highlight and rectangular highlight; - Add notes directly at the page margin; the note editing area will not overlap with the book content at all; - Text, voice, picture, sketching and many other forms of comments in note; - Add hashtags to notes to facilitate the connection of notes; Outline and Mindmap: - Outline and Mindmap in one view; - Create Outline tree by swipe gestures; - Multi-selection editing such as group, merge, clone, etc; - Quick searching and filtering according to colors, hashtags, books. Flashcard: - Highlights and notes can be automatically turned into flashcards for review; - Spaced repetition adopting the Anki-based algorithm; - Switch to the linking book page at any time; iPad Pro & Apple pencil: - Split View of multiple tasks; - High-precision drawing by Apple pencil; - Fine tuned for Apple pencil; - Keyboard shortcuts; Import, Export and Sync: - Import webpages and notes from Evernote; - Export flashcards to Anki; - Export Outline to OmniOutliner; - Export Mindmap to iThoughts or MindManager; - Export to Evernote; - Export all the margin notes, MindManager, Outline and Pages to a printable PDF; - Sync books¬es with iCloud; Terms of Use: https://www.marginnote.com/press/marginnote-3-term-of-use Privacy Policy: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/92678020

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