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User Reviews for Mangamo - Unlimited Manga

Pages are a mess

I really wanted to like this app. I’m happy to pay for any platforms, like Mangamo, that consolidate a lot of manga and have easy readability. I paid for one month and counselor handle it anymore and had to cancel. I’ll give Mangamo two stars for having a pretty decent library, there’s definitely plenty of titles I would like to read. But what ruined it for me is that every single chapter I tried to read, the pages were out of order. Every single chapter. I don’t know if it’s an interface problem or genuinely the pages are available in the wrong order. It became very hard to read - I would fast forward to somewhere towards the end of the chapter to read the beginning of the chapter and then bounce around trying to figure out the correct order. It became very frustrating and impossible to read so I eventually just cancelled my membership.

cupkac7, Jun 28, 2022
Much improved, runs very smoothly now

When the app was first released there were some issues with manga losing very slowly, and delays while browsing. I’m happy to say that those issues seem fixed now. The app runs very smoothly, and still has the same sleek design as always.It also looks like a lot of new content has been added (whereas there were only a few chapters of each manga when the app first launched).All the improvements show that the developers have been working to improve the app, which is great to see.Pros:- Consistent improvements to the functionality and content of the app!-The UI looks very sleek, and navigation feels like common sense for a phone app- The “explore” section gives a lot of recommendations- The “browse” section lets you filter by genre- Save manga to your list and easily get back to them- Manga are fully translated to English- Lots of options (but only a few chapters of each, for now)- Manga descriptions, including author and publisherCons:- Maybe add a search functionNo other cons for now. I’m looking forward to seeing where this app goes.

Dr. Jebediah, Aug 01, 2020
Good legal option for manga but still needs more chapters

Finally a legal option to support Manga creators, however the chapters are lacking for each new series. Would love a function for release schedules to stay up to date. It has potential for growth.

Gr80ne, Oct 09, 2020
I like it

It’s a smooth app but it seems like there are missing chapters on old manga like fairy tail, not sure if they’re slowly being updated

KatsuHatsu, Jul 10, 2021
Why one star?

Well to start out, if most manga apps required you to pay the fact that you have to pay for a membership after the trial, but most do not require you to pay. Therefore this app should not require you to pay unless it’s for getting chapters early, not having access to the manga. I’m basing it off of very little but that amount is major when it comes to these things, especially when the competition is free.

lolz_lord_2000, Oct 10, 2020
Legal way to support creators

I’m giving this 5 stars solely for the reason clueless people are complaining that they have to pay while other (mostly illegal ones) are free. Of course, it will be better to have few more up to date chapters for some series but still worth the subscription fees for the currently available one and you can subscribe on and off to read some titles and come back when more series got updated. This service has potential and hope to see the database grow more later on.

Nay 2525, Nov 25, 2020
Generally Okay

As far as app functionality goes I would give the app 5-stars, where they loose points for me is consistency/transparency.For a paid subscription service I think they need to implement a sort of update system to let users know how often/ when to expect certain series updates (like Manga Plus) I’ve used this app since it launched and there are some series on there that have not been updated at all since their initial addition to the service. Or they have updates so inconsistently it’s a bit of a waste to pay each month for the service.Ex. I know a lot of people joined this app to read Loving Yamada at Lv999 but the chapters update very sporadically. Some months there’s no updates and others you’ll get 2 chapters a month. It’s a monthly series so you’d think a once a month update would be the basic release schedule, but the raws are on ch 66 while Mangamo has only uploaded to ch48, so I don’t really get why there isn’t at least 1 update a month when there’s so many chapters available.I would rather them focus on the titles that they already have and provide consistent updates instead of trying to provide every title they possibly can with updates happening once a year for some series.

nurrk, Nov 21, 2021
Much better

The app is working great, I wish there was a search function though. Also, sometimes there is a lag when I’m downloading the chapter. But overall good design.

Ravenisgod, Jul 31, 2020
Good way to try out titles

The chapters available change as the publishers add and remove volumes etc. So in that way the app is different than I expected. It’s not a library where I can always read and reread the same volumes. It is, however, an excellent way to read a series before committing to a title. I’ve since added 3 titles to my physical purchase queue. My only complaint is that I often run out of things to read. On the bright side sometimes a title is dropped with various volumes instead of a single chapters so it evens out. Based on the current price of subscription, it seems worth the price. Especially since it has titles like Loving Yamada at lvl99 which is currently only available on this app.

Smubear, Jun 19, 2021

I’m not one to go around saying apps are bad but this is just straight up a lie it said that unlimited anime…,and stuff but when I downloaded the app and I opened the first manga that showed up and it said “start free trial to read” I’m not here to give a terrible review just next one don’t says unlimited,free and stuff next time cause I was severely disappointed to see it wasn’t free all I’m saying is make it clear it’s not free next time.

steamboey, Jun 21, 2021


Mangamo is the official unlimited reading manga destination from over 20 top Japanese publishers, with exclusive titles such as Loving Yamada at Lv999!, Devil-Chi, Immortal Undertaker, A Man with A Thousand Skills, You Guys Are All Annoying!, Dropkick My Devil!, Reset Game, Tokyo Death Game, Memento Memori, I Wanna Be Your Girl, Nanase's Crazy Love Obsession, Control Love, Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun, Angel of Medicine!, My Evil Stepbrother, I Fell in Love So I'm Streaming It and much more. UNLIMITED READING • One low monthly price, cancel anytime • No additional fees or limits on reading • No ads OUR LIBRARY IS GROWING EVERY DAY • Over 1,000 books legally licensed from Japan • New chapters every day • Exclusive award-winning series like Loving Yamada at Lv999!, I Fell in Love So I'm Streaming It, Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun and Reset Game • More Only on Mangamo titles like Deathdeus: Hero of the Dead, Dead or Strike, The Shinsengumi, BLACK999, Summer Hero, Bangyaloop and Tokyo Dragon Night • More new release titles such as The White Necromancer, Robustness - Road to Olympia, I was invited to the otherworldly country as a warrior, but refuse and decided to start as a soldier, Dungeon Battle Royale • Partial series of hit titles like Attack On Titan, Fire Force, A Silent Voice, Domestic Girlfriend, Devil's Line, Inuyashiki, Knights of Sidonia, Nodame Cantabile and Space Brothers • The original series Japan Sinks 2020 (based on the Netflix original anime) MEMBER BENEFITS • No reading limits • New chapter releases every day • A variety of genres: Shonen, Seinen, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi, Fantasy, School-life, Supernatural, Romance, Shojo and more • Only $4.99 (USD) per month. Cancel anytime.

BUILD YOUR PERSONAL LIBRARY • Add a new series you discovered to your list and view your finished collections • Automatically track your reading progress on every title • Easy one-tap bookmark for return reading • Add titles to your reading list • Reading optimized for any iOS device ENJOY THE HIGHEST QUALITY READING • High quality imagery for iPhone and iPad • Professional, accurate translation on all series • Intuitive page to page navigation in gallery view • Choose between Horizontal or Vertical scrolling options (read like a webtoon) • Three different methods for zooming--choose your favorite Your subscription to Mangamo helps support the manga creators that work tirelessly behind the scenes to forge your favorite stories. Download Mangamo on your iPhone or iPad today and read FREE. No subscription required.  Subscribe for unlimited reading. Cancel anytime.

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