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User Reviews for Mail+ for Outlook

Inconvenient errors

Why has the lag issue never been fix? An email app that can’t keep up with texting is an issue. Please update ASAP.I have been using this app for years. It’s ok, but has many quirks that have never been worked out. Searching for email is excruciatingly painful, and will most often lead to the app freezing requiring the app to be restarted. There has also been a lag issue in the text when you type. You can type your message, but it doesn’t respond on the screen for about 3-5 seconds. Layout wise, it’s a great app. Functionality and usability is average to below average, but I also haven’t found better alternatives so I work with the chronic, long-standing issues. It may be worth mentioning that I have also deleted and re-downloaded the app with all the same issues. I’m not sure if the developers use this app, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one experiencing these issues. Free app, though.

Dsjm2002, Sep 23, 2020
Updated Review- Finally better!

I'm leaving my original reviews below but would like to update by saying the developer has finally fixed issues with crashing upon performing searches; which essentially rendered app useless. Somehow after an update bug is fixed. I must add that one of my co-workers uses this app as well, she has the same model iPhone as I do and same iOS version and she still experiences the issues I had before. But for me, this app is working perfectly once again.This is an updated review. I used to love this app for several reasons. Unfortunately about a year ago, it started crashing when searching emails and contacts, replying to messages, opening/attaching documents. Despite several emails to support, the issue has never been fixed and it's making the app unusable. I just sent another email to support and their reply was "We hope to have this issue fixed eventually". Thats a less than ideal and desirable reply, especially for an app that costs $5. I'm not sure why apple and/or the developer still have this app in the app store. Don't waste your time and your patience with this.

Floridaguy07, Mar 08, 2017
The best email app for business

I'm using this application recently and I have found it very useful. I do get emails constantly and I'm always on the go. I haven't found any email application with the same futures that this application has I do really like the fact that I can:1. Change the font 2. Change the colour3. Bullet points (Numbers or points)4. Underline letters5. Bold letters6. Easy readable calendar 7. Emails are organised and easy to readThere are more options as well on this application which is really very useful for those whom are constantly on work email.I always had to go back my laptop if I want to respond on an email where by I have to use a different colour in my response or if I want to change the font. Now I don't need to carry my laptop anymore 🎊😃🎊I have mail plus on my iPhone.It worth every $ I paid. They have a very good customer service as well. Every time I asked for assistant it didn't take long to get back to me on. Few of my colleagues at work liked the application after I showed them what it can do and they downloaded it as well and started using it.In short this application to me is No.1 in the market and it made my life easier as I'm a person who constantly get work emails.

Gillbeart, May 26, 2017
Way Better than Outlook

I don’t write a bunch of reviews but I love this app. I downloaded it for a second e-mail and within minutes deleted my primary outlook app and put both accounts on here.Having the folders work right is amazing. Being able to format text is really helpful.Only suggestions I have would be adding an undo button for those times when you miss filing where you intended and the ability to select the default account. Since I loaded my secondary account first, I had to delete the app, add my primary first and then my secondary again so that it would default to open to my primary account when I first launch the app.It would also be nice to have the option for it to go to the last account you used. I have two companies and I am usually using one or the other as primary depending on what project I’m on. But having it always default to a specific account is also a helpful option. So the ability to choose to do either one would be best.Thanks for the great work.John

Halastrion, Apr 17, 2021
Deletes contact info

Pls let me know if this happens to anyone else. This app is great EXCEPT.. it deletes information! Mainly phone numbers and hyperlinked info in business signatures but also, random words or numbers in the body of the email that it highlights. It deletes it on the forward/reply. Let me give some examples: if my business signature has my phone numbers and email address when I email someone, it’s there when they reply to me but if I reply to their email it deletes my phone numbers and email addresses as well as the person’s I’m replying to. Also if I say “...2 days ago” it would highlight the “2” and delete it when I reply again on that email thread. Very frustrating. Hoping there’s a very quick and easy fix! Pls let me know.

JulieSaid, Jul 10, 2019
Great MS Exchange Server App includes Calendar!

Update. 4 stars. In order for app to auto check for new emails the app must remain open, and will do so for maximum 10 minutes per FAQ. In order to synchronize after 10 minutes must re-open app because account credentials not stored on Mail+ gateway mail server. Also newly added calendar event has no option to specify advance reminder notification, only has reminder at event start time. Tested ok that app does not need to be running active for event reminder to appear after 10 minute mail manual check threshold.after searching a year found this compliant Mail+ Exchange Server mail app that syncs with the calendar! Bonus is easy to search for contacts. Prior iOS mail apps including one paid that stated it could but didn’t that I tried either would not authenticate the account credentials, could not show the calendar so I missed appointments! Worth the $5. Thanks!!!!!

kolffan, Jan 24, 2018
Glad this is available!

With my iPhone 6 I used Inbox Pro for my work emails.... it was the best, however, for whatever reason they do not offer that app with iPhone 7??? Makes no sense... so after downloading MANY apps, this app was the only app that I was able to retrieve my work emails from so I'm thankful it is available:)It's ok and lets me read emails, although I am noticing that some emails do not come through on here but do on my computer... that could be an issue... I'm a week into it and will just have to accept this is what I have to work with:). It's FAR better than having nothing :)

Lingmann, Feb 17, 2017
Work Life Saver!

I just can't say enough good things about this app! Made it possible for me to be fully accessible to work when remote, in spite of my company's extremely intrusive security measures around bring your own device - requiring that I essentially turnover full access to everything on my personal phone, just to be able to access company email within my phone's native email application. I've tried other apps, which are little more than a web browser accessing Outlook webmail, and incredibly frustrating and tedious to use. This app is the closest to using your phone's native email application as you can get, is in full compliance with all of our security policies and procedures, and yet doesn't require me to install their privacy and personal security violating software. I'm a huge fan!

PzzlMstr, Nov 06, 2016
Developer has given up. Dead app.

This app had a lot of potential but it has just too many bugs to make it practical for regular use. You can't accept/decline multiple calendar invites, there are a number of glitches in the UI, and some serious contacts related and usability issues overall. I've been in personal touch with the developer who wasn't sure whether they would continue to support this app or not. It took over a year to finally see an update but it's not clear what the update was for except to clear the slate and receive all new fresh ratings. All of my previous reported bugs and others I'm aware of from other users still remain. Suffice it to say, i don't recommend this app due to the developer lack of interest and having moved onto other projects.

Superfly151, Sep 19, 2016
It has potential, but there is a showstopper

UPDATE - After almost a year of waiting the developer has finally updated the App. Unfortunately, it did not solve any of the issues that I described in my previous review. I am lowering my rating to one star due to both the excessive amount of time it took for an update and the fact that none of my issues were addressed. I am also having the same problems with the App on my iPad Pro 9.7.*******Unfortunately, This App allows me to view my company email a lot better than just accessing Outlook from a website, however, one very important feature doesn’t work at all. The App crashes when performing Company Lookup for Contacts. I contacted the developer and they requested me to re-configure my account by deleting and then re-entering the account details, which did not change anything. They responded back that they would need to check the issue further and I have received no additional response. This is an issue on both my iPhone 6 and an older iPad. Also, on the iPhone 6 there is an issue where if the fingerprint is enabled and you double click the iPhone home button, then try to swipe up to close the app, the app reopens. You must first close the app with a single button click, then you can double click and swipe up to fully close the app.The first issue is a definite show stopper. If corrected, I would definitely rate it much higher. The second issue is merely an annoyance.

TimManRK, Sep 01, 2016


######################################## - Securely access Outlook Email and Calendar - #1 Outlook/Exchange Email App - Top 5 business apps, peaked at 55 overall ######################################## Keep your work and personal email accounts separate. Access your work email with an all-in-one Outlook/Exchange solution with tools designed for mobile business users. Read and compose Outlook emails and manage your calendar directly from any iOS device.

No more using the web browser to access your Outlook account! -Read and reply to all Outlook email (includes subfolders) -Open and forward attachments -Compatible with PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG files -Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, Office 365 business - Rich HTML Text Editing - Out of Office - Scheduling Assistant -View, create calendar events (and reminders) -Search Exchange Global Address Book -Access contact details (name, tile, phone) -Landscape mode (great for iPad) -User-friendly design with easy navigation -Excellent customer support -Signature feature available -Passcode protection for extra security -Secure login -Multiple accounts -Works on iPhone, iPad over 3G or WiFi -Connect to Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 -Compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, AOL Connect with us! http://www.mailplusapp.com http://www.twitter.com/mailplusapp http://www.mailplusapp.com/news Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. This application has been developed by a third party developer and is not endorsed, tested, or associated with Microsoft Corporation.

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