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User Reviews for Mahjong Deluxe Go

Mahjong Go

Unfortunately, at least for me, the new version is not an improvement. The game cut off frequently, went back to the very beginning when I went back in, and was generally much slower in responding. In the middle of a game, the tiles suddenly became tiny, then became too big to fit the screen when I tried to get them back to the right size. As one who plays this game nightly, it was very frustrating. I hope these bugs can be corrected.Well, your November update has "fixed" the problem so that I can't even open the game now. It starts to load but then the screen goes black and goes back to the home screen. I've enjoyed playing the game but I guess it's goid bye now.

Barkleykizer, Dec 01, 2019
You didn’t bother to fix anything you just broke stuff That already worked

1. Everything coming at once onto the screen may seem like a good idea. But it interrupts the tranquility of moving into a meditative observational state and the detracts from the benefit of playing the game. 2. The blurring of the tiles when tapped is a dull trick3. The turning of successful matches into a red blur once again distracts from the mental focus, without bringing anything attractive or stimulating into the game.4 if you were trying to improve the game you could have increase the three dimensional quality of the appearance so that the layers had more distinction from one another. I know you worked hard on this and I am not trying to hurt your feelings. Good luck.

Bcurll, Oct 07, 2018
Offline Ad Captive

I’ve had this game for many years and always enjoyed it, and the new layouts are fun. I could play it offline ine, not being interrupted by ads. Now, even off-line, I am forced to sit through longer ads. Some can be skipped after a certain amount of time, but others take you to the App Store, unless you watch all the way through. A few have even frozen when I tapped the “X”, forcing me to reboot the app. Since I use the game offline, at times, and only use the App Store online, I get trapped into needing to go back online when it isn’t possible for me, in order to get out of App Store purgatory (the you’re not connected, retry screen ). I lose the game I’m playing because I need to close the app itself to reboot it. So on and so on. Also, if these ads are being downloaded for offline users, then they are wasting cell data and/ or phone memory, no matter how few megabytes they have. I hate having to write a nasty- gram about such a well designed game I have loved for so many years.

Coleel Pendragon, Aug 25, 2021
Good game, graphics less so

I have the original EnsenaSoft Mah Jong Deluxe (c 2011) as well as this new version. The games are still fun, and I quite enjoy them. But the graphics for this new version, believe it or not, are not as sharp as they are for the original version! The barnyard bonus is funny, and fun to play. Maybe my eyes will get used to the new and “improved” graphics. I asked my husband to look at the two versions, and he agrees with me, though, so I’m not too hopeful. Still, it’s a good game, the backgrounds are pretty, and I hope I can use this version as much as I used the old one. I’m afraid the old one might not work when I upgrade my iPad to iOS 14, which is why I got this new version.

Genknit, Sep 27, 2020
More ads than watching tv

This is a real fun game, nice design. One out of ten patterns leads to excruciating "not fun" play, like when it's on its seventh redeal and you still have stacks 4 deep. That's not entertainment its torture. The music is real nice: the only game I have ever played without killing the music. But the ads, my god. Half of them are TV length AND volume. They could probably get $10 out of me for a no-ads version, but no such option I can find. Once you're pretty good, a game takes 4-5 minutes and then a TV length ad for something of no interest. And it won't operate offline which is how to avoid ads on some games. So 5 stars, minus 1 for ads and minus 1 for the occasional death march torture session. Not for anyone with depression.

Hairyterry, Sep 27, 2017
Great game

It challenges you to see if you can find the matches in a certain amount of time before the pictures either change or to choose to shuffle to the next screen. At the same time it’s a memory game to see if you recall where you saw the match and if it’s gone you need to make up your mind to go on to the next screen. Sometimes I do have a good night and can win most games like 3-4 games in a row, and then there are some nights I can’t win at all. I like it a lot since I play a lot of mahjong games that are challenging. I also like that it allows you to play at your own pace , you can choose to go fast or moderate it’s a given but if you go to slow you will not score 3 stars. I tend to go back to improve my score especially if I get one or two stars before I move on, and if I can’t beat it then I go on to the next game . The following night I will go back to the game that I didn’t score 3 stars . It’s a must before I can think of moving on.👍🏻💕

mlsjazzi3, Oct 09, 2019
Sold Out For The Glitz

This was one of my favorite games. My go to game to play solo and decompress. No longer. This last revision has changed the game for me by adding unnecessary distractions with puffs of smoke when you match the tiles and blurry tiles when you hit a tile that doesn’t match another tile. If you are looking to play to beat your prior score this is NO LONGER the game to play. The smoke puffs and blurry tiles causes you not to see the screen momentarily causing the player not to see the tiles and increasing the seconds to complete the game. Also moving the pause button to the left instead of keeping in on the right side with the other buttons also adds time until you can pause the game. If you can’t revert back to the prior version I will not be playing.

NASBren, Nov 19, 2019
........BEST MAHJONG GAME ........

I really Love this app game. I have Downloaded many Mahjong Games only to delete the app. I’m just spoil on this Mahjong app. I finish the tiles and when all is completed. I uninstall the app and start all over just to see if I can beat that time I did before. I really feel that the developers should make a button to delete each game when completed so one does not have to uninstall each time one finishes. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!Just wanted to say thank you for expanding your app with new mahjong game puzzles. Just know I still feel this is the best Mahjong game. It’s been years and I’m still enjoying it. Cannot wait for the next updated set. Keep up the great work.

PeanutButterBrown, May 21, 2021
The new Scores are not explained. I want to turn them off!

My earlier complaint was fixed, I forget how long it took. I can’t write a new comment? July 12, 2020: crabby is right, the score and time should not be flipping back and forth like that! I need an option to choose which one I want. And there is no explanation for how the score relates to the time. I get that there may be a leaderboard later. I will want to opt out of that. I like the barnyard and the animated effects, but was glad I could skip those. Some of us want things simple. BTW, the flowers and seasons look too much alike.

Polly5931, Jul 12, 2020
Farm Mahjong

This game is fun! I turn the volume up, instead of down, because I enjoy hearing the crickets and all the animal sounds. At first I thought the tiles were too small to see on my iPhone 8 screen but once I got familiarized with the tiles their size was OK, but could be larger.It would be nice if the pictures on the game screen faded to a solid color during game play. The tiles get lost in the background once in a while. I have been playing some form of Mahjong for about 15 years and I think I’m a good player. Just not that good with this version and I have to blame that on the current background along with tile size.

SSGT LITTER, Jan 14, 2019


Mahjong Deluxe is a solitaire game based on the classic Chinese game where you are challenged to eliminate all the tiles from the board. It includes 12 lovely backgrounds and 1008 different puzzle layouts along with relaxing background music. Besides the classic Chinese theme, it also has a bonus down on the farm theme and lots of fun animal sounds.

You will find hours of fun as you eliminate all the tiles from the board. Mahjong is played with a set of tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols and made for us in China. Find matching pairs of images at the left and right ends of the lines in the various puzzles to remove the tiles from the board. Each puzzle layout randomizes tile orders so you can play the same puzzle many times with it never being the same. Features: * 1008 different mahjong puzzle layouts with a different tile order each time. * 8 different backgrounds to choose from. * Plus 4 Christmas backgrounds that also play holiday spirit songs in the background when chosen. * Bonus barnyard theme with tiles, farm backgrounds, music and fun animal sounds. * Great background music and sounds. Relax and enjoy this beautiful game today!

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