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Magic Fingers: Amazing Paint!

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Magic Fingers: Amazing Paint!

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User Reviews for Magic Fingers: Amazing Paint!

Incredible! Mind Blown!

This app is unbelievable! I have no idea what the brain science is but I actually felt emotional while playing, no explanation for that, it's just powerful. Other things: developer is way too hard to reach for feedback, I guess you're supposed to register to a forum in order to give feedback or ask a question...no thanks, I don't need another arbitrary web login. You should just provide an email...simple. My question was: why can't I see the 'gallery'? It's just blank, doing nothing. I was dying to see what other people are doing with this app but there's just nothing there? Is it ever going to be functional? Besides that, super duper cool app and I can't wait to see where this will go!!

ARM.116, Dec 18, 2018
Like Therapy!

The music is so relaxing and soothing and then you can just let your mind go for a quick moment of therapy with all the different effects. I love it already and have shown others and I just found this yesterday. Also gonna let my nieces play with it for a few minutes of entertainment when needed! Thank you for the app!!

Brenda 3874, Oct 02, 2020
This app is what keeps me functioning

I am a college student with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and a few other disorders that make my life extremely difficult. This app is one of the only things that keeps me functioning. I have actually gone through the steps of getting permission from my college professors to use it in class when I have sensory overloads, because it is one of the only things that can help me settle down. I use it to focus when doing my homework, and to calm myself down from panic attacks. I have never been more grateful to have found anything in my life, and don't know what I would do without it.

Idorableluver, Apr 02, 2017

I’m pretty sure this app downloaded a virus on my phone. I kept the app all of 10 minutes because the ads take up a quarter of the screen, and the effects options took up another quarter so my son couldn’t play it at all without leaving the page and I’m not paying for such a simple app. But it downloaded itself and a separate app icon identical to it that is dark. I assumed when I deleted the regular app it would go away, NOPE. It’s still there, I can’t delete it, AND now my phone spazzes out constantly, opening and closing apps, pushing buttons I’m not pushing while I’m typing, lagging constantly, it’s beyond annoying and I’m sure I’ll have to reset my phone to fix it. Word to the wise, DONT DOWNLOAD THIS IT ISNT WORTH IT.

Jaimerrrrrssssss, Oct 21, 2018
Paid to remove ads but there is still an ad at bottom

So my granddaughter loves this game but she got frustrated because she kept hitting ads which took her to the App Store. I paid to have the ads removed and I got a confirming message that I was successful. Unfortunately the ad at the bottom remained. She now doesn’t like playing with this game because it keeps taking her to the App Store and I have to get her back to the game. Fix this! I couldn’t find a way to email the developer directly.I don’t see that the developer has updated the software but the ad at the bottom has disappeared so I am raising my rating to a 5. My grandkids do love this when the ads are gone.

KSBoiler, Dec 02, 2017
Paid for no ads, reset iPad and ads are back

This app was very helpful for a long flight and keeping my 10 month old occupied for a few minutes at a time. I paid for the ad free version within the app so my daughter would not keep getting sent to the iTunes Store while she played the game. I had to reset the iPad recently and now when I re-downloaded the app it no longer recognizes that I paid for the ad free version and wants me to pay again. While it’s only a dollar, I feel like this is a rip off. I am also unable to get the ad free version on my phone when the app should work for both devices.

M3910M, Sep 28, 2018
Big Disappointment for a little boy.

My 4 yr. old great nephew has been playing with this app for several years. It was one of his favorites. One day before Christmas, we tried to open the app, and it would not open. I read the online chats about problems other people were experiencing, and tried all the fixes. One suggested going to settings> notifications> Magic Fingers app, and I did that, but the app was not showing in my notifications. Also suggested was to delete the app and reinstall it. I deleted it, and it will not re-I stall. We have been trying to use the app every weekend since the holidays with the same result. Nothing. We used to play on this app for hours, and really miss it.

Nunca525, Feb 09, 2022
From 5 Stars to 2!

I downloaded this for my 17mo son after my sister told me about it. (She uses it for her 2yo daughter). My son loves this app and it’s great when we have errands to run to keep him occupied. It’s the perfect app. I downloaded it and of course the ads would go every 5 minutes, which interrupts the fun, so I purchased the .99 to remove the ads, and then the music stopped playing! I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, and it’s still not playing music! And the ads are back!! I made sure I had my volume up and everything, but no music. I say if you get this app, try it out and see how it works for you.

PuzzleAdventurer, Apr 04, 2021
Best app for the little ones!

Going on a drive and forgot the coloring book? This app is a lifesaver! Even though I’m a mother myself, I play this app! It’s very fun and helps with stress sometimes when my children are balling their eyes out I’ll get them a blanket and hand them some snacks with the game and it calms them down and satisfy’s them! It helps so that I can do chores without having to make sure they are entertained this app is great for any age it’s fun and my kids love it more than coloring, all the textures are so fun!

sissyoo, Oct 08, 2018
To many ads

Our grandchildren have love this app over the years. They have just begun revisiting and I am really annoyed. Ads keep popping up and I am ready to get rid of it. They are now old enough to close the ad after having to wait for ability do it. It is very annoying. When they were younger it would have been a game changer because an adult would have to keep closing. When we first started using it it would have rated a solid 5 star but now a cautious 2.5.

u only accept good, Sep 07, 2020


++++++ "MESMERIZING!" ++++++ "VERY ADDICTIVE!" DESCRIPTION: This app is unlike any you've ever seen! Use your fingers to create beautifully layered patterns with over 50 different graphical effects. Each effect is different than the last and will keep your child and you entertained for hours.

FEATURES: √ Supports 10 finger multi-touch input √ Full high resolution Retina Display graphics √ Up to 50 different effects to choose from √ Record mode used to layer many effects together √ 3 classical background songs to choose from

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