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Magic File Viewer - Shu

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Magic File Viewer - Shu

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Chengdu PixelCyber Network Technology Co., Ltd.
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User Reviews for Magic File Viewer - Shu

Needs some mono fonts

Mono fonts are good for viewing codes. Otherwise the text editor is a bit lame.

A new user from Earth, Mar 10, 2020
This is a great file VIEWER app. I wish...

Especially for Binary files in hex. *ATTN Developer* There is a MASSIVE...hole in iOS software. There are *almost* ZERO hex EDITORS for iOS. ONLY thing useable is Filza’s built in..and..well..it’s not the greatest.*I wish* I could have a hex editor with the AMAZING view that Shu has for binary hex files. It’d be a...Shu in😂...as a hot App. Seeing as none others out there in the App Store..really even work at all.🙏 I know personally..I’d $pay$ for it and be thankful for it on top of that

gigaah, Aug 05, 2019
versatile,semi-expert app with engineering aesthetics

Among all the Elements which consist in the foundation of the World, Water must be the most adorable. It motivates Dake to proceed,to acquire the Unknown. People saying,"We need this,We need that", and long after, a voice comes up, "Wait, you undeserved", then vanishing, hidden back into Water again. Listen, you can still hear the Echoes,"not now~not now~not~~no~w~~~~".

Kosettelin, Jan 02, 2020
🙌🏽 Ovation 🙌🏽

I can count the number of times that I've ever written an app review on one hand, but this developer has earned and inspired at least two...for Shu and Anubis. The only reason why I haven't praised Thor yet is because I simply haven't learned how to use it properly yet. But Shu alone altered the course of my life. Literally. I've been targeted by Pegasus spyware for 14 months now, and was unable to perform the most basic analysis tasks on my iPhone due to the extremely limited funtionality offered by every other iOS app that even attempts to provide similar solutions. Shu allowed me to open, analyze, extract, export, share, and archive files and packages in ways that were entirely inaccessible to me before I discovered it somehow. The sole reason why I haven't sung the praises of these apps is because I fear that doing so will draw the evil eye of Pegasus to them, and place the developer's well being at risk. I hope that this review will be of at least a small token of value in return for the enormous amount of value that I've received from the developer's work. Whether he knows it or not, he has altered the course of humanity through the work that his apps have allowed me to accomplish in my fight to defend all of our digital privacy and the sovereignty of of the human mind. I hope that I can return the favor somehow, some day. Cheers.

NeVerdun, Jun 15, 2019
Insanely good

It just is. The file viewer supports all file formats, even custom ones, there are numerous folders, and if your on iOS, Shu corresponds with iCloud

Slightly0, Jul 24, 2020
还不知道拿来干嘛 先放在这里

希望可以更新一个电子书转格式的功能想把下载的epub转成mobi发给kindle 用

哒啦哒啦噜噜喽, Dec 11, 2021


夜长衾枕寒, Jan 13, 2020

where is the thor

快乐单车男, Jan 16, 2020


求加功能, Dec 13, 2020


那是她走过的地方, Dec 20, 2019


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