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Machinist Journeyman

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Machinist Journeyman

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James Rowe
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User Reviews for Machinist Journeyman


This is a good app. I can see if you normally run newer cnc operated machinery it could be very helpful. Unfortunately I run older manual equipment that doesn't even have DRO's on them and only some of the info from this app is useful to me. Maybe saves me a trip to look at a wall chart occasionally. I would reccomend if you run newer equipment. I would like to see them throw in the metric version instead of making you purchase another app, if I bought a book with this info in it, it would include metric also.

Bird dog422, Feb 06, 2011
Shop supervisor / toolmaker

This app is awesome!!!!!! The best part is that I had a suggestion for an update and got a reply within a couple hours. It wasn't a common reply letter it was a real person asking for details about my suggestions. I am a very happy customer.

DaveCarlisle, Mar 24, 2010
Great product

First off I would like to say that $10 was a bit pricy. That being said I think that this was a well thought out product. I held out to buy this version vs the first version. This will be used today at work so I might have an update later

Jime3, Feb 05, 2010
In just one word AMAZING!

I just cannot give Jim enough credit for his app. This app is surpurb and it worth every penny I spent on it and I can not wait until I see the next version. I have downloaded other types of programs, but this one blows the rest of them away.Many thanks Jim

jniekamp, Feb 21, 2010
Best machinist app out there!

I’ve been using this app since the creation of it. I use it everyday and show it to all my customers. I’ve been selling carbide since 1988 and have covered the Bay Area and Central Valley in California for Mitsubishi Carbide cutting tools for the past 17-1/2 years. It’s very simple and user friendly. Years ago I used an app on my old palm pilot called “Machinist”. I wish these 2 would get together and create one together. “Machinist” was amazing and had a materials data base and would allow you to input the machine data such as rapids, horse power, etc.. so when calculating drilling cycle times it would allow input for distance between the holes. Keep up the great work and thanks for the app!!

Kickitoldskool, Jun 16, 2022
My BEST App!

I told my son we needed to make this app sometime ago, but now it is too late. This is the best app on my phone, and the most used. I showed it too my tool salesman and he loved it. The calculations are perfect.So far the only thong that I see missing is a material data sheet. I own a small job shop and we cut all types of tool-steel, like A2, D2, S7, M2, H13, 4140A, 4142 PH, etc.Aluminums such as 7075, 2024, 6061 etc.Stainless Steel such as 303,304,310, 400 series, 17-4 etc.A Material data sheet would help machining calculatons.Well worth the money and would highly recommend this purchase!Mad-Hungarian

Mad-Hungarian, Mar 31, 2010
Buy this APP

Really great app! Works very well after latest updates! Starts every time with no issues. Jim is very responsive to emails and great at customer service!The one thing I was waiting on was the bolt circle calculator and he added that! Looking forward to future updates! Be careful about showing to coworkers because they'll be asking for your iPhone all of the time to utilize this app.I do use this app on almost a daily basis.

Micman2009, Feb 13, 2011
Repair Guy

I have used this App for over a year now and am still happy I spent the money.... I've looked at many others, but this one is my "Go To" app... Thanks Jim for putting it together... I have appreciated all the updates, but the one I keep hoping for is a Chord Calculation. Maybe someday... :-)

Myjoe67, Dec 20, 2011
Decimal/Drill Chart. Thanks for adding the Decimal/Drill Chart. I have been using it already.

I have been Machining for 45 years and still refer to Drill Charts quite often. I think that your Program is really an awesome reference, but would be nice to have a Drill Chart in it. If I need a #31 drill to tap a hole, I still need to know what that is in decimals of an inch. Most small drills you can't read what number it is and to know what it is in decimals of an inch makes it easy to just use a micrometer to measure the drill. My micrometer doesn't measure numbers, letters or fractions of an inch.Please make that part of a future update and then you have a perfect Machinist Program. Thanks for creating this because it sure does have a lot of very useful information.

olmuddy, Apr 06, 2010

I really like the app and use it often. It would be really nice if you could add cycle times to the drilling section. All sections

sixes&nines, Sep 08, 2018


Machinist Journeyman was just updated with new features to give you the best app possible. You will be amazed by the amount of "I Use it Everyday" content in this app. Featured in several Trade Publications, this app is surfacing quickly as the obvious choice for assisting in dozens of everyday Machine Shop Calculations. *METRIC VERSION NOW IN APP STORE* Search for "Machinist METRIC Journeyman" Striving for a User-Friendly Experience, the Journeyman brings you the desired calculations for Chip Thinning Milling Calculations, Circular Interpolation Feed Adjustments, Tapping Feeds, Trig Functions, Sine Bar, Metric & Inch Conversions, Tap Drill Sizes, Desired Spot Drill & C'Drill Diameter by Depth and much more.

The "Machinist Journeyman" includes:: "Picker" Style Decimal-Drill Chart "Picker" Style Centerdrill Info MILLING SECTION IPM FEEDS: *RPM & IPM *SFM & FPT *Radial Chip Thinning *Ballnose Chip Thinning *45 Degree Lead Angle Chip Thinning *Tap Speed & Feed *Threadmill G-Code Program Generator *Toroidal Milling MILLING SECTION IPR FEEDS: *RPM & IPR *SFM & FPT *Radial Chip Thinning *Ballnose Chip Thinning *45 Degree Lead Angle Chip Thinning *Tap Speed & Feed MILLING MISC: *RPM *SFM *Internal Circular Interpolation Feed Adjustments *External Circular Interpolation Feed Adjustments TURNING SECTION: *RPM *SFM *Helix Angle and Proper Anvil Selection for Laydown Threading Systems *Thread Reference Point *Length to Diameter Ratio *Smallest Effective Dia for desired SFM based upon Max RPM *G97 to G96 Constant SFM Calculations *Surface Finish Calculation DRILLING SECTION: *Drill Point Length *Spot Drill Depth for Desired Diameter *Center Drill Depth for Desired Diameter *Center Drill Dimension Information *Tap Drill Sizes for: NPT, NPS, BSPT & BSPP *Tap Drill Sizes Calculations for: * Cut Tap Inch * Cut Tap Metric *Form Tap Inch *Form Tap Metric Allows you to calculate Special Thread Specifications, not choosing ONLY from a pre-determined list MATH: *NEW* CNC Bolt Circle Calculator, 72 Holes, 3 O'Clock is Zero Degrees and goes Counter ClockWise in Rotation. Bolt Circle Calculator *Right Triangle Trig Section *Sine Bar Height *Dimensions for + and - Tolerances *Dimensions for + and + Tolerances *Dimensions for - and - Tolerances (Thanks Dave for the Idea) CONVERSION SECTION: *IN / MM *HP / KW *LB/ KG *Temperature *Torque *Square Across Corners *Hex Across Corners *Length to Diameter Ratio *MM Pitch to Threads per Inch ESTIMATING CALCULATIONS: *Qty. of Inserts *Per Part Tool Cost *Lathe Cut Time *Mill Cut Time *Manual Mill Feeds *Production Hours Needed for Job *Feet of Material Needed SALESMAN CALCULATIONS: *Profit Margin *Sell / Cost / Profit *Off List Discount REFERENCES: *NEW* Inch Size Screw Thread Info up to 1-1/4" diameter *GD&T Symbol Chart *Rockwell C to Brinell Hardness INFORMATION: *Highlighting articles that the Developer has had published which explains certain machining processes. Future updates will include Video Training Sessions. Focusing on a User-Friendly Layout, the Journeyman will continue to grow as more areas are developed and will be released as FREE Updates. Besides just producing the numbers you desire, the Journeyman illustrates certain theories while trying to educate users not familiar with these concepts. This training concept will be continued as the app grows. Visit www.smartcalculations.com to see more. NOTE: We suggest to periodically turn your device off and let it clear any stranded memory. The app will load every time after doing this small step.

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