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User Reviews for Lysn

Despicable, toxic community for artist and fans

I expected this app to be a good time for me to share with my favorite group EXO and the exols who love them. Instead, it has been used to not only demean the actual EXO members, Kim Jongdae specifically, and to ostracize those in the fandom who are not ace members (which is the majority, since we are international fans and have no need for the ace membership perks). The fact that this app has been a breeding ground for the toxic fans to discuss and carry out their harassment strategies on Kim Jongdae of EXO, even so far as defaming him in his hometown, and those in charge of the app have done nothing to assuage this behavior proves to me this app needs to be taken down. This is a man’s life, the lives of his wife and child are at stake, and it’s unacceptable.

@junmyeonsoup, Mar 18, 2020
LYSN allows unchecked bullying & harassment

When I originally joined the LYSN app I expected to have a good time interacting with my fav kpop group, EXO. LYSN CLAIMS that bullying and harassment of artists will not be tolerated on their app, but they are not enforcing their own policies. In the last few months since Kim Jongdae announced his engagement, antis have relentlessly spammed EXO’s community board petitioning for him to leave the group. These toxic people have left violent threats for him and his family members. Yet, LYSN has allowed these people who spew their toxic words on the board to remain for months now. Star chatting with another EXO member, Kai, was recently announced and a person who has been repeatedly posting toxic posts aimed at Chen is now boasting on Twitter that they’ve been approved to be one of the people chatting with Kai. This is absolutely ridiculous. LYSN should be BANNING all of the people who are harassing artists on the app. The majority of those posting toxic content are ‘ACE’ members who have paid for extra content which means y’all know their information.

AllykatTX, Mar 13, 2020
Isn’t it a bit inconsiderate?

Well you know, you have English speaking fans of idols too, not just KOR / CHN / JPN. Which means 30 characters doesn’t do sh... for us anglophones. It’s bad enough that any of us can only send 3 messages no matter how long it’s been since the idol texted, but the fact that you haven’t adapted the character limit to account for the fact that 30 characters in an east Asian language is a LOT more than 30 characters in Roman alphabet. Take the time to do the math and increase the character limit to FAIRLY accommodate foreigners by making romanized limit proportionate to what it is for Kfans. Our money is precious too.

Caseseyo, Jan 11, 2021
Fix Translations

I have 3 NCT artist bubbles and whenever I receive a text and translate it they translation is honestly horrible and half of the time doesn’t make any sense. Lysn should know that many international fans will subscribe to bubble so why are the translations this bad? And you can’t even copy the text to put it into a translator so I have to search on another app to see what they really said. It’s ridiculous that I have to go find what they’re really saying when I want to just properly read what they sent. Please fix this!!

clairenotclair, Feb 09, 2021
You have guidelines. Please enforce them

An artist on your platform has been receiving death threats, sexual harassment, target of false information, and even has had his personal info leaked on your platform. Last I checked, this platform has rules and guidelines, as well as the personal information of its consumers. Use it.Your consumers are committing a crime every day, yet you have failed to implement your own guidelines by putting them on suspension or even cancelling their account.If I could give this app a truthful rating it would be at a zero for it’s management’s negligence in protecting their consumer’s rights, as well as refusing to take action when faced with actual crimes that violate a private citizen’s privacy (the artist’s fiancée)

CrileySmiley, Mar 16, 2020
Toxic communities

At first, I was excited about downloading the app because I support several artists. But I found that one of the communities is being flooded with death threats, racism, bullying, and degrading comments not only towards the artist but to the fans who support the artist. I have personally reported these individuals multiple times, but I have seen no actions taken to prevent them from remaining in the app. The app promised that these behaviors would not be tolerated, but yet I keep seeing the same individuals continuing to leave such awful and corrupted comments. It has been months and no action has been taken to provide a healthy fan community. I had to stop opening the app because it damaged my mental and physical health. Please go through your own policies and deny these individuals from using your app. Actual fans of the artist are unable to connect and communicate because of these individuals.

dayflan, Mar 27, 2020
Renewing bug

I don't understand why this keeps happening but when i renew my subscription(automatically) it resets my entire chat. It's happened multiple times where i will be on bubble day 150+ and i check the next day and it says "we will meet again soon" and i have to RESELECT the idol I've used the voucher for the entire time I've used it and it completely resets the bubble days. This has happened to me at least five times. I'll finally make it to a high number and it resets me for reasons i cant figure out. My payments always go through but it just makes me reselect my idol which resets everything. I still have all the previous messages from the days I didn't reselect but it resets the day counter and takes away my characters which is super frustrating. I have no idea how to fix this or how to prevent it because sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. I'm so tired of worrying about the day counter resetting. I should be so much farther but here i am with bubble day1 anniversary again. I use other idols bubble apps and never had this problem. Only Lysn has had this problem for me. I would like to continue to use it but if this happens again I don't know what I'll do. It completely ruins my mood every time i go on the app and see the day counter reset.

King Lewis III, Dec 26, 2022

I see a lot of 5 star reviews of people saying they’re only doing it bc Jisung said to “show love” to the app but if I’m being honest, it’s not very good for international fans. There’s still a character limit for texts (I can’t even type half a sentence before I hit the limit) and obviously the screenshot disabling function is a bit annoying. I understand that all message content from artists are paid content but I mean paying for bubble in general is already a bit ridiculous. The app basically is like free platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Weibo just disguised as a messaging app. Not to mention some community boards are just straight up toxic and sometimes have bullying and harassment comments on there. I mean if we’re gonna rate this app at least be honest about it.

myhomiejesus, Jul 20, 2021
the app not that bad

i want to help other fans to see the helpful side for this sh¡t app~ since there’s so much one start’s here ♡ i have this app 4/5 years now, and i only check for two things that good in it 1/ bubbles. 2/ schedule.- I’ve hendery, xiaojun shotaro bubbles for 3 years now~ and yes translate is bad and they actually did try and add another translator you can now chose between google or papago( But it’s okay I understand they can’t give us 100% cuz we still not in future, you can check fan accounts who help w correct translations.- Lysn calendar is so useful, time & date are always changing when you change your location, this one helps me a lot to follow their schedule easily when im busy.

SJinJEDDAH, Apr 19, 2022
Filled with toxic and abusive comments

Even though the company’s policy states they will not tolerate offensive comments or bullying— This app is FILLED with harassment of artists, along with toxic and abusive comments. More specifically, harassment targeting EXO’s Chen. In January of this year, he announced he’s getting married to his girlfriend, and they’re having a baby. Most of the EXO-Ls were happy to hear the news! But, the few fans that were not happy started harassing Chen through the Lysn app. Commenting the most disrespectful things: Like how Chen should leave EXO because he’s getting married, how they won’t support EXO as long as Chen’s in the group, or how that he disrespected the other members of EXO and the EXO-L by getting married (um... WHAT...?), etc.. And, despite all this hate, Lysn has done NOTHING to remove those comments or those hateful people from the app... So, me and the rest of the (real) fans are downright confused by this, and disappointed beyond words... Please, listen. Seriously, FIX YOUR APP AND POLICIES.

starry_sara, Mar 27, 2020


Make your day more special with a message like a gift from your favorite idol! Start bubble right now and don't miss out on special private messages between you and your favorite idol! -------------- [Service Overview] 01. Favorite Idol's Everyday Story Receive a special everyday message from the artist who calls your name. 02.

Favorite Idol's Dedicated Content See dedicated content sent directly from artists. 03. Your favorite idol is waiting for your reply Reply to the artist with a message filled with encouragement and love. 04. Anniversary with Your Favorite Idol Today is Day 1! See the special anniversary date between you and your artist. 05. Chatting in my language Read the artist's message and send a reply in your language. [Optional Access Authority] 01. Photo Gallery Used to send and store photos and videos and to set profile pictures and chatroom background images 02. Camera Used to film and send photos and videos and to set profile pictures and chatroom background images 03. Mic Used to record and send voice messages and videos [Subscription Products] 01. Lysn benefits - You can select artists to receive bubble messages from according to the number of artist subscription coupons you have purchased. - Receive bubbles sent directly from the artist of your choice. 02. Subscription Prices and Period - Subscribe through iTunes, and the payment amount will be billed to your iTunes account. - Prices may vary depending on the number of artist subscriptions you purchase. Please refer to the bubble purchase website for details. - Subscriptions are monthly and automatically renewed. [bubble Official SNS] - Twitter: https://twitter.com/dearu_bubble - Instagram: https://instagram.com/dearu_bubble - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dearububble.official [Terms] - Terms of Use: https://api.lysn.com/terms/?msgType=service&locale=en - Privacy Policy: https://api.lysn.com/terms/?msgType=privacyPolicy&locale=en [Information] - Questions/Suggestions: [email protected]

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