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Kyungman Kim
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User Reviews for Lyrics+ Pro

Refund! App long longer available

App does not do anything it advertise

0+hsu, Mar 29, 2017
Works for me

The app works for me. When the lyrics don't appear, there is an option to choose other sources for lyrics. I haven't had any problems so far with finding the lyrics to a song. I wish that I could shuffle my songs, but when I choose my songs, it goes in the order of the playlist. I also wish that the menus could be shifted out of sight so that there would be more room for the lyrics. In the end, it does give me the lyrics to my songs and I hope that there will be a better interface.

Curious DY, Feb 25, 2012

This app is fantastic for searching lyrics and it finds most of them quickly too. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars. It would be 5 stars when they make it a native iPad app and take advantage of that larger screen to display the lyrics. Instant Lyrics is good but I hate how Instant Lyrics needs to take you into Safari to fid the lyrics and then you have to keep going back to the app in oder to play the next song. The playlist feature of Lyrics World avoids that. I think Lyrics World has more depth than Instant Lyrics but Instant Lyrics does currently have the advantage of being a universal app which I always prefer since I use my larger iPad more than the smaller iPhone.

DB4IP, Oct 26, 2010
Crash Fest on iPad

Thought I would take the chance and spend the $0.99 on the Pro version. 5 attempts to get it to load. Once it came up, no ads (yay!) but app may last maybe one to two song and crashes. Stability doesn't seem to be there yet.

Game Rigged, Sep 14, 2015
Great app for pro musicians but mine crashes each time...

This is a great app for finding lyrics on a gig but each time I try to return to the search bar it crashes and I have to reload the app from the beginning. It's also a bit difficult to scroll on the page if you're playing an instrument, like a piano, swiping your finger on the screen rolls the page too easily and quickly. A better feature would be to allow the page to stop moving when you remove your finger from the screen. Even with that however, I could rate this app 5 stars if it wouldn't crash each time... it's frustrating and almost easier to get lyrics from the web. Thanks Creative Coffee!

jonesmediapro, Jan 30, 2011
Payed twice for this

This app use to be called "PowerLyrics". the maker gave up on it, no updates then after awhile it just stop working. So I deleted it. I see in the app store after 6-8 months, exacted same app just different name "LyricsWorld". I thought I didn't have to pay because of previous purchase. But that was not the case. Seemed like a scam! The maker rarely updates then forgets the app. Changes the name puts the app again on the app store. Hmmmm..... The app was great the first time I bought it, but it hasn't changed since. they are way better lyric apps now. This app needs a Series update!!!

oldbroadway, Oct 21, 2010
Does not work

I want my money back please, this app no longer delivers lyrics to the user!!!!!!

Pappa-Joe, Nov 20, 2017
Do not purchase

App crashes every single time you search for lyrics. Not worth the the buck, or frustration.

Rycheman43, Sep 28, 2019

I have been looking for a good lyric app that didn't just give me lyrics for songs I own and this was so not worth a dollar . I am very upset with this app

Ugh cv, May 07, 2016

Please update

UserFriendly?, Dec 20, 2016


Welcome to "Lyrics+". "Lyrics+" supports Apple Music !!! (but not supporting Radio) You can look up Lyrics+ of any song on your iPhone/iPod play list in notime. It's VERY easy to use. You just need to launch "Lyrics+" and play any song you want to listen to.

You can listen to a song and read Lyrics+ at the same time. Also, there is no limit of songs to add as long as it's on your playlist. You can watch any music videos related to your results on Youtube. Once you play the movie clip, your song on your iPod or iPhone will stop. Once the movie clip is over, the screen will come back to "Lyrics+". Enjoy Youtube clips while you search for lyrics! Note: All lyrics are provided by 3rd party sources and copyrighted by their rightful owners. We do not host or supply any lyrics and can not be held responsible in any way for content, copyright, service related issues. You are buying the lyrics searching application and not the lyrics. "Lyrics+" doesn't provide any lyrics in it. You are responsible for using the search result.

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