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User Reviews for Lumu Light Meter

Try this app first!

Just what I was looking for! I have been looking for a luminance / light measuring app for an experiment I am doing for a long time. I have been through a number of apps before this one, which finally met the need! Other apps hit you with frequent ads, or don’t let you make camera adjustments, or don’t show results in real time. This app is either ad free, or low frequency of ads, lets you make camera adjustments, and shows results in real time! It allows for a number of adjustments, is easy enough, and seems to be fairly precise in detecting fluctuations (which I am looking for). A big thank you to the creator(s) of this app!

a random player named jon, Feb 24, 2019
This app used to work with the 1st gen lightmeter with an adapter for the lighting port. No more

The app recognizes the meter through the adapter, but then turns off Photo Ambient mode. Why? Then you’re taken to a screen to purchase your over priced 2nd gen hardware Hey LUMU here some news for you, all iPhones are going to USB C / Thunderbolt 3 starting with the next release. Just like the iPads are now. I’m done with your company over this clearly planned to force people to buy an upgrade. Keeping that the company will die along with the lightening cables.

BKbike, Jul 26, 2019
2 stars for lack of support

I have nothing bad to say about the functionality of my Lumu Power 2. It gives me ballpark readings on outdoor ambient light on a daily basis for my job, shooting mostly landscape video. I mostly use it for color temperature, but after a recent app update I immediately lost functionality of my color meter. It will give me no readings and gives the error “cannot read CCT”. I tried a factory reset of the module through the app: it gives me an error and asks me to check my internet connection every time I try. I’ve tried chatting on iMessage through their website, DM on Instagram, and e-mail - I’ve received no response in well over a week. That’s just too long for me to receive no reply from multiple communication mediums and multiple follow-ups. I want to use this module and want to make it work (and will continue to) if they ever get back to me. If you’re looking for a product that does what it says and you’re not concerned with what to do if something goes wrong, then you’ll probably enjoy what it has to offer while it’s working.

blinddogbeach, May 10, 2021
Meter was buggy developer helped me out

My power meter was not functioning properly after an update but I reached out to the developer and they helped me out. I use this meter for all of my shoots so it was a real handicap for me not to have one. It works just as well as any traditional light meter and fits in my pocket! I HIGHLY recommend every photographer videographer or lighting technician invest in one of these

calvinacosta, Sep 24, 2019
Real convenient but not that accurate

Light meter that works with the phone I’ve got on set anyway…awesome but the color meter feature isn’t very accurate at all. The reflective meter is accurate to within a tenth of a stop of my Sekonic meter, so that’s great and better than I expected. The spectrometer does a great job too. Where is falls short is in the color mode. Honestly the main reason I bought it. Small pocket sized tool that gives reflective metering and color. The accuracy is really really off though. Measuring outside in direct sunlight measures ~4300 kelvin…a true tungsten bulb measured about the same. Re-measuring an led source produces wildly different measurements every single time under the same conditions. Compared to my Sekonic C700 is laughable. Not that I expected this to be the same but this function (the reason I chose the pro version of the product) is so unusablely wrong that I don’t ever ever use it or would ever trust it.

chrismartindp, Jun 27, 2021
Connection issues

Purchased item on BHphoto couldn’t get it to work on my older iPhone and new iPhone 11 max. Customer service has been a pain. I reported the issue back in January and still no follow up. The issue is the connection port doesn’t fully hold inside the lighting port falls off easily and doesn’t pair to the phone to sync and use app. I don’t know why I can’t get app and device to work together. Spent a lot of money on this and it have been a waste.

doesnt sync with app, Oct 09, 2019
Not as good as I thought

Just received my lumu power and it does not read flash as good as my 21 yr old sekonic. I have to be right next to the flash before it will read. I can not stand where I put my subject and read the flash like I do with my sekonic. I was excited to get because I would not have to carry an extra device around but I’m gonna still have to.

Heath Shelton, Jan 22, 2019
Does the Luma “Pro” Dome require In-App purchases?

The app is really nice! I am ready to purchase a dome and would like to know if the Luma Pro dome requires additional in-app purchases to “unlock” the pro features. Are the in app purchases merely upgrade options for the lower priced units? The pro model seems to have everything unlocked at $499 when combined with the free app, since it’s the only one without this flag: * If necessary, additional modes can be unlocked directly from the app after purchasing this model. Do all three domes share the same hardware, upgraded by the app? I want all of the pro features, and would like to know the final cost to unlock all features. Thanks!

Jamdalu, Dec 24, 2018
One star

Until you guys fix my $250 light meter that heavily depends on the iPhone only and a app. I recently updated the app on my phone after been prompt to do so. After the update my light meter doesn’t work. The phone don’t even recognize it any more. I’ve email them for help and have yet to hear back! Still waiting!! .... UPDATE! It’s been 2 weeks and still have yet to hear back from these guys. paying this much for an a light meter that stops working after 3months is not fair at all. Do yourself a favor and look else where for a better light meter.

Nulalee, Sep 20, 2018
Overall excellent

The app plus the lumu sphere attachment is pretty good and could be great with some added features and tweaks. I was using it on a shoot today shooting 120 film and wanted to shoot on F/1.4 and wanted my exposure to be based off that criteria but the app only has shutter priority and ISO prioty; meaning it’ll lock down the shutter speed and ISO setting and only the F-stop changes. It would be nice to lock down the F-stop and let the shutter adjust to the selected criterias. This is a standard feature and should most definitely be available for a standard meter. The other feature just needs a little tweak is when the reading or setting is out of range way over or under there is a warning that comes up on the top of the screen but it’s not obviously enough.

Simple but fun fun fun!!, Nov 14, 2020


The light metering tool for every great image maker. Use the standalone app as a reflective light meter or use it in combination with Lumu Power hardware for professional Flash and Color Temperature measurements. Lumu Power is an easy-to-use digital incident color and light meter that works seamlessly with the free Lumu app to deliver Color Temperature, Illuminance, Spot, Ambient, and Flash Exposure metering functionality on your iPhone.

A new expression of what a light meter can be, Lumu meets the needs of enthusiasts, professionals, and students who find existing light metering solutions too bulky, expensive, and complicated. “The Lumu Power is without any doubt the most full featured light meter I have ever owned. It’s tiny, it weighs hardly anything, it manages to offer a feature set that expands way beyond what most will ever need from such a device.” - www.35mmc.com Key features: - SPOT METERING: Use your phone’s camera as a reflective light meter. With Lumu Power: - PHOTO SINGLE mode: Giving you exact parameters: exposure time, f-number, ISO, EV, lux. - PHOTO MULTI mode: Calculating average value or contrast between multiple measurements. - PHOTO PINHOLE mode: Measuring exposure time for custom pinhole camera settings. - CINE/VIDEO mode: Set FPS, F-number, exposure time and ISO. Get the values for the ambiental light. - FLASH EXPOSURE: See the graph of flash duration, measure its intensity. - COLOR TEMPERATURE: Read light Color temperature in Kelvin and Green/Magenta shift. - CHROMATICITY: See light colour in CIE1931 diagram and get X,Y,Z coordinates. - ILLUMINANCE mode: showing incident light level in lux / foot-candle values. - NOTES: Store all your measurements together with geo-location, custom notes and your photo in one place. + ND FILTERS, EXPOSURE COMPENSATION and more… Visit http://lu.mu/ to learn more.

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