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User Reviews for Luminancer

Having issues

At first the app was working but now it won’t let me use it on my videos!! It keeps zooming in on my videos for some reason! Really annoyed because I wanted this app for while and now that I have it, it doesn’t even work for what I want it for!! Please fix it!!!!!!!

Arial420, Mar 08, 2022
Video Import No Longer Properly Supported

I used to love this app. The video feedback simulation is great. However, I used to be able to import videos and apply all effects easily. Now importing a video appears to crop it or simply squeeze/expand the image to fill the app’s canvas, thus not allowing you to really see what you’re doing or gauge how you’re applying effects. The app always felt a little glitchy, unpredictable and unstable, but this really pushes it over the edge. Such a shame. Please consider fixing this.

Broca's Brain, Jul 05, 2022
Save yourself the frustration...

I tried using this app years ago to record videos of my LED hoop and I stopped using it because always ended up frustrated. I redownloaded it to give it enough try because I thought the issues would have been repaired, but nope. The same issues are still there.The app mostly either ends up stuck on a loading screen after I’ve recorded a video or just crashes altogether. It doesn’t seem to like videos over a minute or so, which isn’t conducive to dancing or getting in any kind of flow... It seems like these issues have been brought up in reviews for awhile now and I wish they would be resolved, I love the look of the tracers but I don’t even get to enjoy the effect since it doesn’t load half of the time.

Ccj11, Jul 27, 2019
One of the first and still the best!

Have been using this app since day one andstill use it all the time. The developer gets back with you almost instantly if there’s an issue and there are rarely any issues. The app is cool and easy to navigate and I love the UI. There’s just something special about this app that allows me to make some really interesting affects. Granted it doesn’t do everything like some people want it to but unfortunately in the iOS realm you have to use multiple apps sometimes.I’ve been beta testing apps for over 10 years and I see the work/time that is put into making some of these apps and it is brilliant. Always a fan of this app and always will be. Thank you for making it and I’ll tell you I still love love love the new icon!!! Sorry about rambling on but if you don’t have this app and you like video effects then this is an app you need in your arsenal!

Eve Severe, Jun 24, 2020
It's okay.

I've had this app for years now and there are definitely still things that need to be worked on.Overall it works great for short videos, but I've found that I cannot save anything that is longer than about 2 minutes. The app gets stuck on a loading screen until it crashes altogether, and there is no way to recover the video you just took and lost. There needs to be some type of backup so that in the event someone loses their footage to a crash they can go back to it. Another downside is that, while you can upload your own video and watch it through the app with the effects, you can't save it. You can only take photos while the video plays, which doesn't make much sense to be honest.Other than that, as long as you record short videos it'll work. I'll be honest, I'm sorely disappointed in the lack of things that really should have been common sense.

Isthisnicknametakenjerk?, Oct 20, 2017
Something special

There is just something very unique, and ahead-of-its-time about this app. I think people don't see/understand fully what it is yet. I found it about a year ago and somehow keep coming back to it. I download and try an average of at least 30 apps per day. ..everyday... & have come to the realization that there isn't anything quite like this out there. Technically, I've found 2, or 3 which are in a somewhat similar app category, but none could hold my attention for more then 10 seconds, or do anything more then 1 basic effect. The person behind this app is a genius. I hope he/she gets the recognition they deserve one day. If you read this by chance... High five dude! ✋😊💙 I love your app. Thanks for making it! 👍✌️

JaneBerlinH, May 18, 2014
Awesome BUT

Awesome app I love it but I hate that it always glitches and randomly doesn't save videos. I also don't like how it randomly refocuses and causes the video to be blurry. I feel as though the camera is not as good while using the app. Overall the app is awesome! Just very frustrating at times. It's definitely worth the purchase especially if these things get fixed 😊 I also wanted to say that I did turn my auto lock OFF and still the videos do not save sometimes 😥

Loooorita, Dec 31, 2015
Enhance your video in a unique way

Just downloaded and really enjoying this app.

Photoguru32, Mar 17, 2022
It’s great!

So the first review I saw was from the person that says you can’t save a video..... YOU CAN, you just have to hit the record button while watching the video lol. So you can start watching the video, pick a place to start recording and a place to stop, and then it gives you the option to save. I haven’t actually recorded a video using the app, so I guess we’ll see how it goes. I also saw in another review someone said you can record anything longer than 2 mins but why would you? No one is going to watch anything longer than like 30 secs lol plus you can use your phone camera and record a longer video, then upload it to the app and pick the section you’d like to save.

ratballs69, Nov 29, 2018
Videos Zoomed In

Anytime I try to upload a video to add trails it zooms the video in and will not let me zoom out. I don’t think the sliders are “sensitive” enough. Maybe sensitive isn’t the right word. But there’s no good in between trail for what I’m looking for, it’s either too much or too little, and not even the right colors of the LEDs from my prop. I’ve tried downloading and redownloading 4 times in the last few years. I’ve had different iPhones during this as well. I’m not sure what the problem is since so many other people have success with it..but then again others haven’t either soo...

Thebeginningshaman, Sep 17, 2020


Luminancer is a powerful one of a kind video effects app. It's modeled after classic analog synth hardware and is designed for live performances . It could be just the app you need to enhance a live VJ rig, create a music video, or just spend a moment manifesting yourself in the Luminiferous aether This is the app for masters of lightwave painting.

Luminancer has been in the app store for 5 years and has been recognized for it’s early innovation and high performance. Skilled artists have utilized Luminancer in the flow arts of poi, fire, and hoop dancing. Luminancer can be found in use on the stage for headliner bands at major musical festivals and at the most underground rave parties. How it works: By overloading the luminance channel with strobing colors and video feedback, Luminancer defines itself as an instrument of abstract video. Luminancer starts with a luminance threshold filter and sends it’s signal down a video processing pipeline modeled after the early innovations and machines of the pioneers of video art. Luminancer is a truly independent app. It was conceived, developed, and designed by a single real person without any sort of external help or funding. The money raised from this app quite literally goes towards feeding my 2 children thank you and God bless.

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