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Lost Horizon (2017)

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User Reviews for Lost Horizon (2017)

Long fun game

I love these kind of adventure puzzlers. This one was hard in spots but not impossible. Had to use a walkthrough a couple of times but enjoyed figuring out the rest. This developer has written some fun games. I have played the others as well.

Abundant Grace, Mar 27, 2020
One of the best!!!

This game is on the same level as the Broken Sword games, which is top of the line! I didn't want it to end, thankfully there is a part two. I'm off to buy it now.

AllenW1195, Oct 23, 2018
Amazing game

Truly enjoyed playing this game. Just when I thought it was over it kept going and kept my interest the whole time! Wish there more more games to purchase like this one. I would have spent $10+ for it again and again!

AnnBiz, Mar 29, 2021
A Little Frustrating

I enjoy these games, but there are some steps that are so illogical or so disguised that there’s not much chance of going forward without help. I wouldn’t want it to be too easy, it it would be nice if every move made sense.

Chisaiah, Sep 06, 2020
First and second glitches

I was working in the cave and about to go into the cave on the left. The game paused itself with that coin thing suggesting I’m moving to another scene. It wouldn’t leave that scene at all so I closed the game but when I returned, my progress was lost!I started over and got past it. But, now I am stick with Kim in the Centre. I went in too soon I guess and nothing I tap will let me get out and back to Richard. She refuses to kick the table. Help!!!A few glitches and the characters are very long-winded. They drone on longer than is necessary so I just tap until it’s over. Otherwise it would take 45 minutes to sit and read it all. I’d rather read a book with my reading time.

Feline Muse, Apr 14, 2020
What an adventure!

This is a long, compelling game with AAA-quality art and voice acting. It has great humor, interesting characters, and an exciting story. The puzzle solutions are often ridiculous, but they’re rewarding and funny, and I never got frustrated because the interface is so well designed and satisfying to use. The best thing about this game is the setting and art. I loved exploring Hong Kong, Tibet, India, Germany, etc. of the 1930s. There’s a wonderful Indiana Jones vibe that’s so much fun. I highly recommend this game, and I hope the developers bring the sequel to the App Store!

Gimmelston, Feb 02, 2018
Interesting and Fun Adventure!!

This is a great game!! The puzzles were difficult but not impossible and there is a substantial amount of gameplay content. I liked that it included a hint system just in case, even if I didn’t need to use it much. The voice acting was good and the gameplay in the final chapter was especially intriguing. The story content was cohesive, thought provoking, and educational. Reminiscent of the Broken Sword series in gameplay and humor. I actually really enjoyed the cinematic cutscenes and felt they added to the storyline. Looking forward to playing the sequel. 🐐🐐😸😸

Iggy B., Apr 11, 2020
It’s okay, a bit boring tho

I wish there were less ‘videos’ it’s stretching the game but without my influence. I’m just sitting and watching. Also the main character could be less douchey..

justaneedme, Apr 28, 2021
A must play point-and-click adventure

Truly a well polished game, from graphic design, to great voice actors, and a fantastic story line. I recommend it, highly! My only complaint was the long cut scenes, however, they were integral to the story line, so what can you do.Puzzles are difficult and sometimes not intuitive, and sometimes it’s hard to find things you’re supposed to click on, so don’t give up.

Paleofemme, Nov 18, 2018
They fixed the bugs

Updating my review, since they fixed the game-blocking bug. A worthwhile game, up there with the broken sword games. Old school point and click, in the best way possible. Lots to do and to think about, and a story-driven set of actions that can be challenging without ever feeling too obscure; there’s no point where you think “that wasn’t at all logical.” Helpful walkthrough in case you get stuck. Upping my rating to 5 stars, and appreciate that they resolved the issues that I was experiencing so fast.

Solrisen, Feb 06, 2020


[ The classic point ‘n click adventure by Animation Arts comes to the App Store in a beautiful mobile version fully optimized for iPhone and iPad! ] # # # REQUIREMENTS # # # Lost Horizon requires iOS 8.1 (or higher). We recommend playing on iPad 3 (or newer), iPhone 5 (or newer) and iPod touch 5G. The app does not run on iPad 2 (or older), iPhone 4S (or older) and iPod touch 4G (or older). # # # A GRIPPING ADVENTURE UNDERNEATH THE ROOF OF THE WORLD # # # The year is 1936.

After his dismissal from the British Air Force, Fenton Paddock struggles along as a smuggler and petty crook – until he receives the lucrative offer to trace an expedition that went missing in the highlands of Tibet. But Fenton and his ex-girlfriend Kim are not the only ones eager to find the missing researchers. The Nazis have sent a secret task force to Tibet as well and assigned them to get hold of the lost explorers, whose revolutionary findings bear the power to change the fate of the world forever. # # # CLASSIC ADVENTURE GAMING ON MOBILE # # # Designed and developed by the renowned adventure specialists of Animation Arts – the studio behind the best-selling Secret Files series – Lost Horizon takes its players back to the glory days of the point ‘n click adventures. Enjoy clever riddles, beautiful graphics and full voice acting. Visit exotic locations all across the globe and follow a riveting narrative that keeps you hooked for hours and hours on end! # # # AMAZING FEATURES & TOP NOTCH CONTENT # # # • The new mobile game by the makers of Secret Files • A classic point ‘n click adventure with challenging riddles & a captivating story • Fully optimized for mobile with spot-on touch controls and adjusted UI • Top-class production values incl. handcrafted visuals • Fully localized and dubbed cut scenes # # # LINKS & RESSOURCES # # # • Animation Arts website: http://www.animationarts.de/

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