Icon Logos Quiz - Guess the logos!

Logos Quiz - Guess the logos!

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Logos Quiz - Guess the logos!

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User Reviews for Logos Quiz - Guess the logos!

Amazing app

This app is very good. I really like it. It’s super fun to play and it gets you thinking. It’s also great for memorizing things. It gets you to think and remember all the things that you got in the back of your mind and try to remember it. This app is amazing.Also you get to learn new things. Sure you can possibly know 1 2 or even 3 levels fully complete from logos you remember but I’m sure that there has to be one or more logos on LogosQuiz in each level that you don’t know or that you’re not sure of. And that’s the good part, it gets you to think and try to remember as most as possible. It really gets you to that back of your mind and it gets you thinking. I really like this app and it’s really good.😀

----1111----, Feb 13, 2019
Love it but coins

I have been playing logos quiz for a very long time and I haven’t done much because onestly I’m not very good. So I would like more large bunches of coins more often cause I need more hints and other things that might be unreasonable that’s just an idea.

b0B the 8u1lder$, Jul 17, 2021

I like playing this game with my mom because she know more than me but I am on the third level.I did the first on by my self and second kind of,but I'm writing this letter to wherever because I like the game.THANK YOU!

Blueberry5788&$74, May 20, 2018
It’s (Understandably) Gone Downhill

I actually had this back around when it released, aka before it had profiles and you needed a premium version and there were in-app purchases left, right, and center. Made the mistake of uninstalling it for space, given what it is now. Perhaps my view is clouded by nostalgia, but I preferred the simplicity of the original. Seeing the rest of the logo once you beat the level should not require a premium version.Note that I do understand why the purchases and ads are there. Making and maintaining an app costs money, and developers need to eat. That said, the goal shouldn’t be to monetize whatever possible. I don’t know how others make their decisions about spending, but I know that the less I feel obligated to spend, the more I’m willing to spend. This makes me feel obligated to spend to enjoy.

BuckyBeeBee, Mar 21, 2018
Ads are a punishment, not a reward

I would give 3 stars, but they actually tell you when an ad is about to pop up. However, I noticed it says "this is your reward for getting 9 perfects in a row" It's not a reward, stop pretending. There are never video ads, which is a plus.

Dodrio234, Jun 02, 2016
Absolutely Horrible

I liked this game at first but then I decided to buy some coins so I could get help on level 3. I went to buy more coins, I chose the $0.99 for 300 coins option, I put my Apple ID in and it confirmed my purchase. I pressed okay and then the app tells me that the purchase failed, but apple told me that the purchase was successful. I did not get my coins and then the app crashed. All of a sudden I can't get into the app anymore, every time I try it crashes. My card was charged and I was scammed. DO NOT BUY THIS APP

gdaxfgdddg, Mar 31, 2017
Good game ... but has freeze malfunction

I like that I am getting the logos correctly on this game, however, there is just a slight problem on how the game is playing. Every time I try to go on a different logo after I get some of the logos answered, it seems to freeze up on me and it just feels so annoying. Still, I say that this game is amazing to me.

John 35462, Jan 01, 2017
Multiplayer Problem

I really like this game but when I want to search for a person to play online I wait for minimum 20 minutes then I can play with a person. Can you please fix this problem for me? I really want to be comfotable when I play online. Please I it's possible follow and fix this problem for me. Thanks for your fabulous really really perfect game

Kaveh.XPN, Apr 27, 2016
Amazing app!

This app is so fun and I love playing it. It doesn’t require WiFi so u can play it anywhere! There are adds but they are just at the bottom of the screen and it doesn’t cover any content!! Make sure to give this app a try. Compete against ur friends and see who can get the most logos!

Maya K.🔥, Nov 15, 2017
It’s pretty good

If they hadn’t added a daily reward system recently, I wouldn’t have been able to give this four stars. Logos Quiz doesn’t spam advertisements which makes it a lot more fun than some other games. But, I’ve yet to see how they make any money if they’re just giving away coins without too many ads. Other than that, Logos Quiz lost my fifth star because they pick logos that are so unknown to people that they would have to use coins and/or look it up. Familiar logos become rare to the American players by level 5, unless you’re super commercial savvy.

Mike8687, Nov 15, 2017


Logos Quiz is an entertaining game where you guess the logos of popular companies. Advance through levels of difficulty and strive for the highest score possible. The more logos you guess the more coins you will earn.

If you get stuck and don't know an answer, don't give up! use the coins you gathered to get hints or remove unnecessary letters. If you are still stuck try asking your friends on Twitter or Facebook. - OVER 1000 BRANDS TO GUESS! Everyday we see hundreds of logos, walking on the street, in the press, at sporting events, on TV... We are surrounded by them! But, how many could you recognize? Do you have a good memory? - ASK YOUR FRIENDS If you get stuck and don't know an answer, don't worry! You can always ask your friends on twitter or facebook and complete the missing logos! - HELP Still stuck? don't give up! use the coins you gathered to get hints, remove unnecessary letters or the last option "auto guess" the answer. - GAME STATS Track your stats and see how well are you doing and compete with millions of players to earn all the game achivements.

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